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The OVD TitanicX-Reborn Shipwreck is a promising start into the Kickstarter year 2022. The manufacturer, which recently moved to Taiwan, has taken the opportunity to give its popular Titanic watch a facelift. Exciting – not only for those who love extravagant watches!

TitanicX Reborn OVD-Watches Video at YouTube. Details, Hands-on, Wristshots, ...
TitanicX Reborn OVD-Watches Video at YouTube. Details, Hands-on, Wristshots, …

The christening of the TitanicX-Reborn

OVD (the acronym for Origin, Vision & Design) may now be one of the most successful watch brands on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The Hong Kong-based company has launched a total of ten campaigns in the last five years – and they have all been successful. As a result, the Kickstarter specialist has now built up a growing fan base. 

With the move to OVD’s new design studio in Taipei, Taiwan, the team has taken another look at one of its most popular collections – the TitanicX. The original series tells with its design the greatest catastrophe in the history of seafaring, just typical for OVD. And since the Titanic myth is still unbroken, interest in the homage watches does not seem to have decreased. OVD reports on its Kickstarter page that it has received many positive comments and feedback asking for a new edition of the TitanicX collection. The remake is also prompted by the Asian manufacturer’s increased expertise. “We received many requests from backers who wanted to know if the rust effect could be applied to the dial of the previous campaign. At that time, we were not able to realize this for technical reasons.”

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In January 2022, nearly 110 years after the collision with the iceberg and just a few years after the release of TitanicX, the time has come. OVD is introducing the literal rebirth of the TitanicX and giving it the aptly named “Reborn.” A total of five models with names like “Shipwreck”, “Seaweed” or “Reef” make up the TitanicX Reborn collection. The former made it into today’s watch review. The reference number OVD/010 delivers a characteristic vintage look and actually looks rusted.


Part of the perfect OVD experience is unboxing the timepiece. The distinctive design language that OVD is known for continues with the packaging. In the case of the OVD TitanicX-Reborn Shipwreck, it is a watch roll in which the watch is delivered. On the outside, the watch roll is made of dark green suede and is laced together with a reddish brown leather strap. Emblazoned on the front end is the collection’s signature logo, you can see the collection’s own logo. The ‘A’ in the Titanic lettering represents the iceberg that the ocean liner collided with. 

OVD TitanicX-Reborn Shipwreck
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I am impressed by the warranty card made of metal with brushed surface. Eye-catchers are the engraved octopus entwining an anchor on the front and the sinking ocean giant on the back. A fitting foretaste of the deep sea theme. Those interested in the extensive history of the collection’s creation can read it in the enclosed manual. 


But now let’s go to the watch. The announced rust look delivers what it promises. I turn the OVD TitanicX-Reborn Shipwreck in my hand and examine the “rocked down” surfaces, which almost make you think divers found the watch inside the wreck. The camouflaged 316L stainless steel, however, is brand new. I almost thought copper or bronze had been used here. Bronze fans should check out the sister model “Reef” at this point. 

Another defining design element besides the rusty dial is the exposed date ring. On the back of the approximately square case, a viewing window is embedded. The OVD TitanicX-Reborn Shipwreck is worn either on a leather strap or a stainless steel bracelet. My test model has the leather variant.

The OVD TitanicX-Reborn Shipwreck in the Hands On

OVD TitanicX-Reborn Shipwreck
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I really like the Shipwreck on my wrist. The case, whose shape describes a transition between square and circular shape, measures 43 millimeters in diameter. However, the length between the lugs is not insignificant for the wearing comfort. Here, the OVD TitanicX-Reborn Shipwreck measures 51.20 millimeters. Practical: thanks to the curved shape on the sides, the case nestles harmoniously against the wrist. The Shipwreck looks best on medium to large wrists. 14.20 millimeters in height visually fit the diameter of the watch well.

Buyers often have a category in mind at the beginning, from which they want to choose their next wristwatch. Thus, many already know in advance that it should be, for example, a functional diver or a pilot’s watch with retro charm. The OVD TitanicX-Reborn Shipwreck is different. It can’t really be pigeonholed. Visually as well as thematically, the timepiece is most reminiscent of classic diver’s watches. But with a leather strap? And only 100 meters of water resistance? Perhaps we should judge the watch less on the basis of whether it fulfills the characteristics of a watch type. The design of the OVD TitanicX-Reborn Shipwreck is unique and original. Therefore, it does not fit into any category. Possibly a clue as to who is most likely to like the Shipwreck and its sister models? Yes, perhaps those who want to wear something very individual and unique. 

A rusty case? 

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I’ve already said something about the shape and size of the case. What is definitely exciting is the rusty look, which is “only” made of high-quality 316L stainless steel. The fact that the OVD TitanicX-Reborn Shipwreck only pretends to be ancient has a distinct advantage. If the case was made of bronze or copper, it would oxidize over time and change its appearance. On the other hand, those who appreciate a permanent appearance will reach for the Shipwreck. 316L stainless steel guarantees corrosion resistance and durability. Even though this watch looks old from the start, it actually stays forever young. The brushed surfaces have been sandblasted and I really like them. Small details like the TitanicX Reborn logo on the top of the crown successfully round out the overall look.

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However, my personal design highlight of the TitanicX-Reborn collection is the back of the case. The circular viewing window with a view of the movement was modeled after a porthole and exudes a historic, maritime feeling. I can’t believe no other manufacturer has come up with that yet! The rusty look is reflected in the design of the rotor. It is protected by mineral glass. It looks different on the front side. Here, OVD uses much higher quality sapphire crystal. During production, it was also anti-reflective for better readability. Both factors visibly enhance the OVD TitanicX-Reborn Shipwreck.

OVD relies on Swiss watchmaker quality

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Buyers of the new TitanicX-Reborn collection can look forward to a substantial upgrade in the movement. Here, OVD replaces the Japanese Miyota 8215 with a high-performance Swiss-made automatic caliber. The Sellita SW200-1 has become a popular alternative to the ETA 2824. Due to a similar construction and the same suppliers, it is equal to it in terms of quality and performance. 

The round caliber with mechanical pallet lever movement and selfwinding mechanism achieves 28800 A/h, which makes the second hand of the OVD TitanicX-Reborn Shipwreck run very smoothly. Sellita produces different quality levels of the SW200-1. The calibers, which are used in the OVD TitanicX-Reborn Shipwreck, achieve an accuracy of +/- 12 hours. The power reserve of 38 hours is also impressive. Sure, more is always possible, but it’s rarely necessary for everyday use if you wear the watch as a daily rocker. 

One of the reasons OVD chose the SW200-1 in the design process of its TitanicX collection, it says, was also the movement’s simple construction. “The Sellita SW200 is an easy movement to work with, which allows us to modify it.” For daily use, the automatic caliber equips the Shipwreck with the most important functions: minute, hour, central seconds and date. 

Dial and bracelet of the OVD TitanicX-Reborn Shipwreck

OVD TitanicX-Reborn Shipwreck
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The OVD TitanicX-Reborn Shipwreck differs from its predecessor even at first glance. The difference is made by the dial, which is now also made in the rust look. “With the new embossing and 3D printing technology, we were finally able to turn this idea into reality,” they proudly report. According to OVD, the effect thus achieved, reminiscent of rust, is the first in the watch industry – a standout feature. 

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In detail, the dial consists of a multi-layer structure that gives the OVD TitanicX-Reborn Shipwreck depth and three-dimensionality. The lowest of these layers is the exposed date ring. Above it are the minute indexes as well as the hour indexes. 

OVD TitanicX-Reborn Shipwreck
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OVD has coated both the indices and the date numerals and hands with Swiss Super-Luminova. Upon contact with light, it absorbs it and shines, which the OVD TitanicX-Reborn Shipwreck impressively demonstrates in the dark. The luminous coating is bright and even. 

Even though stainless steel bracelets are available – I like the OVD TitanicX-Reborn Shipwreck best on the vintage leather strap. This is Italian Crazy Horse leather and vegetable tanned leather. While it looks particularly rustic on the top side, the bottom side impresses with a very soft and comfortable feel, which I would not have expected at all. The width between the lugs is 22 millimeters. If you do want to switch to the stainless steel band, you can easily replace the straps with a quick release.

My conclusion about the OVD TitanicX-Reborn Shipwreck

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Connoisseurs and fans of the TitanicX collection can rejoice. The successors of the collection offer enough reason to do so. Improved all around and equipped with a lot of attention to detail, the OVD TitanicX-Reborn Shipwreck has become a thoroughly successful watch that is fun to wear and makes the wearer marvel here and there. The fact that watches from OVD tend to have a wow effect is nothing new by now. However, the OVD TitanicX-Reborn collection raises the quality standard to a new level. An automatic movement from Sellita, Super-Luminova luminous material and groundbreaking manufacturing technologies are just three examples.

With enough choices in colors, materials, and straps, it seems almost certain that you’ve met the taste of buyers. As a Kickstarter special, one can be purchased for $307. Expected delivery will be in mid-2022. All links to the campaign and OVD can be found below!

OVD TitanicX-Reborn Shipwreck
Photo © 2022 by WATCHDAVID® – All rights reserved

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Technical Details

NameOVD TitanicX-Reborn Shipwreck

Reference numberOVD/010

BrandOVD Watches

CategoryKickstarter watches

Price from$ 307

Warranty2 years

Case Material316L stainless steel

Diameter43.00 mm

High14.20 mm

Watch Glassanti-reflective coating / Sapphire Crystal

Watch TypeAutomatic

Waterproof10 bar (100 m / 330 ft)

Movement NameSellita SW200-1

Power Reserve38 hours

Functionsdate / hour / Minute / second



Special Featuresindices filled with luminous material

Bezelstainless steel

Bracelet Colorbrown

Bracelet Materialleather

Clasp316L stainless steel / pin buckle

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