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TMPL is a new watch brand, a product created through the collaboration of Nagano (in Japan) Prefecture manufacturers, who have long been involved in the production and repair of watches, and product designers with modern sensibilities.

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TMPL Watches
TMPL Watches


TMPL Watches

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Wear the age, the brand concept of TMPL, says that watches are not merely tools for checking the time, nor are they simply status symbols or means of self-expression. We believe that wearing a watch today gives the wearer knowledge about the path that the item known as a “watch” has travelled thus far through global history, while at the same time imparting value to the watch itself and pleasure to the wearer. Our aim is to convey anew the essence of watch design to society. With outstanding modern-day quality and at reasonable prices, we exquisitely recreate outstanding watch designs that have contributed to society during their respective times, giving form to the value of these times for people throughout the world.

Inheriting Japanese watch-making craftsmanship and recreating outstanding watch designs

TMPL Watches

At the core of this project lies our stance of paying tribute to the path of history traveled by watches and the people who have been involved with watches also this journey. While giving form to the needs of their respective eras, watches have constantly contributed to society. Looking back through history, there are countless outstanding watch designs that can even be described as heritage pieces that deeply reflect the historical context of the era in which they were created. Thus it is our mission to exquisitely recreate the designs and watch-making methods that created the history of these watches through the craftsmanship of Nagano’s watchmakers, delivering high-quality watches at reasonable prices to many people.

TMPL’s first model resurrects the 1910s—the dawn of the watch-making age

TMPL Watches

In recreating watches, we chose to begin with the watch designs of the 1910s. Taking place some 100 years ago, it is this era that saw the dawn of the watch-making age. This was the era which humans began flying in the skies. Not only was there the advent of airplanes, but there were also large ships crisscrossing the oceans, while on land there were steam locomotives and automobiles, it was an era that saw tremendous development in various modes of transport. The 1910s are also the era in which the First World War took place, seeing the use of wireless battle command transmissions for the first time in human history. In this historical context, the pocket watches that had been the mainstream watches up until then became inconvenient to use, leading to the birth of watches that enabled the wearer to quickly check the time while leaving both hands free, and these watches gradually spread into general use.

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TMPL Watches

Features such as the distinctive round form, dial designs, and winding knob shapes seen in watches from this era also show traces of the pocket watches that had previously been the mainstream.

High quality & reasonable prices that realize skills and spirit passed down over generations

Not only do we exquisitely recreate watch designs from 100 years ago, we also provide these designs to as many people as possible at reasonable prices in the hope that these watches can be used comfortably and conveniently for many, many years to come.

TMPL Watches

What enables us to realize these objectives is the technology and craftsmanship of Nanan Seiko Co., Ltd., which has been involved in the production of ultra-precision devices over many years in the watch-making region of Nagano. In order to manufacture and repair watches, both precise cutting-edge technology for processing parts and the meticulous handwork of craftsmen are essential. As a manufacturer of ultra-precision devices and precision parts, Nanan Seiko Co., Ltd. has over 30 years of experience in processing and assembling not only watches, but also tiny delicate parts smaller than a grain of rice that are used in automobile and electronic equipment parts. TMPL watches are produced based on this track record for performance and reliability.

1910s watch’s characteristics

(1) Nostalgic form + contemporary size balance

TMPL Watches

In the 1910s, the custom of attaching a watch to the wrist had not yet become ubiquitous. It is said that people began attaching watches to their wrists as a means of making the watches less noticeable, and the watch fashion at that times was small-sized watches incorporating movements used in women’s pocket watches. Born from the idea or attaching a belt to a pocket watch, these watches have round cases and large winding knobs in which traces of pocket watch styles can be sensed. Keeping with this form, we are creating watches with a contemporary size balance while creating a sense of 1910s atmosphere.

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(2) Watch faces featuring prominent use of Arabic numerals and luminescent paint

TMPL Watches

Arabic numerals—what can also be said to a relic of pocket watches—placed around dials made of porcelain (the main materials used in clock faces in the 1910s) exude a sense of charm. Another characteristic of these watches is the luminescent paint liberally covering the large Arabic numerals, a feature incorporated in consideration of visibility when the wearer is moving their arm, such as a pilot operating an aircraft.

(3) Striking designs and attractive blue hands

TMPL Watches

We have faithfully recreated the 1910s timepiece hand designed nicknamed “cobra hands”. Often seen in aircraft and military timepieces, the shape of the tips of the hands resembles the head of a cobra, hence the nickname. Luminescent paint is also used on the hands, providing excellent visibility. In addition to the striking designs reminiscent of the first half of the 20th century, we have also recreated the blue color of the hands—a byproduct of the technique used in the 1910s to prevent rusting whereby the iron was scorched and oxidized.

(4) Movement and antimagnetic design realizing reassuring product quality and price

TMPL Watches

For the watch movement, we have used high-performance Japanese quartz in consideration of factors such as usability, accuracy, design, and reasonable price. Nowadays, with people regularly coming in contact with magnets in everyday life through use of such devices as personal computers and smartphones, many problems and malfunctions are being caused by magnets. TMPL watches have a special structure to protect the movement from magnetic forces, giving them the antimagnetic functionality of MAGNETIC RESISITANT4800.

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(5) Watch for everyone and any stylings

TMPL Watches

Both the 1910S-CG01 chronograph model and 1910S-SS01 small second model feature universal designs to enable a many different people to wear the watches regardless of age, gender, and scenario. The product line-up includes a range of color variations with different case-and-dial combinations. Select your favorite combination from 100 years ago.

TMPL Watches


Wear heritage designs, engrave the present.

To be a place brings together the path through history travelled by watches and people who support this journey

TMPL Watches

“TMPL” derives from the English work “temple”. This name was chosen out of our desire to create a place where people who respect and love watches’ long history and the achievements of those who have shaped this history can gather. For example, just as the shape, structure, and use of colors in temples steeped in history entices our thoughts back to times long ago, giving us a fresher awareness of our own times, TMPL gives shape to the value of “wearing time” by taking watch designs that deeply reflect the eras in which they were conceived and recreating them using Japan’s manufacturing precision.

TMPL Watches

These sentiments are incorporated into the TMPL logo. The five bars on either side of the name “TMPL” represent the stairs leading into a temple, as well as the flow of time that continues forward one step at a time to the next generation. The bars also represent the hands of all the craftsmen and other people who have been involved in the creation of watches

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Technical Details

NameTMPL Chronograph

Reference number1910S-CG01



Price fromN/A


Case Material316L stainless steel

Diameter42.00 mm

High12.00 mm

Watch Glassmineral glas

Watch TypeQuartz

Waterproof5 bar (50 m / 164 ft)

Movement NameMIYOTA chronograph type

Functionshour / Minute / second / small second


Indicesarabic indices

Bezelgrey / stainless steel

Bracelet Colorblack

Bracelet Materialleather

Clasp316L stainless steel / pin buckle

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