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The Andersmann OCEANMASTER II 1000M ANN0853 is a bulky diver who loves the extremes. The manufacturer Andersmann is a real specialist when it comes to divers. The model from the OCEANMASTER collection is waterproof to a depth of 1000 meters! But there is so much more to discover….

What the Andersmann OCEANMASTER II 1000M promises

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Few manufacturers have perfected the diving watch and taken its concept to the extreme like watchmaker Andersmann. The company primarily produces divers that shine with their high-quality Swiss craftsmanship. That means concretely: the use of the best materials such as stainless steel, sapphire crystal and Swiss automatic movements! Furthermore: the production takes place in Switzerland by highly qualified watchmakers. Independent institutes test the watches for quality standards.

Andersmann OCEANMASTER II 1000M
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All this is what the Andersmann OCEANMASTER II 1000M wants to embody. The design, which is also typical Andersmann, definitely fits into that picture. The look is functional and already indicates that the very bulky Andersmann OCEANMASTER II 1000M ANN0853 will perform even under extreme conditions, making the competitors look old. Andersmann quotes a recommended retail price of US $1280. For a good quality Swiss-made diver with an automatic movement, that’s a pretty moderate price. So, there are some questions to answer. How good is a timepiece from a manufacturer that is primarily dedicated to diving watches? How does the functional OCEANMASTER II 1000M with its brute dimensions perform in everyday life? And for whom is the watch suitable? A detailed test is needed…

Andersmann OCEANMASTER II 1000M
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The first impression – in a toolbox

At least partially, I know what to expect. The Andersmann OCEANMASTER II 1000M is not the first watch of the diving specialist, which I test. In 2020, the Andersmann Bronze Diver Watch 1000M was one of the best bronze divers I have worn on my wrist. I wonder if Andersmann can repeat the good impression.

Andersmann watches are not delivered in a carton or package, but always arrive in a small toolbox-like case. I now open this practical case. The OCEANMASTER II 1000M comes with tools to loosenthe strap, for example. A handwritten warranty card is also included: So now I own number 94 of the limited edition of 100 pieces.

Andersmann OCEANMASTER II 1000M
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The watch itself is a massive diver that I have never seen before. Wow! As for the bare numbers: 47 millimeters case diameter and 56 millimeters case length. This puts everything I’ve tested before in the shade. The Andersmann OCEANMASTER II 1000M is a true measuring instrument. The thick, matte black bezel rests on the silver stainless steel case. Slightly playful Arabic indices provide a certain elegance. It comes with an Andersmann-typical natural rubber strap. In any case, the manufacturer has not skimped on the appearance. Perhaps it can be described as follows: this is how you imagine a design that is water resistant to 1000 meters! The reduced and clear design also takes away a bit of the heaviness of the watch.

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The Andersmann OCEANMASTER II 1000M on the wrist

How the Andersmann OCEANMASTER II 1000M looks on the wrist was to be expected – tremendous. In my opinion, you not only have to want to wear this watch, you have to be able to. If you have a very narrow wrist, you should think about it in advance. But I like the dimensions very much! Thanks to its minimalist and quite functional look, the OCEANMASTER II 1000M ANN0853 is never unpleasant or annoying as an accessory to the outfit. You can simply wear the diver’s watch with the black-silver design on any occasion. Therefore, it does not always have to be the dive.

Andersmann OCEANMASTER II 1000M
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The case of the Andersmann OCEANMASTER II 1000M in detail

If you liked the Andersmann OCEANMASTER II 1000M at first glance, you’ll also get your money’s worth when you take a look at the details. The diver is a real quality watch and impresses with an exquisite selection of good materials and impeccable workmanship. All Andersmann watches are manufactured in the heart of the Swiss watch industry, in Bienne. The case is made of 316L stainless steel, which has been refined in the processing with a pearl blasting. Visually, the middle part of the case is somewhat separated from the lugs. With a diameter of 47 millimeters, the diver’s watch measures a whopping 17.6 millimeters in height. So, lovers of these dimensions will love the Andersmann OCEANMASTER II 1000M.

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The watch glass also contributes to the watch’s decent height. Andersmann has opted for double domed sapphire crystal, which according to the manufacturer is 4.5 millimeters thick! More durability, protection for the dial and resistance to scratches is not possible. Andersmann has given the sapphire crystal an anti-reflective coating so that the dial is perfectly readable even when exposed to light and reflections under water. When buying your diving watch, its existence should be an important criterion.

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1000 meters of water resistance

The crown is a common winding crown, which is screwed in place to guarantee water resistance. Matching the rest of the watch, it is also quite large, but remains pleasantly flat. The OCEANMASTER II 1000M ANN0853 also offers a crown protection. It ensures that the crown in position one barely protrudes above it and therefore does not interfere in everyday life. This functionality is significant!

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In fact, I prefer to look at the Andersmann OCEANMASTER II 1000M from the back. In the screwed case back, the designers have embedded a generous viewing window made of sapphire crystal, through which you can admire the automatic caliber. Specifications such as materials and water resistance are neatly engraved on the rim.

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1000 meters of water resistance is a mark. Among all the watches I’ve tested so far, I’ve yet to find a timepiece that could match the Andersmann divers in this discipline. Probably no diver will ever reach these water depths. The indication of this water resistance has another purpose. It should rather show how stable, safe and with what quality the case is made. And Andersmann succeeds impressively. The specification of 1000 meters is not a marketing invention. The value is tested in an independent Swiss laboratory.

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The movement – a Swiss made automatic caliber

Inside the Andersmann OCEANMASTER II 1000M works a Swiss automatic caliber. The ETA 2892-A2 is one of the most famous automatic movements from the manufacturer and has been on the market for decades due to its reliability and accuracy. As a basic caliber with a balance wheel, an ETACHRON regulator, a hairspring and a power reserve of 42 hours, it is perfectly suited for use in the OCEANMASTER II 1000M. The functions are straightforward and meet the requirements of a good diver’s watch: hours, minutes and seconds – just the essentials.

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Dial and bezel

Andersmann is particularly creative in the construction of the dial, which is also quite simple to match the rest of the design. While most of them use luminescent material to coat the indices, Andersmann goes ist own way. The dial is made in a sandwich construction. You can imagine it like this: two discs are placed on top of each other. The upper one is the one we see. It has incised numerals. Underneath is the lower disk, which is coated with luminous material. In the dark, the luminous effect comesto life. This rather unconventional design gets praise from me.

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The black surface with leather texture looks classy and appealing. Arabic numerals are rather unusual for a diver. If you like it classically minimalistic, you’ll reach for the two sister models Andersmann OCEANMASTER II 1000M ANN0856 and ANN0854. The hands offer good readability. The second hand does not tick, but runs smoothly – a real quality feature.

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The matte black DLC bezel also does well, which is simply a pleasure to use. The sides have a grooved surface, which prevents you from slipping off during operation. The other haptic feedback is also first-rate. The bezel has no play, all clicks engage cleanly. As a countdown bezel, it measures the remaining time during dives.

Andersmann OCEANMASTER II 1000M
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A natural rubber strap with a lot of comfort

The typical natural rubber strap is one of the best I’ve worn on my wrist. It doesn’t stick uncomfortably when you sweat on your wrist, but stays smooth. You don’t see signs of wear over time. There are Andersmann engravings on the inside of the strap. Due to the pin buckle made of matching stainless steel, it does not require a diver’s extension.

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My conclusion about the Andersmann OCEANMASTER II 1000M

The second Andersmann can also convince in the test. It shows that the manufacturer is a true expert when it comes to producing very high-quality diving watches in Swiss manufacturing. Under water, the giant diver is a reliable timepiece that leaves nothing to be desired. With a good automatic caliber, high-quality materials and a functional design, nothing should stand in the way of your diving trip.

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In everyday life, the Andersmann OCEANMASTER II 1000M, even with a 47 millimeter diameter, is a versatile watch with a timeless look and minimalism that can be worn with any outfit and on any occasion. At the same time, the very good price-performance ratio should be emphasized. 1280 US $ is cheap compared to what you get. If you’re looking for a functional diver with great dimensions and a pared-down design, you can’t go past the Andersmann OCEANMASTER II 1000M ANN0853! Be quick though – only 100 units were produced.

Andersmann OCEANMASTER II 1000M
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More about Andersmann and the OCEANMASTER 1000M

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Andersmann Bronze Diver Watch Review

Technical Details

NameAndersmann OCEANMASTER II 1000M ANN0853

Reference numberANN0853 - Limited Edition to 100 pieces


Categorydiving watches

Price from1.280,- USD

Case Material316L stainless steel

Diameter47.00 mm

High17.6 mm

Watch Glassanti-reflective coating / Sapphire Crystal

Watch TypeAutomatic

Waterproof100 bar (1000m / 3300 ft)

Movement NameETA 2892-A2



Bracelet Colorblack

Bracelet Materialrubber

Clasp316L stainless steel