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The Seiko 5 Sports One Piece “Luffy” Limited Edition is dedicated to the japanese anime series “One Piece”. But the model is not only interesting for fans of the series. I took a look at the five special features of the collection! Kindly sent me a copy!

Seiko 5 Sports One Piece „Luffy“ SRPH65K1 Review
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About Ditur

Denmark is not only my favorite vacation country, but also home of Ditur. Ditur doesn’t mean anything to you yet? Then it’s about time – after all, it is Scandinavia’s largest online store for watches, jewelry and other accessories. Founded in 2014 by the twins Kasper and Mikkel Dissing, the young company has since increased year after year and always exceeded its own goals. The term Ditur, by the way, is Danish and stands for “your watch.” That’s fitting, considering the company’s philosophy. “Everyone deserves to own a watch that looks priceless, yet is completely affordable,” is the motto. 

With the self-confident and ambitious goals, the team around the two company founders even made it to television. In 2020, they took part in the Danish edition of the show “Dragon’s Den” and convinced the judges to let them in. 

During the time, Ditur has continued to grow and has now opened a German-language online store. In addition to globally renowned brands such as Casio, Fossil, Tommy Hilfiger, Jaguar, Seiko and Festina, the store also carries exciting private labels. Dissing Watches, Kensington, Studsgaard, Lugano and Milani are all said to offer high-quality watches at fair prices. 

In total, you can discover over 5000 watches on However, thanks to a well sorted assortment, you can quickly find your way around. Important when buying luxury goods is the competent customer service of Ditur, which advises you in all important questions. If you still prefer to go to a store, you can visit the branch in Aarhus, Denmark. I will definitely stop by on my next vacation to Denmark!

Seiko and One Piece make common cause

Seiko 5 Sports One Piece „Luffy“ SRPH65K1 Review
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Seiko’s 5 Sports collection will be joined by an exciting special model since December 2021. For this, they collaborated with the Japanese manga and anime series One Piece, which has been around since 1997 and is internationally successful. The striking black and red look is inspired by the main character Luffy, who dreams of being a pirate king. More on the individual details of the lovingly crafted design later – even though I have to admit to not being a proven expert of anime. 

Nevertheless, the model with the reference number SRPH65K1 is interesting for those who (like me) are not fans of One Piece. That’s just because of the 5 Sports collection itself, which has been around for almost 60 years now and is built on five special features. Which are those, you will learn in this watch review

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In the unboxing

Seiko came up with a special design for the box I take out of the packaging. The sides already anticipate the distinctive steam pattern that can be found on the entire watch. It’s supposed to be reminiscent of the steam that is created when the eponymous main character, Luffy, uses the “Gear” technique. One Piece fans will be thrilled there. The inside lid of the box is also detailed, with a skull emblem and the series logo printed on it. Well, a successful Limited Edition is characterized exactly by such little things! Speaking of limited editions: the SRPH65K1 is limited to 5000 pieces. So if you want to get a model, you have a fair chance.

The Seiko 5 Sports One Piece “Luffy” on the wrist

Seiko 5 Sports One Piece „Luffy“ SRPH65K1 Review
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The SRPH65K1, simply called “Luffy” by fans, is quite an imposing watch with a black case and red accents around the dial. Typical of the design of a Seiko 5 Sports are the similarities with diving watches, such as those found in the Prospex collection. A functional bezel, dot-shaped indices and a sporty silicone strap indicate at first glance that the Seiko 5 Sports One Piece “Luffy” can take a beating. 

What else do you learn at first glance? Certainly the fact that the wearer of this model has a penchant for unusual color schemes. The Seiko 5 Sports One Piece “Luffy” is not so much a daily rocker, but rather a watch for those special occasions. A timepiece that you deliberately put on, perhaps with a special outfit. Visually at least, the Seiko 5 Sports One Piece “Luffy” is a model that belongs to any watch collection. 

With dimensions of 43 millimeters in diameter, Seiko’s special edition fits perfectly on medium to large wrists. The case height of 13 millimeters is sporty and flat. After all, an automatic movement has been installed here. The weight of just 103 grams is also impressive.

Five key features

Seiko 5 Sports One Piece „Luffy“ SRPH65K1 Review
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A closer look at the case reveals the first of Seiko’s “five key features”. It lies in the choice of materials. At its core, the case is made of durable stainless steel, which has also been refined with a titanium carbide coating. The mixture of titanium and carbon has an even higher degree of hardness than stainless steel and also gives the watch its black color. 

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The bezel also has the same design. Unidirectionally rotatable, you could indeed use it on dives to read off the remaining time. But for that, it needs water resistance, key feature two. That of the The Seiko 5 Sports One Piece “Luffy” is 100 meters, or 10 bar. The “Luffy” cannot compete with Seiko’s Prospex divers. To be fair, though, this is not the watch’s main focus. However, contact with water is not a problem. 

If you turn the watch over, you can read your production number on the edge of the six-screw caseback. But what really stands out is the circular viewing window, which is made of red glass. I have never seen this on a watch before. In addition, the window is quite large and offers a good view of the movement. It is adorned with Luffy’s famous quote “I’m gonna be…king of the pirates”, the main character’s dream.

On the front, Seiko’s well-known Hardlex crystal is used. The name stands for the in-house mineral crystal, which saves weight while providing good scratch resistance.

Seiko’s 4R36

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Behind the red glass back works an automatic movement, whose installation is also characteristic for the Seiko 5 Sports – key feature number three. The automatic movement was made in house, typical of Seiko, and is therefore perfectly matched to the other components of the Seiko 5 Sports One Piece “Luffy”. If the name 4R36 doesn’t mean anything to you yet, the movement is better known as NH35 and is used relatively often in Seiko watches in the mid three-digit price segment. The power reserve of more than sufficient 41 hours presents itself solidly. The accuracy can’t quite keep up. With a deviation of up to 25 seconds per day, you have to fine-tune the 4R36 more often. 

However, I like the fourth key feature, the position of the crown at 4 o’clock. This improves wearing comfort immensely, as the crown now no longer interferes with the back of the hand. A nice detail is the scar of Luffy that adorns the top. We already know the crown protection that dynamically merges into the case sides from higher-priced divers.

Dial and bracelet of the Seiko 5 Sports One Piece “Luffy

Seiko 5 Sports One Piece „Luffy“ SRPH65K1 Review
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For me, the dial is the clear highlight of the Seiko 5 Sports One Piece “Luffy”. The red and gray vapor patterns on a black background look very dynamic and aggressive-sporty! Thus, the “Luffy” is in my opinion also the most beautiful among the models of the One Piece collection, which includes a whole five models. I also like the implemented Seiko 5 Sports logo, the tilted 5. The shape and size of the indices and hands are strongly reminiscent of diving watches and are accordingly easy to read. On the dial, you can also find the fifth key feature, the practical day date at 3 o’clock. 

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In general, one must emphasize how thoughtfully the One Piece theme has been implemented. This is also clear from the increasingly larger indices on the bezel, which grow larger in a clockwise direction and are thus meant to symbolize Luffy’s growing strength. 

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Seiko gives the 5 Sports One Piece “Luffy” a sporty silicone strap, which is made for those who like to get active with the watch and don’t want to worry about scratches or similar things. The steam pattern can be found here as well. The wearing comfort is something to be proud of.

My conclusion about the Seiko 5 Sports One Piece “Luffy”

Photo © 2022 by WATCHDAVID® – All rights reserved

I think you have to judge the Seiko 5 Sports One Piece “Luffy” in two ways. On the one hand, there is the design, where Seiko collaborates with One Piece. This was lovingly implemented and will not disappoint fans of the anime and manga series. There is no question of a quickly conceived dial imprint here.

Above that, we still have to judge the Seiko 5 Sports collection. In my opinion, the watches are mainly suitable for beginners who want to buy their first automatic watch. Of course, for real automatic lovers, the Seiko 4R36 doesn’t evoke enthusiasm anymore. And even though the Seiko 5 Sports One Piece “Luffy” is not a real diver’s watch, it offers some sporty features that satisfy the target group. Those who like it more functional will just have to reach for the more expensive Prospex divers. 

The 5 Sports One Piece “Luffy” and its sister models are much more affordable and offer an overall good price-performance ratio, which fits the core idea of Ditur. My final thanks go especially to Ditur for the good cooperation!

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Technical Details

Name5 Sports One Piece "Luffy"

Reference numberSRPH65K1


Categorysports watch

Price fromN/A

Warranty2 years

Case Material316L stainless steel / titanium

Diameter43.00 mm

High13 mm

Watch Glassmineral glas

Watch TypeAutomatic

Waterproof10 bar (100 m / 330 ft)

Movement NameSeiko 4R36

Power Reserve41 hours

Functionsdate / hour / Minute / second

Dialblack and red


Special Featuresindices filled with luminous material


Bracelet Colorblack

Bracelet Materialsilicone

Clasp316L stainless steel / pin buckle

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