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Here we go again. New MOONSWATCH Mission to MoonShine Gold – What the f*** OMEGA x SWATCH. There will be a new MoonSwatch. Have you seen the teaser? It’s supposed to launch on 2/7/2023. That’s a blast, isn’t it? I just thought I wasn’t looking right. But sure, you have to do something. One year has passed. Again, just before Watches & Wonders. And last year the hype was unbroken. You know it, all my videos are online. I’ll link them again and show you some more excerpts. And yes, and now the title is just that there should be a new gold. On 7.3. and in the teaser are only four cities named Tokyo, London, Milan and Zurich. I think it’s hacking. HAHAHA…. LOL… You’ve got to be kidding me. I hope it’s not just the four cities, but that Berlin and other cities are also included. Otherwise that would be really a mega disaster for all of us.

Here you can get the New MOONSWATCH Mission to MoonShine Gold on 7.3.2023


Nihonbashi, KABUTO ONE Tokyo, Japan 6:30 pm JST


Paradeplatz/Peterhof Zurich, Switzerland 7:00 pm CET


Piazza Affari/Galleria Meravigli Milan, Italy 7:00 pm CET


The Royal Exchange London, United Kingdom 6:00 pm GMT


That would be really bad. How do you see it? Have you gotten any info on when it’s supposed to start? Who knows the Swatch employee? When is it going to start? What does it look like? What are the stock levels like? What will it look like? Here you see again my interpretation, as I could imagine it. I have to make up covers to lure you behind the stove. HAHAHA… LOL…

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Neue MOONSWATCH Mission to MoonShine Gold - What the f*** OMEGA x SWATCH
Wie wird Sie aussehen? Meine Idee dazu… Photo © 2023 by WATCHDAVID® David Drilling – All rights reserved

And this is what came out of it. Yes, let’s see what gold as a material can do. Yes, so let’s be surprised. Maybe everything is all gold. Could look a bit chavvy. But well, you have to try to reignite the hype, of course. The question is do I get the spirits awakened again like last year? Are there now again thousands in these four cities and then we are back on Ebay to buy for several 1,000 € or whatever. Or what goes off?

New MOONSWATCH Mission to MoonShine Gold OMEGA x SWATCH

Is there a separate gold series? Are there several editions? I can’t really imagine that, because last year’s idea with the individual missions was really mega awesome, and the hype has already died down when you go to the store. You also get the watches, you usually always get one. The prices have all become relatively moderate again. Of course we have to be surprised. I look forward in any case to your comments, as you see it.

Below I link again everything to the old missions demons look if it becomes a hype again, if the hype is reignited. Would be a shame if it wasn’t, but with a uhr and then no gold. I don’t know if that will work, so yeah, no idea.

And why no Berlin???? That’s the biggest joke of all. Who cares about Milan? No one is interested in Milan. Yes, then rather Berlin. Hey, SWATCH, what’s going on?