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Amazon Bestseller Watch – I was immediately fascinated by this really cool gadget watch. No wonder it has become a bestseller. For all those who want a little retro charm of the 80s with a binary wristwatch for just 29,- EUR. Amazon bestseller watches of this kind make me feel like a child again… 🙂

And what time is it? Looks complicated at first glance, but it’s really really easy…


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Why does EVERYONE buy this €29 watch? Amazon bestseller (2024) test

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I saw the watch, ordered it and made the video about it. Because I think the watch is just MEGA and I’ve actually already ordered it again…. HAHAHA… LOL….

Binary watches are not only practical timepieces, but also fascinating gadgets that surprise us again and again with their unconventional presentation. I was particularly fascinated by the model I recently discovered. With its glowing LEDs and futuristic design, it attracts attention and inspires with its unconventional way of displaying the time.

The special feature of this binary clock is its binary display of the time. How could it be otherwise? It’s just a binary watch … :-))) Instead of the conventional digits, they use a sequence of LEDs that display the hours and minutes by switching them on and off. This innovative concept requires some practice at first, but once you understand the system, reading the time becomes a fascinating game with light and technology. Absolutely 80s like the way I love it…

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Wearing a binary watch is not only a fashion statement, but also a way to connect with the fascinating world of technology and innovation. It’s amazing how a concept as simple as the binary time display can inspire so many people and make them perceive time in a completely new way. This unconventional approach to telling the time shows that innovation and creativity know no bounds and can always surprise us with new ideas and designs. And it is clear that this watch will quickly become a bestseller. For me anyway.

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Auch verfügbar auf Deutsch