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Anyone who is really looking for a watch that is completely different – that leaves no stone unturned and reinvents the wheel, so to speak – will get their money’s worth today. The NUBEO Satellite Soyuz Watch.

The watch manufacturer Nubeo designs watches that are completely out of the ordinary in terms of technology, design and aesthetics. The model that I am presenting to you today, which has nothing to do with the mainstream, is incredibly exciting. this much is said in advance: yes, you have to learn how to read the time in a completely different way. How to do this I will show you in the following review.

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The first impression of the NUBEO Satellite Soyuz

The timepieces from Nubeo have sonorous names: “Trajectory”, “Relativity” or “Como”, to name just a few. Some of them completely overturn the previous concept of reading the clock as we still know it from elementary school. My watch today is called “Soyuz“. And because all watches have a combination of organic and industrial design, the Soyuz is all about space. Soyuz? That was a Russian rocket. And not just any rocket, after all, the Soyuz rocket still holds the record for the most flights into space to this day. 

NUBEO Satellite Soyuz Watch Review
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By the way – while we were on the subject of ‘turning’: On the Soyuz, two dials with hour markers circle over the dial like satellites. Anyone who wants to understand this interaction and read the time must take a moment to consider this strange and fascinating construction. But that is not the only exciting thing about the watch. With its cool shades of blue and black, the entire timepiece has a very interesting appearance that fits perfectly with the theme of the cosmos. On the wrist, the Nubeo watch looks very powerful. This is not only due to the color, but also to the impressive case diameter of 50(!) millimeters. NUBEO Satellite Soyuz.

I like the design very much at first sight. It is unconventional, very functional and has surprises and small details in every corner. For example the engraved logo on the crown, the sporty carbon look on the bezel or the three-dimensional dial. In terms of workmanship, the Soyuz gives you exactly what you would expect from a watch in the four-digit price range: quality at the highest level. 

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The Soyuz model itself is part of the “Satellite” series. So if you are still interested in other color variations, you should take a look at the sister models “Satellite” and “Cosmos White”.

How to read the time with the NUBEO Satellite Soyuz – a guide

To come to the point: it won’t be as difficult as it was in elementary school to learn how to read the time. A little help is certainly necessary at the beginning. The two hour spinning tops with even and odd numbers circle around the center of the dial. The minute markings are printed in two-minute increments on the rehaut. If you suspected that the numbers framed in the middle have a meaning, you are wrong! The decisive factor is always the number that seems to touch the indices on the minute scale. For example, if the number 2 touches 58, we have 2.58 AM or PM. If the new hour then begins two minutes later, you look over to the other dial. There the 3 now touches the 00 display. We have 3 o’clock. It can be that simple!

NUBEO Satellite Soyuz Watch Review
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So if you know how to do it, the new way of reading the time is not magic. Surely it needs some routine in everyday life, so that one look is enough to read the time. I have had the watch on my wrist for a few days now. In the meantime, a certain learning effect has set in with me. I am much faster now. I also really like the change from the boring dials of other watches! This is something completely different. NUBEO Satellite Soyuz.

The Soyuz in detail:

The case

Nubeo uses dark, milled stainless steel for its case and is not really economical with it. The dimensions of 50 millimeters diameter and 16 millimeters height speak for themselves. Those of you who have a more delicate wrist should think about this. All friends of these sizes will have their pure joy with this watch. The striking indentations in the case are remarkable. These give the Soyuz a certain grip, which I particularly like in everyday life. You simply love to take the watch in your hand. The carbon inlays in the bezel mentioned above give the timepiece a sporty look. The space theme is also reflected in the screws, which are located all over the case and are reminiscent of stars.

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The crown at 3 o’clock has a corresponding size parallel to the case. This makes it much easier to set the time. The sapphire crystal, which is installed in a strong curvature, is also visually appealing. In order to avoid the strong light reflections, the watch glass has been coated with an anti-reflective coating. NUBEO Satellite Soyuz.

The case back holds another surprise in store. Here Nubeo has installed a viewing window that allows the wearer to marvel at the Swiss movement when removing the watch and will certainly make the hearts of some watch fans beat faster. Engraved on the roto is the logo of the manufacture. Further engravings are located on the edge of the case. 

NUBEO Satellite Soyuz Watch Review
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The Nubeo Soyuz is water resistant up to 5 bar. In theory, you could dive 50 meters deep with it. However, the Soyuz is not a diver’s watch, but small splashes will not harm the case. Besides, we are talking about space and not about marine research. 

The movement NUBEO Satellite Soyuz

Behind the spinning “satellites” on the dial is a rather complex technology, which is of course driven by a Swiss movement. In this case it is a Sellita SW200 automatic movement.

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What I especially like is the fact that this classic Swiss movement is something completely new and different. This is simply unique.

The dial

By now, everything has been said about how this breathtaking dial works. But that is not all. The clear and functional design is worth a look. Overall, it appears quite three-dimensional. The sunray look, starting with the Nubeo logo in orange accents, is simply beautiful in my opinion!

NUBEO Satellite Soyuz Watch Review
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Other orange accents, which contrast with the deep blue of the dial, can be found in the automatic lettering and on the rehaut.

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The bracelet – NUBEO Satellite Soyuz

What could round off a successful watch better than a matching bracelet? Nubeo equips its Soyuz with a genuine leather strap with a black crocodile pattern. The inside is light brown and extremely soft. It also has a rather solid stainless steel buckle. Due to the massive design, the leather strap seems to be one with the case. Conventional bracelets are therefore not recommended for changing the strap. If you want to remove the leather strap anyway, you can loosen the screws with the tool, which is included in the delivery. I like the wearing comfort very much. NUBEO Satellite Soyuz.

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My conclusion about the NUBEO Satellite Soyuz

Nubeos Soyuz is simply refreshingly different. While several watch manufacturers have opted for a classic dial design, Nubeo goes its own way. But as the saying goes: who dares wins. After several days on my wrist, I have no choice but to confirm this sentence. Nubeo manages to combine an extraordinary design with a very precise and complex technology. That pays off. The Soyuz is a very successful watch that will stand out in the market. This starts with the fact that viewers stop at the model to find out how to read the time. 

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Who is the watch suitable for? Of course, this timepiece appeals to many watch enthusiasts who want to add an exceptional, very individual piece to their collection. Because that is what the Soyuz is all about. But everyone else can also look forward to a visually appealing and eye-catching watch in everyday life. NUBEO Satellite Soyuz

The price is 2000 USD.

The NUBEO Satellite Soyuz here:

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Technical Details

NameNubeo Satellite Soyuz

Reference numberNB-6007-06



Price from$ 2000


Case Material316L stainless steel

Diameter50.00 mm

High16.00 mm

Watch Glassanti-reflective coating / Sapphire Crystal

Watch TypeAutomatic

Waterproof5 bar (50 m / 164 ft)

Movement NameSellita SW200

Power Reserve38 hours

Functionshour / Minute


Indicesarabic indices

Bezelblack / Carbon

Bracelet Colorblack

Bracelet Materialleather

Clasp316L stainless steel / pin buckle

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