BMW motorcycle from the future?

Fuck you fat. What kind of horny motorcycle is that? When I saw the photo I had to go to BMW and it struck me like lightning.

They don’t make any old bikes like they used to! They’re still making cruisers, yeah, but what the fuck is this? I haven’t really been able to identify it despite googling. . . .

BMW Motorrad
BMW Motorcycle – Who knows this model? Photo Fabio Spinelli

CR 7 Skull. . . Well, that’s what I call a license plate! Somebody should tell me you can’t equip a motorcycle with a creative license plate. . . HAHAHA! 

BMW Motorrad
BMW Motorcycle – Who knows this model? Photo Fabio Spinelli

Now please have a look at this engine block!

And with ABS. Sweet. But I still can’t believe that this is a BMW! But also these colours alone. White metallic tank with beautiful quilted saddle. Also this triangle bag in the same shade. The rest black & silver. Sweet.

But also the ass looks really fat. The rear wheel floats all by itself in space! What a sight! And this license plate. I know I’m repeating myself. I gotta call the DMV tomorrow, get me a sign like that. Let’s see what they say. . . 🙂

BMW Motorrad
BMW Motorrad – Geiler Arsch 🙂 Foto Fabio Spinelli

TOP photographer

My great praise also goes to Fabio Spinelli, who took this wonderful photo. Only this mood and the matching brown tones of the surrounding trees with the animal standing sun. WOW. What a job!

Now again – who knows such a BMW motorcycle? Please write me in the comments or on instagram or vero. Thank you. Thank you.

What watch would you wear on this bike?

I’d really like to know. There are so some that can fit. But I don’t want to anticipate anything, I’m looking forward to your opinion.

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All Photos: – Fabio Spinelli



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