Blancpain and Swatch have teamed up to release an exciting collection of watches. The collaboration watches are really something special. On the one hand, they have mechanical movements, which I personally find super, especially compared to the Omega x Swatch. On the other hand, they take up the legendary Fifty Fathoms. I’m really curious to see how they perform in everyday life.

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Blancpain x Swatch Alle Fakten, Modelle, Preise & wo kaufen? – 4K

Blancpain x Swatch

The collection consists of five watches in total, and each has its own charm. My absolute favourite is the “Atlantic Ocean”. The colour combination of white, light blue and dark blue is just perfect. The watch is coherent and just looks great. I also really like the “India Ocean” with its green hue and orange accents. And then there’s the “Arctic Ocean” in light orange tones, which even has a radioactive symbol on it. The “Pacific Ocean” has a white dial, which in my opinion doesn’t quite fit in with the overall concept, but as we all know, tastes differ.

The watches all have Swatch’s Sistem51 movement, which consists of 51 parts and is produced fully automatically. Pretty cool, isn’t it? But is it any good for everyday use? The price for the watches is 390 €, I would have expected more, especially considering that we have an automatic movement. The watches have a diameter of 42.3 mm and are not too big. We’ll have to see how they look on the wrist. The water resistance is 91 metres, so not really suitable for swimming. The watch glass is made of bio-based material with a scratch-resistant coating. Whatever that means. My Omega x Swatch was scratched just after looking at it…. :-/

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The straps of the watches are made from recycled fishing nets, which again shows that we are really doing something for the environment. Yes, you can’t save the world with this either, but at least we can try! The movement has a power reserve of 90 hours, so don’t worry about the watch suddenly stopping. The details of the watches read really well. From the design to the symbols and the radioactive logo, everything is very well thought out. The watches just have that certain something that excites me. I love the retro charm of diving watches anyway, and a Blancpain was just too expensive for me until now.

Blancpain x Swatch Alle Fakten, Modelle, Preise & wo kaufen?+ Video Check
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You just have to have it on your arm, wear it for a few weeks, preferably even on holiday.

Blancpain x Swatch Fifty Fathoms

Founded in 1735 in the Swiss Jura, Blancpain is considered the oldest watch brand in the world. Over the centuries that have passed since its foundation, the company has resolutely continued its tradition of innovating and constantly redefining the boundaries of watchmaking.

The Fifty Fathoms has played a key role in the development of diving and the discovery of the marine world, enabling Blancpain to forge close ties with the ocean community.

I look forward to your comments! Let me know which model you like best and where you would buy it. Do you think the Blancpain x Swatch will be as popular as the Omega x Swatch? I’m looking forward to hearing your opinions!

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