Today it is very important, that every one of us is using as most as possible clean energy for all of our daily need’s, like for housing (cooking, refrigerator, air-condition and heating), like for transportation, like for communication, like for information and like for business activities!!

To reduce the air, chemical and general waste pollution are very urgent and important!! We must reduce the pollution and stop the Climate-Change right now! The increasing of the temperature on our earth is having a direct impact on the nature and therefore also for the survival of us and of our children!!

Like we see actually in the Automobile-Industry, the demand for E-cars and also for HYBRID-cars is exploding! This will be very helpful to reduce the Air-pollution and it is a big step forward to stop the Climate change!!

View that the Watch-Industry is often following the Auto-Industry for the Design and for a new Technology, we think, that it is now time to coming out with a HYBRID-watch!! To charge the secondary-Battery (Accumulator) of a small watch by Solar Energy can have a big impact, view of the big quantity of yearly sold watches, and will, therefore, help to reduce pollution all over the world! Titanium-Lithium-Ion secondary Battery (Accumulator) is less harmful for pollution then common Silver-oxide non-rechargeable Batteries, which are used in conventional quartz watches!

We, from TECHNIK 4X, have therefore developed our HYBRID watches AS-44 for you! 

We think that it is time to invent new products of watches, using the latest and the best technologies of electronic and mechanical movements as well as for the design and production of the “Habillement” parts, like cases and dials. 


We are using for our first watch, designed in Switzerland, an AUTOMATIC movement from SEIKO/SII or from MIYOTA and a SOLAR movement from EPSON! Means we are using our arm-moving force to charge the AUTOMATIC movement for over of 40 hours Running-Time, as well as the Sunlight to charge the SOLAR movement for around 6 months of Running-Time!!  Additionally, we can show on these watches 2 different Time-Zones!

– The AUTOMATIC movement has an accuracy per day of – 35 to + 55 seconds.

– The SOLAR movement have an accuracy per month of + – 20 seconds

– The diameter of our watches is 44.50 mm and the thickness is 11.75 mm.



All our watches are equipped with 2 movements from Japan! One AUTOMATIC movement NH05B with DATE from SEIKO/SII or 6T28 from Miyota, together with one SOLAR movement VS17A from EPSON. 

– CASE: 

Newly developed case-construction! The horns to hold the bracelets and straps are integrated into the case-back which is fixed with 8 screws to the case-body. The rotor of the automatic movement is visible through the glass opening in this case-back! All parts of the case are in stainless steel 316L. The case-body is closed on Top with a Sapphire crystal which is inside Anti-Reflective coated to improve the clear visibility on the dial-face!

– DIAL and HANDS: 

in different colors! All hands are with luminous color SL/C1.

– BRACELET/STRAPS: (20.00 mm large) 

All bracelets and straps can be easily changed and assembled by hand! They are all equipped with a tool-free quick-release spring bar system with a handle and can be moved easily with your finger!

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AS-44DT   D A T E, Reference AS-44DT. SVSV.BKWH.MSH-20SVSV, with Mesh-Bracelet in steel. 

Price: USD385.00 (Transport, Custom and Tax charges are not included)

AS-44SK   S K E L E T O N, Reference AS-44SK. BKBK.BKBK.MSH-20BKBK, with Mesh-Bracelet in IP-black plated. 



Technical Details

NameTechnik 4x AS-44DT DATE and AS-44SK SKELETON

Reference numberN/A

BrandTechnik 4x

Categorydress watches

Price from$ 385


Case Material316L stainless steel

Diameter44.00 mm

High11.75 mm

Watch Glassanti-reflective coating / Sapphire Crystal

Watch TypeAutomatic / Solar


Movement NameSeiko NH05B, Miyota 6T28, EPSON VS17A Solar Movement

Power Reserve40 hours

Functionshour / Minute / second

Dialblack, white


Bezelstainless steel

Bracelet Colorgrey

Bracelet MaterialMesh

Clasp316L stainless steel