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I also got to know Cyril through Instagram. The young Frenchman loves watches, so this is a reason for me to do an interview with him. Have Fun!

1) Cyril, who are you, where do you live, what are you doing?! Job, spare time, hobbies, passions…

My name is Cyril I was born and lives in France. I am 36 years old and a hospital midwife. My hobbies are surfing and triathlon and of course watches and cars.

2) When did the watch virus get to you? What time did it all start with? What’s the story behind it?

This passion for watches began in 2015. it all started with a shock-resistant vintage automatic oris. It was my first automatic watch and changed everything. I bought it at auction on ebay and put a handmade racing bracelet on it. Since then I still have it and I love wearing it.

Oris vintage Antichoc
Oris Vintage Antichoc

3) What are watches for you? Jewellery, status symbols, the enthusiasm of technology, history, appearance?

Watches for me were above all for the appearance, the look, but over the years I have become more attached to the quality of the product but the look is essential. Indeed watches often reflect social status for many people but for me I have as much pleasure in wearing a panerai as a seiko 5 because some have stories or are just endearing.

4) Please introduce some of your favourite watches, how did it come about, why this particular watch, what makes it so special, . . .

If we make by categories the 2 chronographs that i wanted at all costs is the Tissot PRS Vintage and the Bulova Moonwatch reissue. The first one for its racing look and I quickly put a nato martini on it the Bulova Moonwatch I discovered the history and past before I saw it. I customized it with a bracelet with a retro futuristic look by Watchgecko strap.

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Tissot prs vintage
Tissot PRS Vintage
Bulova moonwatch accutron
Bulova Moonwatch Accutron

But my favorite watches are the seiko. I have the emblematic turtle, babytuna,7002 etc. All these watches have been customised at bracelet level for a perfect look.

Seiko Turtle Prospex SRP
Seiko Turtle Prospex SRP
Seiko Turtle Prospex SRP
Seiko Turtle Prospex SRP & AMG
Seiko Baby Tuna Prospex SRP
Seiko Baby Tuna Prospex SRP

And the hardest to find was the Obris Morgan Explorer 2. A watch I have owned for 2 years and that I love. It is beautiful automatic and has a superb finish.

Obris Morgan Explorer 2
Obris Morgan Explorer 2

5) What is your next dream watch? And why this watch of all things?

I have several dreams of watches at Seiko Marinemaster for example, because it is the best seiko; An Omega Speedmaster (Link in new Window). To have an automatic chronograph loaded with history; A Rado new original Chronograph (Link in new Window) for its timeless look.

6) If money doesn’t matter, which watch would you buy? And why this watch?

Without hesitation a Jaeger LeCoultre Polaris Memovox (Link in new Window) at 13000 euros. It is a limited edition of a cult watch from 1968.

Jaeger LeCoultre Polaris Memovox
Jaeger LeCoultre Polaris Memovox – Photo Jaeger LeCoultre

7) Is the love with you rather in the brand or in every single watch? Which brand do you like best and why?

All the watches I buy I like intrinsically often. I don’t look at the brand. My favorite watch is the Obris Morgan explorer 2 (Link in new Window), because I had a lot of difficulty finding it because of its rarity. My favorite brand is Seiko (Link in new Window), because this brand offers a lot for its money; it has in its range some cult models and seiko is a real manufacturer that makes its own movements.

8) What else would you like to give my readers on their way, what have we not talked about yet, a few tips etc. ?!

Recently I started customizing and creating my own watches. This really allows me to have unique watches. Of course i also have more prestigious models but they are not my favorites (like my Rolex).

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Please take a look:

Interview Cyril Cintas

Interview Cyril Cintas

Interview Cyril Cintas

Interview Cyril Cintas

Interview Cyril Cintas

Interview Cyril Cintas

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