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The Andersmann CHRONOGRAPH DLC ANN0683 is the newcomer among the Andersmann chronographs in 2021. As part of the four-model DLC collection, it aims to make the Hong Kong brand’s profile sportier than ever before. Will it succeed with high-tech materials and a technical look?

Sporty chronographs from Andersmann

Andersmann CHRONOGRAPH DLC ANN0683 Review
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So far, I’ve associated Andersmann primarily with record-breaking diving watches like the Andersmann OCEANMASTER II 1000M. In terms of data these timepieces were far ahead of their competitors in many categories, and they were also able to convince me in the test and on my wrist. However, Andersmann’s comprehensive portfolio also includes chronographs, which I have hardly had any contact with so far. All the more excited I am about the watch I would like to present to you today: the Andersmann CHRONOGRAPH DLC ANN0683.

Andersmann follows a different philosophy in the design of its chronographs compared to many of its competitors. So the typical, simply named ‘CHRONOGRAPH’ watch looks just like a typical Andersmann. A large case with a square shape and rounded corners, a black dial with a roughened surface and a look reminiscent of measuring instruments that exudes technical flair. 

Andersmann CHRONOGRAPH DLC ANN0683 Review
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There have been four models so far. In 2021, Andersmann added four more variants to the collection, which now bear the name suffix ‘DLC’. This refers to the exciting choice of materials, in which DLC titanium was also used. The high-tech material not only gives the new watches their sporty, dark look, but also makes them particularly light. The premium chronographs are priced in the low four-digit range. Sounds more than interesting!

The Unboxing

I already know the black tool box. With it, the customer receives his new Andersmann watch. I still like the idea very much. I open it, take out the good piece and put the case with the others. The Andersmann CHRONOGRAPH DLC ANN0683 is a really sporty watch. This is mainly due to the color design, which is very dark because of the DLC coating. It exudes aggressiveness and temperament with orange accents. The case with its dynamic silhouette looks like it is fundamentally tuned for performance and efficiency. The black strap is an interesting mix of sturdy textile and classy leather on the bottom. 

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The first appearance is not bad. This chronograph makes quite a splash. I’m pretty sure that if the Andersmann CHRONOGRAPH DLC ANN0683 were a car, it would almost certainly be a sports car for the race track. But how suitable is this sports car for everyday use? That is what we have to find out now.

The Andersmann CHRONOGRAPH DLC ANN0683 on the wrist

First, I take a look at how the Andersmann CHRONOGRAPH DLC ANN0683 performs on the wrist. With huge dimensions like a case length of 51 millimeters and a diameter of 44 millimeters, the wristwatch is certainly not for very delicate wrists. The rather square than round shape does the rest. The height of 16.5 millimeters is comparatively flat. 

Andersmann CHRONOGRAPH DLC ANN0683 Review
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However, not only the dimensions are sporty. When I put the Andersmann CHRONOGRAPH DLC ANN0683 on my wrist for the first time, I’m amazed, how light the watch is! The good piece brings just 135 grams on the scale. I would not have thought that. In everyday life, this is a great advantage, because you can hardly feel the chronograph on your wrist, making it comfortable to wear. 

One more remark about the design: the Andersmann CHRONOGRAPH DLC ANN0683 is a timepiece for the sporty man of today, who appreciates flexibility. I can highly recommend this watch for the office as well as for leisure and sports. The new Andersmann is definetly adaptable.

A titanium case

Like the other watches of the manufacturer, the Andersmann CHRONOGRAPH DLC ANN0683 is manufactured and assembled in Biel, in the heart of the Swiss watch industry. Here they have the necessary know-how to produce a chronograph with high quality standards and complex materials. The Andersmann CHRONOGRAPH DLC is all about making a case out of multi-layered grade 2 titanium. Titanium is one of the pioneering materials in the watch industry. It is very light, but extremely durable, which makes it ideal for case construction. The middle layer, which gives the watch its characteristic color, is made of dark DLC titanium. 

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Andersmann CHRONOGRAPH DLC ANN0683 Review
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The four-screw caseback protrudes slightly. For the enthusiasts among you, Andersmann has installed a circular viewing window through which you can admire the Swiss automatic movement inside. In keeping with the design, however, the viewing glass is not colorless, but gray-tinted and dark. 

To my delight, it is made of 1.7 millimeter thick sapphire, which makes it pressure-resistant and shockproof. The same applies to the front, whose sapphire crystal is even 3.8 millimeters thick and anti-reflective. 

Andersmann CHRONOGRAPH DLC ANN0683 Review
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Such a high-quality choice of materials has its purpose, of course. The Andersmann CHRONOGRAPH DLC ANN0683 has real diver qualities and moults to a true all-rounder. The chronograph is water resistant up to a pressure of 30 bar. Makes 300 meters depth, in which you can dive with it. Even some “real” diver’s watches can’t manage that.

A powerful automatic caliber

I wind the movement via the rather large crown. This is very easy, thanks to the fluted sides. When retracted, the winding crown is protected by a crown protector made of bright titanium and can therefore not be damaged in everyday life. 

The movement itself is a Swiss ETA A07.211 automatic caliber. According to the data sheet, it offers a power reserve of enduring 46 hours. Inside it, there are some technical innovations that make it a very accurate and reliable caliber. For example, there is the ETACHRON regulator.

Andersmann CHRONOGRAPH DLC ANN0683 Review
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The functions of the automatic movement leave nothing to be desired. In addition to hour, minute and second, the ETA A07.211 also has a date function as well as 30 minute time, 12 hour time and small seconds.

The dial of the Andersmann CHRONOGRAPH DLC ANN0683

The structure of the dial of the Andersmann CHRONOGRAPH DLC ANN0683 is already familiar from the diving watches of the brand from Hong Kong. As usual, Andersmann uses a so-called sandwich dial. The upper dial consists of a black grained texture with punched out indices, while the lower dial underneath is made of a luminous disc and makes the indices shine in light blue in the dark. The use of the accent color orange, which is predominantly used on the hands of the totalizers and the seconds, is striking. It structures the dial and significantly increases readability. The hour and minute hands are also illuminated. 

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On the dial, you’ll also find a tachymeter, which allows you to read speeds on routes with known lengths. In my opinion, a successful gimmick!

A combination of leather and textile

A novelty for me was the wristband. Until now, I only knew bracelets that were either made of textile or leather or some other material. Andersmann equipped his CHRONOGRAPH DLC ANN0683 with a bracelet that combines textile and leather. The high-quality textile of the top is quite hard and robust. I particularly like the look, which is based on sporty carbon surfaces.

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If you turn the wristband over, it literally shows its soft side. Here, the black leather is particularly pleasant to the skin, which further improves the already good wearing comfort. Matching the case, the buckle is made of titanium and impresses with an engraved Andersmann logo. 

My conclusion about the Andersmann CHRONOGRAPH DLC ANN0683

With the CHRONOGRAPH DLC ANN0683, Andersmann proves to be a specialist not only in the field of diving watches. This chronograph does two basic things right. First, it adopts the characteristic features of an Andersmann diving watch that customers love so much. Those would be the look, the case-like box, or the outstanding numerical values of the case and movement. Secondly, with the CHRONOGRAPH DLC ANN0683, Andersmann nevertheless creates a watch that is independent and new, with a lot of sportiness as well as an unusual design. 

Andersmann CHRONOGRAPH DLC ANN0683 Review
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As you know it from Andersmann, this model with the reference number ANN0683 is also limited; this time to a quantity of 80 watches. You can find the three alternative models on the Andersmann homepage. Like them, the Andersmann CHRONOGRAPH DLC ANN0683 costs 1680 US$. Considering the great watch, this is a fair price. 

More about Andersmann and the CHRONOGRAPH DLC ANN0683

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Technical Details

NameAndersmann CHRONOGRAPH DLC ANN0683

Reference numberANN0683 - Limited production: 80 pieces



Price from1.690,- USD

Case Materialtitanium

Diameter44.00 mm


Watch Glassanti-reflective coating / Sapphire Crystal

Watch TypeAutomatic

Waterproof30 bar (300 m / 1000 ft)

Movement NameCaliber ETA A07.211 with engraved logo on rotor

Power Reserve46 hours

Functionsdate / hour / Minute / second


Special FeaturesSwiss Super-LumiNova®

Bracelet Colorblack

Bracelet Materialleather / textile


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