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With the Atlantic Timeroy CS Chrono, the Swiss manufacturer is not only relaunching a watch from its history, but an entire collection with five different models. The 70s Revival has enjoyed great popularity among fans since its announcement in early summer 2021. For the market launch, I took a closer look at the collection for you!

Atlantic Timeroy CS Chrono
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The 70s Revival

The fact that the retro trend seems to be unbroken this year is proven by the multitude of wristwatches that disappeared from the scene for a long time and are now celebrating their successful comeback. Atlantic also seems to be aware of its history. After the Beachboy (also a legendary model of the 1970s) celebrated its revival in 2020, the traditional Swiss manufacturer is now delivering more.

The press release that Atlantic published a few weeks ago was well received internationally by watch lovers and fans of the Swiss brand. In it, Atlantic announced a remake of its popular Timeroy. The Atlantic Timeroy was a iconic watch in the manufacturer’s model range in the 1970s. Released in different versions with abbreviations such as UT or CS, the historic Timeroy is still traded today at high three-digit prices.

Atlantic Timeroy CS Chrono
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Apparently, Atlantic must have expected such a response from the fan community. The relaunched Timeroy appears as a five-model collection. In addition to the Atlantic Timeroy CS Chrono, the chronograph in three versions, Atlantic also offers two less expensive three-hand watches. All this in different colour combinations and strap materials.

But how good is the remake? Can the Atlantic Timeroy CS Chrono retain the charm of the functional vintage watch from the 70s? That and much more is what we have to find out now – with a test and watch photography of the whole collection. But my main focus will be on black chronograph.

A whole collection instead of a watch: the unboxing

Atlantic Timeroy CS Chrono
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Unboxed, the Atlantic Timeroy CS Chrono with the reference number 70462.41.65 (8701) lies in front of me on my wooden table next to the other models of the collection. At first glance, the 70s Revival has lost none of its charm. The functional chronograph has the same oval case as the original. Add to that the reduced dial in black and silver with the sporty orange hands. This watch is strongly reminiscent of its predecessor!

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The impressive attention to detail also characterises the other models. The chrongraph with the reference number 70467.41.55 (8699) has a blue dial and features a three-link stainless steel version instead of the sporty leather strap. Those who like things unusual should take a look at the Atlantic Timeroy CS Chrono with yellow gold PVD coating. Within the collection, the gold-coloured chronograph with the reference number 70467.45.35 (8702) is certainly the most elegant watch.

Two three-hand watches (ref. 70362.41.55 (8618), blue and ref. 70362.41.65 (8619), black) round off the collection. In terms of colour, they resemble the first two chronographs. Both have a leather strap and a simpler design.

The Atlantic Timeroy CS Chrono on the wrist

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The shape and size of the cases of the different models are identical. With a diameter of 42 millimetres, the Atlantic Timeroy CS Chrono is a medium-sized watch that fits on any wrist. What strikes me positively is the flat height of just 11.1 millimetres. This underlines the sporty look of the watches.

With different colour combinations and strap materials, Atlantic ensures that everyone is likely to find the right watch here. Those who appreciate sportiness and casualness on the wrist will wear the Atlantic Timeroy CS Chrono in black with a comfortable leather strap. The blue steel chronograph (and its three-hand version) are certainly the most straightforward ones of the five models. And those who go for elegance and have enough self-confidence will be happiest with the yellow-gold chronograph.

The case of the Atlantic Timeroy CS Chrono

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But now back to the black chronograph in the Atlantic Timeroy collection. Its oval-shaped case protrudes a few millimetres below the bezel and gives the Atlantic Timeroy CS Chrono its characteristic appearance. In its choice of materials, Atlantic relies on high-quality stainless steel that looks very well finished. Most of the surfaces on the front are satin-finished. The extensively polished back, on the other hand, looks quite playful.

However, that is not the only striking feature. The design of the case back is quite unconventional compared to the Atlantic watches I have tested so far. A triangle is emblazoned in the centre against a background printed with the letter ‘a’. It also features the typical Atlantic-a. Personally, I like this somewhat unusual design very much. Other specifications of the Atlantic Timeroy CS Chrono are engraved on the edge of the back. Here you can also read off the maximum water resistance, which Atlantic puts at 10 bar. So in theory, a diving depth of up to 100 metres would be possible. Although this does not make the Atlantic Timeroy CS Chrono a diver’s watch, it does underline its functional character.

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The stainless steel bezel frames the watch glass, which is made of scratch-resistant and shockproof sapphire glass. Since it has no curvature, it makes the Atlantic Timeroy CS Chrono appear even flatter and sportier.

A short conclusion: I am already used to the good choice of materials and workmanship from Altantic watches. But the fact that a chronograph in the low three-digit price segment is of such a high standard surprises me!

Movement and crown of the Atlantic Timeroy CS Chrono

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A few words about the crown and pushers: they are made of polished stainless steel and are easy to operate. This is especially true for the crown, whose fluted sides make it easy to set the time. Here, too, the attention to detail is visible. The top of the crown has the familiar ‘a’.

Atlantic equips its Atlantic Timeroy collection with two different quartz movements. A Ronda R5021.D quartz is used in the three Atlantic Timeroy CS Chrono models. In contrast, Atlantic uses a Ronda 515 quartz in the two three-hand watches. Both movements are known for their longevity and reliability.

Evolution instead of copy: the dial

Atlantic Timeroy CS Chrono
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When comparing the original and the new edition of the Atlantic Timeroy more closely, the relationship between the two models is immediately apparent. However, the Atlantic Timeroy CS Chrono is not a mere copy of the icon. This is particularly evident on the dial. Here it is noticeable that the Atlantic designers have placed the totalisers somewhat more centrally and closer to 12 o’clock. This gives the dial a tidier and more structured appearance. Atlantic can be praised for this aspect. Because the design of the Atlantic Timeroy was not adopted one-to-one, but improved. And that’s what makes a good remake for me!

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With a small second, a 30-minute display and a tachymeter on the dial, the Atlantic Timeroy CS Chrono has all the important functions that a good chronograph needs for everyday use. I personally like the orange hands. They add a sporty touch to the black and silver dial. The square date window at 6 o’clock is useful. The Atlantic Timeroy CS Chrono is equipped with luminescent indices for use in the dark.

Plenty of choice for the strap

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The black calfskin strap with its vintage look matches the retro character of the watch. While it stands out on the upper side with its sporty, robust character, it impresses on the underside with its soft surface, which guarantees pleasant wearing comfort in everyday life. The stainless steel buckle has an engraved Atlantic logo.

As an alternative to the leather strap, Atlantic has fitted two of its Atlantic Timeroy CS Chrono models with a stainless steel strap. Which is better is ultimately a matter of personal taste.

My conclusion on the Atlantic Timeroy CS Chrono

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Is the Atlantic Timeroy CS Chrono the worthy successor of the original from the 70s? After my review of the collection, I can clearly answer this question with ‘yes’. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, there is the design, which quotes the original but also has enough independence. Atlantic has developed the look carefully but intelligently. You could speak of an evolution.

The Atlantic Timeroy CS Chrono does not disappoint in terms of quality, quite the opposite. The choice of materials and the quality of workmanship are of a standard that you would expect in the low four-digit price segment. But the fact that the chronographs cost only CHF 360 to CHF 425 and the three-hand watches CHF 245 is almost astounding.

Thanks to the different colour combinations and strap configurations, everyone should find their perfect Atlantic Timeroy. The collection has been on the market since June. Will the Atlantic Timeroy CS Chrono be a success? That is actually out of the question.

Photo © 2021 by WATCHDAVID® – All rights reserved

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Technical Details

NameAtlantic Timeroy CS Chrono (Black Leather)

Reference number70462.41.65 (8701)


Categoryretro watches

Price from360 CHF

Case Material316L stainless steel

Diameter41.00 mm

High11.10 mm

Watch GlassSapphire Crystal

Watch TypeQuartz

Waterproof10 bar (100 m / 330 ft)

Movement NameRonda R5021.D quartz

Functions30 minute counter / hour / Minute / second / small second

Dialblack, silver


Special Featuresindices filled with luminous material

Bezelstainless steel

Bracelet Colorblack

Bracelet Materialleather

Clasp316L stainless steel / pin buckle

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