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My latest blog post is all about the dubious world of counterfeit watches. I recently placed an order for 15 watches with an online retailer called Temu and wanted to tell you about my experience today. When the watches finally arrived, I was shocked at the substandard quality and obvious copies of well-known luxury brands. It’s really scary to see these knock-offs hitting the market and even being offered as supposed bargains. I’m definitely not a fan of this kind of scam and think it’s important to address this.


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TEMU: The nightmare of counterfeit (luxury) watches

The first watch I unwrapped turned out to be a cheap copy of a Citizen Promaster Aqualand. For only €22.98, I wasn’t expecting much, but a fake? It is simply unacceptable that such products are allowed to be sold. When I found out that most of the watches I had ordered had been destroyed by customs, I was relieved. These pirated watches have no place on the market, and it’s good to know that at least in this case action was taken to take them out of circulation.

Der Verbraucherschutz warnt schon länger vor TEMU:

TEMU: Der Albtraum von gefälschten (Luxus) Uhren + Zerstörung Uhren
I destroy the clocks myself. Take a look at the video.

It is important to realize that counterfeit products do not only affect the watch industry, but are a widespread problem. Many industries are affected by this glut of substandard copies and it is time to take action. The manufacturers of these counterfeit goods need to be held accountable and consumers should also be aware of what they are buying. It is a question of ethics and respect for the original manufacturers.

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The fact that such counterfeits are still so readily available clearly shows that there is an urgent need to take action to stop this. Governments and authorities should implement stricter controls and impose tougher penalties for the manufacture and sale of counterfeit goods. It is also the responsibility of consumers to educate themselves about the products they buy and to take a stand against counterfeit and substandard items.

Blut und Tränen bei der Uhren-Zerstörung
Blood and tears during the watch destruction… :-)))

Finally, I would like to emphasize that it is simply important to keep your eyes open and be aware of what you are buying. It’s worth investing a little more and buying a high-quality product from a reputable manufacturer instead of falling for counterfeit bargains. Let’s stand together against the flood of pirated and counterfeit products and stand up for fairness and honesty in the industry. Together we can make a difference and create a better future for everyone. Because if we all just wear counterfeits, the actual manufacturers may no longer exist. And then who will the watches be copied from?

Auch verfügbar auf Deutsch