Joris Vida contacted me on Instagram if i liked to use his photographs by himself and his watches. So we came together in conversation. It turned out that he is a supporter of PAUL HEWITT watches.

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Furthermore i know that he has a little sister, loves drawing, stays in Stockholm and also likes photography. To throw a little more light on the matterhere a short interview with Joris. Are you prepared?

The lifestyle blogger Joris Vida in Florence.
The lifestyle blogger Joris Vida in Florence.

1. Hey Joris, who are you, where do you live, what are you doing at the moment? Job, freetime, hobbies, passions etc…

Hi i am Joris, i am nearly 19 years old and i am coming from a small town near Dortmund. Well, my current live section – i would describe it as a small breather. I made my A Levels, but i still have not started studying. It is because of two reasons. On the one hand i have to decide what to study (perhaps architecture? Or design? Or business management?), on the other hand i felt like having a little break from achievement oriented everyday life, gaining distance from exams, being creative and having fun would be necessary. I think that is a point that came too short in the last months.

Joris for a shooting in Münster.
Joris for a shooting in Münster.

In my opinion enjoying the thinks you do is essential. Yeah, fun and enjoying takes us to the next subject. Where do I have fun in my everyday life? I am varied interested in many things and i am always able to get inspired and committed by them and plunge into it until i stop after a few weeks and turn myself towards a completely different theme.

Currently i am jogging in my freetime and it fulfills me so much that i run over a hundred kilometers a month! Jogging is an important part of my life. I can relax, tune out, find balance, be happy…it is amazing. Many hobbies comply with my Instagram activities. I love travelling and and often choose beautiful locations where i take some photographs with my sister.  During an evaluation we pick out the best, edit and post and finally promote it. The whole process from the first to the last step enthuses me.

Joris with a Paul Hewitt men’s watch from the Grand Atlantic series.
Joris with a Paul Hewitt men’s watch from the Grand Atlantic series.

Furthermore i love photorealistic drawing. I am an extreme perfectionist, something you can definetly realize best in photorealistic portraits. But i also do things everybody else does. I meet my friends and we celebrate or chill together. Till a year ago i practiced performance oriented swimming and i still volunteer in my club. You see my life is not that boring. And not to forget: fashion, style, especially watches and sneakers.

2. What ist he significance of watches for you? A piece of jewelry, status symbol, something else?!

The perfect accessory for each outfit. Without a good watch no outfit is completed, i always think someting is missing. I do not interprete it as a status symbol, about what i define myself or other people. Basicly an outfit should reflect how we feel and who we are. Nobody should feel masqueraded, that also applies to watches. Oh and sometimes i read the time. Awesome, isn’t it?

WATCHDAVID: Yeah, totally great … 🙂 But I also do this …. HAHAHA … LOL … 

3. Do you rembember your first watch? Do you know the model or the brand? And do you still own it?

Oh my god! There was a blue „Flik Flak“ watch my aunt and my uncle gave me at school enrolment. I think there is an old image anywhere, but i am pretty sure nobody wants to see that! I have weared a watch regulary since year 3. The model was a Baby G (G-Shock) from Casio. A High-end watch, and really massive. Today i am not a supporter of Casio’s G-Shock watches. But at that time i was absolutely a trendsetter in my class. Some more mates got that watch later, until the first guy weared a Fossil watch and felt like a better one.

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Joris‘ first watch. The Baby G Shock
Joris‘ first watch. The Baby G Shock

This Baby-G – and who the hell invented that horrible name? – showed on the seconds display each full and half minute a pixle surfer or dancer. An essential gadget to survive, at most in boring lessons, which referred to low concentracion but that is another story.

WATCHDAVID: I know the number with the fossil clock! I had a lot of it there, too. At that time the real highlight were watches, there the name was still program. But maybe in a separate interview more. . .

4. You told me you like watches from Paul Hewitt? Tell me why please. How did it come about that you decided to buy these watches?

It is important to mention that i am not a Paul Hewitt Fanboy und and that i did not buy these watches because of their blogger image and as a result of that their huge popularity on Instagram. I just like this minimalistic and timeless design. You can combine them to every outfit, they are elegant, but do not act old-fashioned or intrusive.

For Joris watches are the perfect accessory for outfits. They do not have to miss on vacations in any case, like on this picture from Stockholm.
For Joris watches are the perfect accessory for outfits. They do not have to miss on vacations in any case, like on this picture from Stockholm.

Even if other brands like DW or Kapten & Son have similar attributes i prefer Paul Hewitt because of its attention to details, i mean the maritime Design, a small anchor as a second hand, decent engravings and the combinability with Paul Hewitt bracelets i also wear.

The Grand Atlantic line by Paul Hewitt in silver.
The Grand Atlantic line by Paul Hewitt in silver.

And by the way, these watches are not able to think instead of me, suggest an optimal number of daily steps or measure my pulse. And they do not have to! Personally i am not an opponent of smart watches but hey, i am still alive. Tastes are diverse and it is good. 😉

5. Which brands and watches have you owned before?

Sorry David, i have to disappoint you a little bit. I am (not yet) a great collector of watches. And i do not have the money. The student lifestyle is expensive, especially if you do not have a steady income. In addition to my old Casio the two PH watches – both grand atlantic line watches – are the only ones i own. So i would suggest we meet a second time in ten years and then i will show you my future collection.

Paul Hewitt Herrenuhr von Joris Wagner
Joris especially appreciates the minimalistic and maritime design of Paul Hewitt watches.

WATCHDAVID: HAHAHA. . . That’s what we do! I’m curious about that! 🙂 Then I also want photos of the safe! And from the content. . . . 🙂

6. What is your next wish for a watch? And why?

Because of my preference for minimalistic, decent watches, but also the wish of a more varied collection of watches i am sure that my next watch will be by Daniel Wellington. I like the St. Andrews and the Classic Black Bristol, perhaps for a change with a black or brown leather bracelet. For me they are also cheap enough. There is also the model Glasgow with a blue and white textile bracelet, but that one is a typical watch for summers.

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Here you find the 3 Daniel Wellington watches from Joris.

7. Imagine if you had all the money in the world, which watch would you like to buy? And why?

Oh, good question! Patek Philippe, Breitling, Rolex, A. Lange & Söhne or Cartier. Not because of their design, but more as a solid investment. Watches are very stable in value and should be considered during these times with current interest rates. So, if i had all the money in the world, i would engage an expert advice, let him buy an expensive watch with increase in value, include it in a safe and let the money work form me. You should have the necessary means😉 or a money printing machine. If somebody gave me a watch of the Grand Complication (2 Mio. €) by A. Lange & Söhne, i would not reject.

WATCHDAVID: I see already. . . he knows his way around. . . 🙂 and the interview in 10 years will certainly be very interesting. . . 

8. Besides watches and bracelets you also like other things. For example cruises. Why are you fascinated by it and how did it came to that? Which destinations have you already travelled?

The Aida Cruise in the western mediterranean Sea this summer was donated by my parents for my graduation. It has always been a little life goal for me, even if i appreciate the problems of mass tourism. But i like this kind of travelling. During one week you see as much destinations as probably in two years. And your hotel is always by your side. I love it, even if this way of exploring the world is perhaps a bit superficial. But the destinations you got to know and like can be targets for a new vacation.

With suitable anchor bracelet lying at anchor in the port of Palma de Mallorca.
With suitable anchor bracelet lying at anchor in the port of Palma de Mallorca.

I would compare it with a trial course. And on the ship we got to know so many new people, we still stay in contact with. It was my „maiden voyage“. Of course i want to do some more, to many different destinations. South America, Norway, Indonesia, the Caribbean etc.

9. On jorisartista we can already see first graphite drawings by you. Wow. Since when do you do that and how did it came to that? And which person would you like to draw live?

Next to my llifestyle blog Joris‘ Vida Joris Artista is my blog about arts. I have started drawing as a little child. My grandma taught me a bit, she was great at arts when she was younger. The talent is something i was born with.

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The photorealistic graphite drawings often take a lot of time, partially more than 30 hours.
The photorealistic graphite drawings often take a lot of time, partially more than 30 hours.

I drew and painted anything: ships, houses, dragons, sharks or landscapes. At some point in my life when we got older drawing became not cool anymore, but for four years now i have been drawing again, but just photorealistic. Most oft he time portraits or formula 1 cars. There is not yet much material, because the drawings take a lot of time, often about 30 to 40 work hours.

Lewis Hamilton Drawing by Joris
Lewis Hamilton Drawing by Joris

You need to be patient and concentrated, two characteristics many people do not have anymore. That is a reason why most of the people do not understand how i do that. But talent is just one thing, you need discipline and practice. Then, from time to time, you get even better and better. I am a very self-critical person. Concerning to this photorealistic style i am self-taught and never visited workshops, and that is something i do not want to.

A so far unreleased picture of his newest drawing. The drawing will be published on jorisartista in November.
A so far unreleased picture of his newest drawing. The drawing will be published on jorisartista in November.

Who would i like to draw live? Myself. It does not depend on narcism, i would find it very interesting to experience and observe myself. How do i act? In which way does my mimicry change?… Sad that this will never happen.

WATCHDAVID: I’m your biggest fan, I can tell you that. Now I just want to see your drawings live. But we’ll manage that, too. . . 

10. Together with your sister you took great photographs on your instagram blog JAW. What can we expect there in future?

Our photography blog JAW views is an affair of our heart. We try everything out and do what we want (Portraits, Lifestyle, other projects with a message). The main tasks are fun and interest. Likes, comments and engagement are not important. We also plan to choose models and take some photographs of them. There are also planned projects which include more posts and a message – a kind of art. The posts shall entertain people but also let them think.

WATCHDAVID: I think that’s very good. And I am very curious about what is waiting for us.

11. And while we are on the subject photographs, what is your favorite photograph taken by you and why?

California?! Sunsets in the industrial parks of Dortmund can be also very beautiful.
California?! Sunsets in the industrial parks of Dortmund can be also very beautiful.

I took that photo of two friends of mine during a beautiful sunset in the industrial corners of Dortmund. For me everything is perfect. Light, perspective, atmosphere. And it is not edited.

12. Is there something else you want to tell my readers? Something i have forgot to ask you?

Dear WATCHDAVID readers! If you have any questions or positive and negative criticism referring to my three blogs or myself write it in the comments under the posts. Interaction with my „Vidaners“ my followers, answering their questions, talk to them about anything is the thing i like most on Instagram!

Have a nice Day mates!

Many thanks Joris!

Thank you David

Visit the three Instagram profiles from Joris in any case, it’s worth it! Here visible at a glance:






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