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The Casio G-SHOCK Project Team Tough is the next highlight of the brand’s 40th anniversary. The special edition consisting of three models inspires with elaborate manufacturing techniques that raise shock resistance to a whole new level. I got to take a look at the new watches before the release!

Shock resistance rethought


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Project Team Tough – under this name, which could have sprung from a Marvel comic, Japanese watchmaker Casio is releasing three new models today (March 15, 2023). In fact, this is a nod to Ibe Kikuo and his team, who came up with the very first G-SHOCK under the name Project Team Tough in 1983. How fitting that the three references of the special edition also continue the tradition and are in a way descendants of the original G-SHOCK. And what better time to release a Project Team Tough edition than the 40th G-SHOCK anniversary in 2023. 

The focus is, of course, once again Casio’s famous and namesake shock resistance. Once again, the manufacturer has managed to elevate this feature to a new level. Those who love fancy, creative manufacturing techniques will get their money’s worth. Deep hardening involves introducing carbon into the upper surface of the stainless steel. This hardens the stainless steel itself, making the end result stronger than with a coating. The watches get their unique surface grain from recrystallization. 

Casio G-SHOCK Project Team Tough – the references in detail

I actually received them only a few days ago, nevertheless I was already able to get an idea of the watches and their textures.

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DW-5040PG – Photo © 2023 by WATCHDAVID® David Drilling – All rights reserved

The reference DW-5040PG with its black case probably reminds most of the first G-SHOCK ever, even if fans will realize relatively quickly, that the anniversary watch (thank God!) is not a clone of the original. You can already tell by the new lettering on the dial. The fact that stainless steel is now also used, on the other hand, is somewhat more subtle. This gains in quality through recrystallization and deep hardening. Golden and black ion platings round off the successful design. I also find the DW-5040PG interesting because of its bezel and bracelet, which are made from bio-based resin.

GMW-B5000PS and GMW-B5000PG

Casio G-SHOCK Project Team Tough - DW-5040PG - GMW-B5000PG - GMW-B5000PS - 4K
GMW-B5000PG – Photo © 2023 by WATCHDAVID® David Drilling – All rights reserved

The other two models, on the other hand, are from the GMW-B5000 series. They also pay visual tribute to the G-SHOCKs of the 80s by being based on the GMW-B5000D, which quotes the DW-5000C from 1983. Casio has realized an even clearer homage with the G-SHOCK MRG B5000B-1DR, which is, however, made of titanium. Compared to this material, the gold and silver stainless steel watches are far heavier, weighing in at 167 grams. Casio does not specify whether recrystallization and deep hardening enable a similar degree of hardness as titanium.

Casio G-SHOCK Project Team Tough - DW-5040PG - GMW-B5000PG - GMW-B5000PS - 4K
GMW-B5000PS – Photo © 2023 by WATCHDAVID® David Drilling – All rights reserved

An additional DLC coating protects the case back and is adorned by the familiar anniversary logo. To complete the range of finishing methods, the silver GMW-B5000PS finally has a so-called titanium carbide coating. This should protect the watch from any impact, no matter how violent. It also stands out with its negative display. The golden color of the GMW-B5000PG, on the other hand, is achieved by a special IP coating.

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Casio G-SHOCK Project Team Tough – the unbreakable watches!?

GMW-B5000PG – Photo © 2023 by WATCHDAVID® David Drilling – All rights reserved

Casio has pulled out all the stops. They have always been creative when it comes to giving their watches as much toughness as possible. However, Project Team Tough takes the effort to the extreme – and very successfully at that. There are people for whom a G-SHOCK should be as light as possible to wear on the wrist. The two GMW-B5000 watches are certainly many things, but not light. However, if you ignore the weight factor for a moment, we are dealing with three excellently manufactured watches that are extremely durable. 

Away from the material treatment, the models offer what we’ve come to expect from their respective series. For example, at least GMW-B5000PG and PS have Bluetooth connectivity and solar power on board. All three models are waterproof to a depth of 200 meters. As always, you can take advantage of numerous features that will make your everyday life easier.

If you buy one of the watches, you can look forward to special packaging. The GMW models come in a metal block, while the black DW comes in the characteristic ‘G’. The prices differ significantly. While you only have to pay 299.00 euros for the latter, it’s 869.00 euros for each of the two colors.

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Technical Details

NameProject Team Tough

Reference numberDW-5040PG, GMW-B5000, GMW5000PS


Categorydigital watches

Price from299.00 Euros, 869.00 Euros

Warranty2 years

Case Material316L stainless steel / DLC coating / Resin

Diameter48.90 mm x 42.80 mm / 49.40 mm x 43.20 mm

High13.00 mm (GMW), 13.80 mm (DW)

Watch TypeQuarz / Solar

Waterproof20 bar (200 m / 660 ft)

Functions12 hours counter / 24 hours counter / Alarm / Bluetooth Connection / date / GMT / hour / Minute / Phone Finder / second / small second / Stop-second / Timer

Dialblack, grey


Special Featuresdigital display

Bezelblack / golden / grey

Bracelet Colorblack / golden / grey

Bracelet Material316L stainless steel / Resin

Clasp316L stainless steel / pin buckle

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