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The RZE Resolute SC 2022 Kevlar Black is the current top novelty in the RZE model range. Thoroughly redesigned once again, this practical field watch features a super compressor mechanism. High-tech materials give it the functional polish. And this watch costs just under 700 euros. So what’s the catch?

RZE Resolute SC 2022 Kevlar Black Review
Photo © 2023 by WATCHDAVID® David Drilling – All rights reserved

Resolute – the name says it all

Last March, the ambitious brand RZE from Singapore and Malaysia gave its Resolute series a thorough makeover. “We (…) continuously improve our watches,” Travis Tan, founder of RZE promised. The predecessor was by no means a bad watch and knew how to combine exciting ideas. As in the case of the current novelty, the creators described their functional timepiece as a “field watch” paired with everyday conveniences. What was the difference between a pilot’s watch and a field watch again? Correct, the latter was and is also worn by soldiers on the ground or in the field. Traditionally, it is a bit more compact and versatile than its relative from the cockpit. 

Field watches are allowed to be waterproof to a depth of at least 100 meters. So the good old field watch is Is a distant relative of tool watches and diving watches. However, it is almost impossible to draw clear boundaries here anyway.

The revival of super compressor watches

Photo © 2023 by WATCHDAVID® David Drilling – All rights reserved

So what do you do when the next generation of a successful watch model is waiting in the wings? You keep the elements that have proven themselves, make improvements here and there, and equip the facelift with a little more power. However, RZE was not satisfied with this. In addition to the “basic” Resolute 2022, another version was introduced at the same time, which extends the collection upwards. Its name: Resolute Supercompressor, or simply ‘SC’. Its added value lies in compressor technology, which the watch world has only recently rediscovered for itself. 

Diving watches with the characteristic double compressor crown were at the height of their popularity over 60 years ago, but in the meantime disappeared again completely into oblivion. After the demand for used models remained high, manufacturers such as Sherpa and now RZE are launching new watches on the market. Both brands refer to the basic idea developed by Ervin Piquerez S.A.. But more about that later. 

RZE itself talks about the first super compressor watch on the market, whose case is made of titanium. I am personally particularly excited about this combination. In addition, the Resolute SC 2022 is already available for just under 700 euros. The perfect entry into the world of compressor watches? 

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Package = Box?

As a young brand, RZE presents itself as forward-looking and unconventional. A successful example of this is the packaging. When you order watches online, you usually receive a package, from which you take the packaging and, in turn, a watch box. By the time you get to the watch, you leave a lot of time and packaging waste behind. With RZE, the package with address label IS the watch box, which I really like. A roomy faux leather case for safe storage and on the go is there anyway. 

The RZE Resolute SC 2022 Kevlar Black on the wrist

Photo © 2023 by WATCHDAVID® David Drilling – All rights reserved

“Incredibly light,” is my first thought when I first hold the Supercompressor 2022 in my hands and put it on. This is how a modern field watch must feel. Comfortable and hardly noticeable in everyday life, it would not only inspire soldiers on mission (apart from the fact that this watch is only intended for civilian use anyway). Anyone who sits at a desk for several hours a day, like me, will also appreciate the pleasant wearing comfort. 

This is further perfected by the compact size. I had already briefly touched on it above. Field watches aren’t too big and don’t get in the way. This also applies to the RZE Resolute SC 2022 Kevlar Black, which measures just 40 millimeters in diameter. From lug to lug, it’s 46 millimeters. This specification is clearly more important for most people. However, I am positively surprised by the flat build height. 12 millimeters – and inside ticks an automatic movement!

Although the Resolute SC 2022 is not a giant, it seems a bit larger than indicated on paper. That may be due to the internal bezel, which visually blends with the dial and allows for a narrow bezel. 

Color-wise, my model called Kevlar Black can’t be beat for timelessness. A black dial, a gray case and orange accents – that’s how you imagine the typical tool watch. If that’s not interesting enough for you, you should take a look at the three sister models. Sky BlueMedallion Yellow and Glacier White are a bit fancier. 

The case in detail

RZE Resolute SC 2022 Kevlar Black Review
Photo © 2023 by WATCHDAVID® David Drilling – All rights reserved

For the first time, a Super Compressor watch is available with a titanium case. RZE specifies the use of 2nd grade titanium. The high-tech material is not only very light, as just described, but also inspires with its hardness. To further increase the resistance, the watch has received a so-called UltraHex coating. It is supposed to guarantee scratch resistance, which I better didn’t test on my watch out of respect for RZE. The matte brushed surfaces of the angular case definitely make a good impression. Titanium is also particularly suitable for allergy sufferers and very gentle on the skin. 

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On the front, sapphire crystal covers the dial. RZE has provided the underside with an anti-reflective coating. This further improves the readability. Reflections are something you have to seriously look for. When it comes to the caseback design, they don’t experiment and prefer to keep it simple except for fine engravings on the edge. 

Why compressor technology is so special

RZE Resolute SC 2022 Kevlar Black Review
Photo © 2023 by WATCHDAVID® David Drilling – All rights reserved

Super Compressor watches come from a time when it was not yet possible to manufacture seals of today’s common diving watches. The basic idea: a spring-loaded case back. If this then presses against the internal O-ring as the diving depth increases and the compression rises, the watch becomes increasingly tight. The concept was developed and patented by Swiss case manufacturer Ervin Piquerez S.A. (EPSA) starting in the mid-1950s. Compressor diving watches were also accompanied by internal bezels for the first time. Their operation required a second crown. This design solution can also be found on the Resolute SC 2022.

What I personally find exciting is the transfer of the technology to a field watch. The RZE Resolute SC 2022 Kevlar Black is truly not a diver’s watch, but thanks to the spring-loaded caseback, it makes it to depths of 200 meters maximum. By comparison, the Resolute 2022 barely makes it to 100 meters. 

How the Resolute has become even more powerful

RZE improves the Resolute also on the technical side in crucial points. The two new models enjoy an automatic movement from Miyota. The 90S5, which both feature, shines with a power reserve of a solid 42 hours. With an accuracy of -10 to +30 seconds per day, it can’t hold a candle to the top versions from ETA or Sellita by far, but that is again justified by the fair overall price of the watch. Miyota’s automatic caliber drives the three functions of seconds, minutes and hours. 

Dial and Strap of the RZE Resolute SC 2022 Kevlar Black

RZE Resolute SC 2022 Kevlar Black Review
Photo © 2023 by WATCHDAVID® David Drilling – All rights reserved

The RZE Resolute SC 2022 Kevlar Black appears particularly impressive in the dark. Its Super-LumiNova luminous coating on the indices and hands shines in a bright blue hue and guarantees that the dial remains legible even in the dark. In daylight, this works quite well, too. Plus points are awarded for the good readability of the functional and tidy dial. The accent color orange was skillfully used to highlight important elements such as 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock as well as the minute hand. So no matter what the situation, you’ll quickly find your way around. A date window let alone a movement with this function was omitted. I personally don’t miss it.

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Finally, we come to the bracelet, which does not drop in quality compared to the case. Like the case, it is made of titanium and features the UltraHex coating. It is very comfortable to wear on the wrist. The folding clasp ensures a secure hold.

My conclusion about the RZE Resolute SC 2022 Kevlar Black

RZE Resolute SC 2022 Kevlar Black Review
Photo © 2023 by WATCHDAVID® David Drilling – All rights reserved

The RZE Resolute Supercompressor 2022 is the perfect, affordable entry into the world of compressor watches and also the best Resolute. The Supercompressor case is certainly the focal point, and its implementation has been successful. I find the idea of the comeback of the almost forgotten construction method already innovative. But I’m even more fascinated by the fact that the technology, which was previously used exclusively for diving watches, is now being used for a field watch as well. And let’s be honest: why not? The RZE Resolute SC 2022 Kevlar Black is versatile and benefits – although it is not a diver’s watch – from the possibilities of a super compressor watch. Its water resistance and conveniently operable bezel are worth highlighting.

The total package is very affordable with a price of 699,- euros. If you want to do without the compressor case, you can go for the less expensive base model. Here, too, the titanium version is standard, then starting at 549,- euros. All the important links to the collection can be found below.

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Technical Details

NameResolute SC 2022 - Kevlar Black

Reference numberN/A


Categorymilitary watch / supercompressor watch

Price from699.00 Euros

Warranty2 years

Case Materialtitanium

Diameter40.00 mm

High12.00 mm

Watch Glassanti-reflective coating / Sapphire Crystal

Watch TypeAutomatic

Waterproof20 bar (200 m / 660 ft)

Movement NameMiyota 90S5

Power Reserve42 hours

Functionshour / Minute / second



Special FeaturesSwiss Super-LumiNova®

Bezelinner bezel

Bracelet Colorgrey

Bracelet Materialtitanium

Claspfolding clasp / titanium

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