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Casio launches multi-colored all-metal G-SHOCK watches. Color gradations inspired by each individual’s unique pursuit of toughness…


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4x neue Casio G-SHOCK Full Metal Color GM-B2100PC1AER & BPC + GMW-B5000BPC-1ER & PC

Norderstedt, Germany, September 12, 2023 – Casio today announced the release of the latest additions to its family of shock-resistant G-SHOCK watches. The four new models – GMW-B5000PC, GMW-B5000BPC, GM-B2100PC and GM-B2100BPC – are all-metal watches with dials decorated with a colorful palette of hues and gradations. These designs are intended to express the character that each person needs to live their own unique form of toughness.

Casio G-SHOCK Full Metal Color GM-B2100PC-1AER, GM-B2100BPC-1ER, GMW-B5000PC-1ER, GMW-B5000BPC-1ER
Casio G-SHOCK Full Metal Color GM-B2100PC-1AER, GM-B2100BPC-1ER, GMW-B5000PC-1ER, GMW-B5000BPC-1ER

Casio G-SHOCK Full Metal GMW-B5000 & GM-B2100

The GMW-B5000, with its iconic shape originating from the very first G-SHOCK, and the GM-B2100, with its sleek design and octagonal bezel, are two full metal models that enjoy great popularity worldwide.


The four new shockproof timepieces are based on the popular GMW-B5000 and GM-B2100 models, but are now multi-colored with different shades and gradations. Casio has established G-SHOCK as a brand known for expressing individual character by creating watches that are not only shock resistant, but also feature innovative designs and color schemes. The dials of the four new watches feature a variety of colors and gradations inspired by each whose individual character defines their pursuit of ruggedness.


GMW-B5000PC and GMW-B5000BPC: Blue/Green Gradation

Blue/green gradations, achieved by vapor-depositing glass, adorn the perimeter of the digital dial. The function indicators and inner bezel line incorporate red, yellow and other accent colors to create a colorful, expressive look.

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GM-B2100PC and GM-B2100BPC: color gradation on hands and index markers.

The dial has a black base tone, with color gradation on the hour markers and hands. The GM-B2100PC uses a purple-blue gradient and the GM-B2100BPC uses a warm-toned orange-red gradient, both of which match the black components well. The indexes are also in different colors to create a nice color scheme with a sense of uniformity.


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Auch verfügbar auf Deutsch