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Looking for the most beautiful black diver’s watch? Discover the top deal for the Venezianico Nereide Ceramica 4521530 in this watch guide video! Perfect for diving watch lovers. The two Italian brothers have really hit it out of the park again!


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What makes the watch so special? All the details in the YouTube video!

The dial of the new Nereide Ceramica is inspired by the ancient tradition of Venetian enamel, a refined technique that has been decorating works of art and jewelry with a layer of exquisite enamel since the Middle Ages. The enamel is melted onto the surface of the dial through precise application and firing at a high temperature. The result is a smooth and shiny surface that gives the dial of the watch incomparable durability and timeless beauty.

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NEW – Venezianico Nereide Ceramica 4521530

Fotouhr – Venezianico Nereide Ceramica 4521530

The black Dive Watch on steel bracelet

The white watch on rubber strap

The Venezianico Nereide Ceramica white on steel bracelet

This diver’s watch is available with a black or white enamel dial. You can choose between a rubber strap and a steel bracelet. The steel bracelet (Canova) costs 85,- EUR individually and the rubber strap 50,- EUR each.

Schönste schwarze Taucheruhr? Top-Deal Venezianico Nereide Ceramica 4521530

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Auch verfügbar auf Deutsch


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