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The Andersmann Classic 300M ANN0136 is the perfect watch for beginners who want to dive into the world of Andersmann for the first time. In the review, I‘ll show you how the Classic presents the values of the company from Hong Kong…


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The classic Andersmann watch

Andersmann has surprised me again and again in recent months. Slowly, but surely, I realize how versatile the brand is. After I tested the Andersmann OCEANMASTER II 1000M, I had the opinion that the Hong Kong-based brand was a specialist for diving watches, but that changed at the latest after the manufacturer sent me the Andersmann CHRONOGRAPH DLC ANN0683. From then on it was clear: Andersmann, which manufactures its watches exclusively in Switzerland, offers so much more. And since the assortment of the brand counts six collections, I have now set myself the goal to discover this world. 

Andersmann Classic 300M ANN0136
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Let’s continue with the Andersmann Classic 300M ANN0136. The literal “classic one” of the range is intended for those who want to get to know Andersmann and the characteristics of the watches. According to the manufacturer’s press release, the watch has exactly what I have liked about Andersmann watches so far. High-quality materials, a robust and original design, stunning numerical values and much more. Whether the Andersmann Classic 300M manages to combine the best of OCEANMASTER and CHRONOGRAPH, I found out for you.

Unboxing – the first impression

The black box is reminiscent of a toolbox and clearly states one thing: there’s a real toolwatch in here. I still like the idea of a functional tool case. I open it and the first thing I take out is the enclosed warranty card and the tools. Then I free the Andersmann Classic 300M ANN0136 from its protective foil.

Andersmann Classic 300M ANN0136
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I ask myself one question right at the start: in which category does this timepiece fit? Functional, and sporty, but without the subdials of a chronograph. Maybe a diver’s watch? Rather not, because the unidirectional rotating diving bezel is missing. Judging by the design, the Classic 300M ANN0136 is clearly a real Andersmann watch! The look is so unique. Whether I can assign the watch to any type will be seen later.

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The Andersmann Classic 300M ANN0136 on the wrist

Despite its rather decent dimensions of 44 millimeters in diameter with an almost square case and a case length of 51 millimeters, the Andersmann Classic 300M ANN0136 looks anything but clunky. Sporty would be the appropriate expression. One reason for this is the case height, which is incredibly slim at just 12.4 millimeters. How on earth did they fit an automatic movement in there, I ask myself. Thus, the watch lies quite flat on the wrist. In addition, I’m struck by how light the timepiece is. According to Andersmann, the Classic weighs only 117 grams. In everyday life, this increases the wearing comfort enormously.

Andersmann Classic 300M ANN0136
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The sporty, functional design with corners and edges makes the Andersmann Classic 300M ANN0136 perfect for all kinds of leisure activities. However, thanks to the timeless and minimalist look, I also firmly believe that the watch is suitable for the wrist in normal everyday work life.

An intelligent choice of materials – the case

The days of the omnipresent stainless steel are over. This is at least true for Andersmann. The manufacturer now uses a number of alternatives. In addition to bronze (read my Andersmann Bronze Diver Watch Review), these include the high-tech material titanium, which is being used more and more frequently in the watch world. Titanium has the advantage that it is incredibly light, yet extremely robust. This explains why it is so comfortable to wear. Andersmann uses multilayer, bead-blasted titanium in the construction of the case. The middle and visible layer is made of DLC. There is nothing to complain about the quality of these materials.

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What I find interesting is the case shape, which I already know from the chronograph of the same size. This could be described as a kind of transitional shape between a circle and a square. In any case, it is original.

Case back and watch crystal of the Andersmann Classic 300M ANN0136.

On the back of the case, the circular caseback impresses with a viewing window. Typical for Andersmann, it is tinted dark gray. Good quality is also found here. 1.7 millimeter thick sapphire crystal protects the impressively visible automatic movement from shocks and water penetration – and that up to a pressure of 30 bar. Yes, this value is something to be proud of! For the fact that the Andersmann Classic 300M ANN0136 is not a designated diver’s watch, the maximum diving depth of 300 meters is impressive. Along with other specifications, the ’30 bar’ value is neatly engraved on the caseback.

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Andersmann Classic 300M ANN0136
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On the front, 3.8 millimeter thick sapphire crystal protects the dial. I really like the curvature, which gives the watch a classy look. To ensure that you can still read the time even in strong light or under water, Andersmann has provided the watch glass with an anti-reflective coating. 

Quality at its best – the Swiss automatic caliber

In the Swiss town of Biel, which is famous for its watchmaking art, the movement is also installed during assembly. This is a Swiss automatic caliber from the manufacturer ETA. The ETA 2892-A2 is one of the flattest automatic movements, which are used in wristwatches. Basically, it consists of a hairspring, a balance and an ETACHRON regulator. In the test, the caliber impresses with good accuracy and an enduring power reserve of up to 50 hours. A visual treat: The oscillating weight with the engraved Andersmann lettering.

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I wind the movement via the screw-down crown, which is easy to operate thanks to its ribbed sides. It is also pleasantly large. 

The dial of the Andersmann Classic 300M ANN0136

Andersmann is known for its rough, black dials, whose design is primarily subordinated to functionality. The “sandwich principle” used here is indeed unusual, but it makes sense. The lower dial, which consists of a luminous disc, is covered by an upper dial with punched-out numerals. To freshen up this technical-looking look a bit, the watch with reference number ANN0136 plays with the accent color blue. The second hand and the 300M indication are blue. You’ll find more color variations in the other models of the Classic collection.

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A bit unusual is the position of the date window at 4 o’clock. It is circular and easy to read. To be able to read the time to the minute, the Andersmann Classic 300M ANN0136 has a minute scale on the rehaut.

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One of the best rubber watch bands

I am a real fan of the rubber straps that Andersmann equips its wristwatches with. For the Andersmann Classic 300M ANN0136, the manufacturer also uses high-quality FKM rubber, which is considered to be the best of all. With its rough surface, the bracelet offers the best wearing comfort. I often have the problem with rubber bracelets that I get an uncomfortable feeling after wearing them for a long time, because the skin literally gets no air. Fortunately, that was not the case here. A titanium pin buckle makes the bracelet easy to adjust for a precise fit. The width of the bracelet is 24 millimeters. 

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The Andersmann Classic 300M ANN0136 is also equipped for the more noble occasions. The black case includes an interchangeable leather strap, so you can switch as the mood takes you.

My conclusion about the Andersmann Classic 300M ANN0136

Andersmann has met my high expectations. In the test, the Andersmann Classic 300M ANN0136 proved to be the perfect watch for those who have not yet had any experience with the brand from Hong Kong. So if you don’t wear an Andersmann watch yet (which you should change as soon as possible), then I can recommend the “Classic one” to you. 

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The Classic combines the typical features of an Andersmann watch. It impresses with Swiss watchmaking art, good materials and impressive values. Just think of the water resistance up to 30 bar, the use of titanium or the automatic caliber. In conclusion, I couldn’t even say exactly what type of watch the Andersmann Classic 300M ANN0136 actually is. It can dive, but visually it also resembles the Andersmann Chronograph. It’s a watch that doesn’t commit. That’s what makes it so interesting – especially for new discoverers. 

As we know it from Andersmann, the Classic 300M with the reference number ANN0136 is also limited, in this case to 80 pieces. You can find even more color choices on the brand’s homepage! The watch costs $1280.

Andersmann Classic 300M ANN0136
Photo © 2021 by WATCHDAVID® – All rights reserved

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Technical Details

NameAndersmann Classic 300M ANN0136

Reference numberANN0136


Categorydiving watches

Price from$1280

Case Materialtitanium

Diameter44.00 mm

Watch Glassanti-reflective coating / Sapphire Crystal

Watch TypeAutomatic

Waterproof30 bar (300 m / 1000 ft)

Movement NameETA 2892 A2 with engraved logo on the rotor

Functionsday date / Minute / second


Special FeaturesSwiss Super-LumiNova®

Bracelet Colorblack

Bracelet Materialleather / rubber


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