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Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPF79K1 as “Save the Ocean”- Special Edition is currently one of the most requested Seiko watches in the Uhrenlounge. So many customers can’t be wrong, right? Why is the diving watch so popular? I took a closer look at it for you and found out some amazing things….

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The Internet portal of the Aika jewelers from Dresden, Germany is specialized in the on-line sales of watches of considerable manufacturers such as Oris, Tissot, Hamilton or Seiko. The Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPF79K1 “Save the Ocean”, one of the currently most successful models, also comes from the Uhrenlounge. Some links at the end of the test will take you to the Uhrenlounge homepage, where you are guaranteed to find your perfect watch. Once you have ordered the timepiece of your choice, you can be sure that the watch will be delivered quickly and safely. If you have any further questions, you can contact the competent customer service of Uhrenlounge!

Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPF79K1 Save the Ocean
One of the bestsellers in the Uhrenlounge. Photo © 2021 by WATCHDAVID®

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Seiko’s Prospex with the reference number SRPF79K1 and the nickname Samurai is in many ways an exciting watch, which offers a lot at first glance and appeals to a wide target group. A well-known manufacturer, a professional diving watch with an automatic movement and an iconic design are just four of the features that Seiko’s Prospex Samurai SRPF79K1 uses to captivate potential buyers. Understandably, who wouldn’t be intrigued by these features? The recommended retail price of just 620 Euros also seems like a fair one. For connoisseurs and novices alike.

And that’s not all. The Prospex Samurai SRPF79K1 is all about Seiko’s “Save the Ocean” campaign, which the traditional Japanese manufacturer uses to advertise. In the spring of 2018, they entered into a partnership with ocean conservationist Fabien Cousteau. The oceanographer is fully committed to protecting marine biodiversity.

Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPF79K1 Save the Ocean
Inspired by manta rays. Photo © 2021 by WATCHDAVID®

The Fabien Costeau Learning Center has been in existence since 2016. The facility is intended to become an information center for the protection of the oceans. Costeau wants to bring together marine biologists, environmentalists, divers and other experts here to educate about climate change and its consequences. As a world-renowned manufacturer of diving watches, Seiko is supporting the project. Across its product range, there are model collections in a “Save the Ocean” special edition. When you purchase one of these products, Seiko donates a portion of the proceeds to the Fabien Costeau Learning Center. That sounds worthy of support…

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…and somehow too good to be true. What’s the catch?

The first impression

From a black cardboard box with silver Seiko inscription, I take out the Seiko watch still wrapped in protective foil. “Prospex – Save the Ocean” is written on the inside lid of the box. There is also a warranty card from the Uhrenlounge. The Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPF79K1 is a bulky diver with a massive buckle closing the silicone strap. I twist and turn the watch. Immediately, the wave design of the dial catches the eye, revealing that this is a “Save the Ocean” model. Last year, Seiko already introduced two new Prospex models from the “Save the Ocean” series that bear the distinctive surface structure. On a blue background are manta rays that seem to float across the dial. Combined with the blue bracelet, this is a perfect match for a diver’s watch with this name.

Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPF79K1 Save the Ocean
A solid first impression. Photo © 2021 by WATCHDAVID®

I touch the cold surface and touch the Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPF79K1 for the first time. The watch feels very valuable. Huge dashes as indices, a date magnifier and a countdown bezel give the Seiko model its classic diver design. In terms of naming its watches, Seiko is in a class of its own. The Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPF79K1 owes its nickname “Samurai” primarily to the design of the hour and minute hands. This is inspired by historical samurai swords. The watch manufacturer is proud of its roots in the country of Japan.

The Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPF79K1 on the wrist

Flipping it over, I’m amazed how light the Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPF79K1 is on the wrist. With a diameter of a massive 44 millimeters and a height of 13 millimeters, the diver’s watch really doesn’t have to hide. The low weight, on the other hand, is astounding. Finding matching outfits for the Seiko watch does not turn out to be a great difficulty. The sporty casual design suits many occasions. At the same time, the Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPF79K1 brings a certain prestige to the wrist with its sheer size. However, you should like size and flashiness in a watch. The timepiece does not know the word understatement. But for me, these dimensions simply belong to a diver’s watch!

Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPF79K1 Save the Ocean
Sheer size. Photo © 2021 by WATCHDAVID®

The Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPF79K1 in detail

The case

For the case of its Prospex Samurai in “Save the Ocean” design, Seiko put a lot of emphasis on good build quality. The solid case structure is made of stainless steel, which has both polished and brushed surfaces, depending on the component. As you can easily see on the back, the middle part is visually separated from the lugs. The dial is protected by sapphire crystal. In the manufacturing process, Seiko made it anti-reflective, which benefits the readability under water. Those who really want to use the watch on the high seas or underwater will quickly appreciate this feature. I find the date magnifier at 3 o’clock very useful and well done. Most of us will probably associate Rolex watches with it.

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Details of the bezel. Photo © 2021 by WATCHDAVID®

The crown has a size that matches the watch, which makes it easy to operate. In the first stage, it is completely covered by a crown protector. In everyday life, this improves the wearing comfort immensely. The screw-down crown also stands out due to its easy-to-grip surface structure. If you turn it now, you’ll notice the slight play that the crown has. In my experience, this is a great relief when setting the time and date. The hands never shoot forward too quickly, so you can set the time accurately.

Bezel and case back

The bezel is a diver’s bezel or countdown bezel. The tactile feel when the clicks engage is outstanding! Visually, it frames the lighter dial.

The caseback is screwed down six times. Instead of the usual date window, you’ll find the famous engraved waves on Seiko watches, reminiscent of “the great wave of Kanagawa”, a famous Japanese painting. If you search a little bit, you will also find your production number. 163 is the number of my Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPF79K.

Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPF79K1 Save the Ocean
The case back. Photo © 2021 by WATCHDAVID®

With its case, the Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPF79K1 withstands a possible water pressure of 20 bar. 200 meters maximum diving depth would be possible. However, hardly any amateur diver will penetrate into these spheres.

The movement

For the movement, Seiko uses an automatic movement from its own production. In this case, it’s a Seiko 4R35 caliber, which is very reliable and durable. For the number freaks among you: with 23 jewels, the Seiko 4R35 has a power reserve of 41 hours. The oscillation frequency is 21600 vibrations per hour.

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The Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPF79K1 shows itself at its best…

…with the dial. The wave structure is something completely new, which I actually haven’t seen on a diver’s watch like this before. With the neatly printed rays, it gives the Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPF79K1 a very interesting design.

Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPF79K1 Save the Ocean
The dial is outstanding. Photo © 2021 by WATCHDAVID®

And it is pratical, too. That should be the focus for diving watches. The large line indices ensure perfect readability. To guarantee that even at night and in the dark, Seiko has given Samurai hands and indices a luminous function. Apart from the manufacturer’s lettering, the 200M indication and the rectangular date window, there are no other elements on the dial. But that’s how it should be, after all – simple and straightforward.

Perfect for the water: the silicone strap of the Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPF79K1

Silicone and rubber straps have emerged as one of the best solutions for diving watches. They do not age and are easily adjustable. This is also the case with the huge specimen that my Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPF79K1 is equipped with. The buckle is made of stainless steel and bears the engraved Seiko lettering. However, what I liked the most about the bracelet is its practicality. In addition, it is quite comfortable to wear.

The clasp. Photo © 2021 by WATCHDAVID®

My conclusion about the Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPF79K1 – a diver’s watch for everyone.

I can understand why this Seiko diver with the reference number SRPF79K1 is so popular among customers. This Seiko Prospex in the “Save the Ocean” special edition is the diver’s watch for everyone! It looks exactly how you would imagine a diver’s watch to look: large, blue-black, with a bezel and a dial to match. On top of that, there are good materials, a high-quality finish, and stand-out features like the maritime skate design.

Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPF79K1 Save the Ocean
The magnyfying glass. Photo © 2021 by WATCHDAVID®

This already very good overall package is comparatively affordable. This makes the Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPF79K1 interesting for collectors and beginners alike.

Finally, I would like to thank Uhrenlounge once again for providing me with this watch for the detailed test. You can buy the Seiko Prospex Samurai SRPF79K1 for 620 Euro in the store of Uhrenlounge. And don’t forget: part of the money goes to Seiko’s “Save the Ocean” campaign, which supports marine conservation.

The dial at night. Photo © 2021 by WATCHDAVID®
The massive case. Photo © 2021 by WATCHDAVID®
Always a good choice. The silicone strap. Photo © 2021 by WATCHDAVID®

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Technical Details

NameSeiko Prospex Samurai "Save the Ocean"

Reference numberSRPF79K1


Categorydiving watches

Price from620 Euro


Case Material316L stainless steel

Diameter44.00 mm

High13.00 mm

Watch Glassanti-reflective coating / Sapphire Crystal

Watch TypeAutomatic

Waterproof20 bar (200 m / 660 ft)

Movement NameSeiko 4R35

Power Reserve41 hours

Functionsdate / hour / Minute / second



Special Featuresindices filled with luminous material

Bezelblack / diving bezel

Bracelet Colorblue

Bracelet Materialsilicone

Clasp316L stainless steel / pin buckle

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