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The Deutsche Uhrenfabrik Thüringen (DUFa) knows how to take up the iconic and timeless design of the Bauhaus and combine it with modern, noble design elements. DuFa Bayer Automatic Swiss DF-9016.

For almost a century, all of this has been produced with German craftsmanship. The DuFa itself speaks of “neoclassical masterpieces”, for me the Bayer Automatic Swiss DF-9016-33 combines classic automatic and modern fashion watches in its very own, impressive way… Enjoy what I mean in the following review! Have fun!

DuFa Bayer Automatic Swiss DF-9016-33 Review
DuFa Bayer Automatic Swiss DF-9016-33 – Photo: WATCHDAVID®

The first impression of the DuFa Bayer Automatic Swiss DF-9016-33

The Bayer Automatic Swiss DF-9016-33 stands in front of me in a white cube-shaped package. Matted white and only printed with the simple coat of arms of the Deutsche Uhrenfabrik Thüringen. Functional, with a high quality and decent. Everything is about the clock – no frills, no effects, no show. The inside of the cube-shaped packaging is covered with dark grey felt with DuFa inscription and directs the eye only to the main actor of this review. The clock is wrapped around the cylindrical, velvety cushion. You don’t have to be an expert for noticing the value and high quality immediately. The dark blue colour of the dial, the slightly curved glass at the edges, the reflective mesh bracelet- wonderful.

DuFa Bayer Automatic Swiss DF-9016-33

At first glance, the design of the watch reminds me of an amulet. The second reminds me that there are many similarities to fashion watches: the discreet design, the mesh band in a stainless steel look or the proportions. But not the price, because my DuFa watch is three to four times more expensive than representatives of the brands Daniel Wellington, Kapt’n & Son or Paul Hewitt. So what is so special about this watch? Does it manage to combine the trendy design of fashion watches with the value and prestige of automatic watches? That’s what we’ll find out together. DuFa Bayer Automatic Swiss DF-9016-33.

DuFa Bayer Automatic Swiss DF-9016-33 Review
The bracelet – Photo: WATCHDAVID®

On the wrist, the watch knows how to please. Well, I have to admit that I don’t have the largest wrist, so a case diameter of 40 millimetres doesn’t exactly look small for me as a man. However, a much larger dial would not have matched the elegant appearance. Suitable for this is the case thickness of 11 millimetres. Despite the automatic movement, the watch is incredibly light. 70 grams(!) feel almost weightless on the wrist in everyday life. You should keep in mind that we are dealing here with a stainless steel case, not titanium.

Case and workmanship DuFa Bayer Automatic Swiss DF-9016-33

The case ist he keyword- let’s have a look at the housing and its workmanship. There is nothing to criticize. To mention the DuFa and a fashion watch in one sentence, as I did in the first section, is almost an insult because there are worlds between the quality of the DuFa and a fashion watch that I took out of a drawer for comparison.

The Bayer Automatic DF-9016-33 is German workmanship, made in Thuringia. And you can see that on every square millimetre. The case is cleanly screwed, the dial finely printed, the mesh band is stable and does not threaten to bend directly and the Swiss automatic movement works visible through the glass case back. The crown has fine applications with the logo of the watch manufactory and is made of stainless steel like the case.

DuFa Bayer Automatic Swiss DF-9016-33 Review
The blue dial – Photo: WATCHDAVID®

The movement DuFa Bayer Automatic Swiss DF-9016-33

I particularly like the transparent case back. Through the circular window you can see in one half the fascinating movement that is driven by 26 jewels, the other half is covered by a stainless steel casing with the DuFa logo. Specifications and information are neatly engraved into the outer circle of polished stainless steel. The marking “3 ATM” as well, which means that the watch can withstand a water pressure of 3 bar and can dive up to 30 meters deep. I wouldn’t take the watch into the water, but splashes are no problem.

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The dial DuFa Bayer Automatic Swiss DF-9016-33

As already mentioned above, in my opinion the dial in its dark blue tone is really beautiful. This is unexpected to me, because when I ordered the watch I was really sceptical about this colour. But if you don’t get warm with this colour, you can go for black or white. The dial consists of four “levels”, which gives an interesting three-dimensional impression. So the largest level is divided by a kind of circular, very flat “channel”.

DuFa Bayer Automatic Swiss DF-9016-33 Review
The crown – Photo: WATCHDAVID®

DuFa Bayer Automatic Swiss DF-9016-33

On this are the numbers matching the stainless steel look of the watch, which are slightly higher than the dial , so they are very nicely highlighted by their shadow cast on the channel. The minute markings are printed on the outer ring. Here the watch has a well thought-out special feature and a great love of detail that I would like to highlight: the outer ring is slightly bevelled. If light falls through the glass onto this outer ring, it produces an arched, bright blue light reflection. Wow! You don’t have to say more about it. It’s great!

With the numbers, DuFa has dedicated itself entirely to the style of the Bauhaus. They are clear, easy to read and very elongated. All even numbers are Arabic, all odd numbers have a line as a mark. The minute markings on the outer ring are marked with lines. At 5, 15, 25, 35, 45 and 55 minutes the number is Arabic. The three hands also have a silver look. In addition, there is a deeply recessed, circular date window at 6 o’clock. As you can see, the dial is reduced to the most important things. Only a DuFa logo and lettering are printed, nothing more. And that’s a good thing! Just typical Bauhaus.

The bracelet

Our DF-9016-33 has a mesh wristband. This is robust and doesn’t give the impression of wearing out or bending as I unfortunately know it from many fashion watches. Like the case, the clasp is also made of stainless steel and has the DuFa logo engraved on it. The wearing comfort is pleasant.

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DuFa Bayer Automatic Swiss DF-9016-33 Review
The movement – Photo: WATCHDAVID®

Conclusion DuFa Bayer Automatic Swiss DF-9016-33

Finally, I want to tell you again why the DF-9016-33 of the Deutsche Uhrenfabrik Thüringen is my absolute favorite and insider tip among the “fashion watches”. This is because it is not a typical fashion watch. We are dealing here with a qualitatively very good automatic watch covered with the timeless look of a fashion watch. 

Everyone who has been deterred by a fashion watch because of the often missing quality or the quartz case so far , does not have to worry about this piece of jewelry. The watch is well crafted and has a Swiss automatic movement. In addition, the consistent use of stainless steel as by the Deutsche Uhrenfabrik convinces me. Nothing was saved up here. 

Ultimately it is mostly the design that decides when buying a watch. And the DuFa doesn’t need to hide. The design is noble, classic and discreet. The watch adapts perfectly to every clothing style, whether to a sporty, casual dress at work or as the finishing touch to a successful outfit on an elegant night. You decide and don’t have to make any compromises! All in all: A stylish classic with the values of a high-quality automatic timepiece and in the garb of a fashion watch reminiscent of the iconic Bauhaus era.

DuFa Bayer Automatic Swiss DF-9016-33 Review
DuFa Bayer Automatic Swiss DF-9016-33 – Photo: WATCHDAVID®

The prices for this model start at 700€. If you want a little more choice, I recommend the other models from the collection. They are technically mostly identical with this model, but vary in colour design and have different leather straps. An international warranty of two years is standard on all models.

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Technical Details

NameDuFa Bayer Automatic

Reference numberDF-9016-33


CategoryBauhaus watches / dress watches

Price from700 Euro

Warranty2 years

Case Material316L stainless steel

Diameter40.00 mm

High11.00 mm

Watch TypeAutomatic

Waterproof3 bar (30 m / 100 ft)

Movement NameSwiss Automatic

Power ReserveN/A

Functionsdate / hour / Minute / second


Indicesdashes and arabic indices

Bezelgrey / stainless steel

Bracelet Colorgrey

Bracelet MaterialMesh

Clasp316L stainless steel

Auch verfügbar auf Deutsch


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