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Sorry, but my SD card with the photos of the B5000 is unfortunately broken, so I had to work with screenshots from my videos and product photos. I hope you like it anyway!

The Casio G-SHOCK MRG B5000B-1DR is the rebirth of my very first wristwatch. In 1983, the mother of all G-SHOCKS sparked my love for watches, now Casio closes the circle – with a 4000 Euro timepiece! After much deliberation, I took the plunge and bought the new (old) watch once again – you can read my test impressions here!


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Casio G-SHOCK MRG B5000B-1DR – MOST EXPENSIVE G-SHOCK EVER – should I keep it? UNBOXING & Review – 4K

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Casio G-SHOCK MRG-B5000B-1DR + G-SHOCK DW-5000C-1A – First G-SHOCK from 1983 – a comparison


The last days were nerve-wracking.  Not only in terms of daily business, but also in terms of a Casio release, which was especially longed for by old G-SHOCK fans (including me). I already told you about my personal relationship to the G-SHOCK DW 5000C-1A from 1983 in a blog post published a few days ago. A German YouTube video is also available. The release of the Casio G-SHOCK MRG B5000B-1DR, the descendant of one of the most legendary watches of all time, is simply a very special occasion for me.

However, there are serious differences even at first glance. It’s not 1983 anymore, I’m not 15 anymore and the new edition of the square G-SHOCK now belongs to the prestigious MR-G series. This is what the Japanese watch manufacturer calls the crème de la crème of its own watchmaking art. Models with this abbreviation are characterized by exquisite materials, handmade components and, unfortunately, an exorbitantly high price (by Casio standards). You have to pay a whopping 4000 Euros to get your hands on one of the coveted models. As already briefly mentioned in the video, I am personally a bit disappointed about the lack of limitation. Whether you will be able to use the watch as an investment is not yet clear.

I did it…

Screenshot from my YouTube Video © 2022 by WATCHDAVID

But even that didn’t seem to dampen the sales figures. It took only a few days until both color variants were sold out in the official store. Currently, the model can therefore only be purchased at a jeweler or through Chrono24. When I shot the video, I had to think a bit about spending so much money for the homage to my first Daily Rocker. In the meantime, unreason prevailed and I bought the model a few days ago. 

Now the model has arrived and I was able to find out in the watch review if the new edition is really worth the money. Unfortunately, there is no ‘real’ comparison to my very first DW 5000C-1A. What happened to my original is another story. What I find exciting are the parallels and differences to Casio’s GMW B5000 collection. These Square-G-SHOCKS are also in the premium segment. I was already allowed to test the Casio G-SHOCK GMW B5000TB in 2020…


The Casio G-SHOCK MRG B5000B-1DR on the wrist – my first impression…

Casio G-SHOCK MRG B5000B-1DR
Screenshot from my YouTube Video © 2022 by WATCHDAVID

…consists primarily of a flashback. Wow! In black garb, the latest throw of the Japanese does not miss its effect. If I didn’t know better, I could have been assured that it was a G-SHOCK DW 5000C-1A. But that’s only at first glance. On the second, some differences can be noticed. A subtle one, but not to be underestimated, is the weight. The MRG B5000B-1DR now weighs a whopping 114 grams and is thus almost twice as heavy. This is due to the fundamentally different choice of materials for the case. The polish of the new material also makes for a slightly different appearance. The new G-SHOCK looks more premium. It has grown up and shed its plastic image. 

Nevertheless, the homage still radiates the charm of my old G-SHOCK DW 5000C-1A, even new materials and a new name don’t change that. Who wears the Casio G-SHOCK MRG B5000B-1DR (or the original) on the wrist, presents himself style-conscious. Currently, when the 80s are celebrating a revival in music or fashion, the angular design of the first G-SHOCK is also experiencing a renaissance, too. So there is no better time than now to wear a Casio G-SHOCK MRG B5000B-1DR.

With dimensions of 49.40 millimeters x 43.20 millimeters and a case height of 12.90 millimeters, the watch fits any wrist – almost 40 years later, it still fits mine.

Retro – the case

Screenshot from my YouTube Video © 2022 by WATCHDAVID

G-SHOCK has always stood for three special attributes that have made the watches so well-known and special. The number 10 is the keyword. All G-SHOCKs can withstand a fall from a height of 10 meters, are water resistant to a depth of 10 bar and are powered by a battery that lasts for 10 years. These promises have hardly changed over the past 40 years. On the contrary – many models today are even more robust and thus more durable. 

Nevertheless, I appreciate it when people not only preserve old traditions, but also keep an eye on the present and the future. So I’m all the more pleased that the new Casio G-SHOCK MRG B5000B-1DR was manufactured using the most modern methods and materials in the industry and keeps its finger on the pulse of time. However, this also means the end of the solid stainless steel case to the screw back cover. Watch brands that want to be progressive these days have long since made the switch. The alternative: titanium. In Casio’s history-steeped Yamagata factory, the case is made from a special titanium alloy. Titanium is extremely corrosion-resistant and therefore durable. Thanks to its scratch resistance, you also don’t have to be overly careful with the Casio G-SHOCK MRG B5000B-1DR. In this respect, my Casio G-SHOCK GMW B5000TB can definitely keep up. This one also has a titanium case.

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In addition, both models have a DLC coating. With the Diamond-Like-Carbon method, the case is even more secure against external influences. Both watches also owe their black color to the DLC coating. The workmanship is of a very high standard. This is to be expected in the upper premium segment.

Four times harder than titanium

Casio G-SHOCK MRG B5000B-1DR
Photo © 2022 by G-SHOCK

I find the bezel very interesting. At first glance, little has changed, yes. It’s still octagonal and hasn’t lost its Protection and G-SHOCK lettering. But now Casio uses so-called Cobarion. This is a cobalt-chrome alloy, which Casio promotes as very strong and flexible. It is even said to be four times harder than pure titanium. But I’d better not try that out. 4000 Euros are too much of a pity for me. 

The water resistance was increased to 20 bar, even if that’s not a fabulous value. Nevertheless, one cannot complain. Other eye-catchers are the golden case back with sunburst and sapphire crystal on the front.

Casio claims to assemble the case from more than 25 individual parts instead of manufacturing it from one piece. Thus, individual shock-absorbing parts can be built in and polished individually. They seem to be particularly proud of the polish. But it is definitely something to be proud of!

All functions at a glance

Casio G-SHOCK MRG B5000B-1DR
Check out my latest Casio G-SHOCK MRG-B2000B-1A4DR Review

Casio’s G-SHOCK MRG B5000B-1DR offers all the same functions as other models in the MR-G series. I recently had the chance to test the Casio G-SHOCK MRG-B2000B-1A4DR. Both timepieces are packed with every conceivable innovation that Casio currently has to offer. It seems like they want to show how good they are. World time and stop function, a timer, daily alarms, a snooze function, a multilingual weekday display, calendar, phone finder – the list of more or less useful functions is long and has grown steadily since 1983. 

Whether you want to use them all regularly is up to you. However, the correct time and world time are very important to me. To set them, I’ve been using the G-SHOCK Connected app for quite some time now, which I think was designed to be very intuitive. I know, the smartphone wasn’t invented in 1983 and nostalgics will prefer to set the functions on the watch itself. I would like to highlight it positively that Casio is moving with the times and incorporating the smartphone without letting it get out of hand.

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Casio’s proven Tough Solar system is built into the dial itself. Solar cells capture daylight and transfer the energy to the battery. Excess energy is stored and can be retrieved when needed. The system works reliably and precisely.

Dial and bracelet of the Casio G-SHOCK MRG B5000B-1DR

Casio G-SHOCK MRG B5000B-1DR
Screenshot from my YouTube Video © 2022 by WATCHDAVID

The dial, or rather the digital display, makes it easy to read all the functions in a comprehensible way. This has always been one of the advantages of a digital watch. Casio has hardly touched the optics. While simple LEDs were used in the past, Casio now relies on a so-called Super Illuminator, which makes the dial shine brightly in the dark.

Golden accents and fonts emphasize the retro character. In the details, i.e. font, size and arrangement, a lot of effort has been made to reconstruct the original look. In addition, the red ring, which brings color into play and makes fan hearts beat faster, should not be missed.

Casio G-SHOCK MRG B5000B-1DR
Screenshot from my YouTube Video © 2022 by WATCHDAVID

The bracelet is made of a different titanium alloy than the case. Visually, you won’t notice anything about it, since the familiar DLC coating is used here as well and the bracelet’s links are polished to a high quality. According to Casio, the DAT55 titanium alloy saves weight and is three times harder than the usual material. Nevertheless, the wearing comfort should not be neglected. As expected, it is very good. Titanium makes the bracelet very light, which you notice on the wrist – you don’t notice anything!

My conclusion about the Casio G-SHOCK MRG B5000B-1DR

Casio G-SHOCK MRG B5000B-1DR
Screenshot from my YouTube Video © 2022 by WATCHDAVID

With the Casio G-SHOCK MRG B5000B-1DR, the Japanese watch giant publishes a successful revival. Almost 40 years after the presentation of the first G-SHOCK ever, they bring a model to the market, which looks confusingly similar to the original – but only visually. If you take a closer look, you’ll see that behind the heartwarming retro watch lies a true MR-G high-end product. A timepiece that embodies everything that Casio is supposed to be in the 21st century. If you want to experience what Casio is technically capable of, you should definitely take the G-SHOCK MRG B5000B-1DR in your hands once.

However, it’s then hard to let go again. Despite the high-tech, it’s the retro design that makes customers (like me) decide to pay an almost abstruse sum of 4000 Euros. This is where the nostalgia bonus kicks in. It would have been cheaper, but that doesn’t seem to be necessary considering the sold-out store. Casio deliberately focuses on scarcity. After all, the watch is supposed to keep its exclusive status.

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Technical Details

NameCasio G-SHOCK MRG B5000B-1DR

Reference numberB5000B-1DR


Categorydigital watches

Price from4000,- Euros

Warranty2 years

Case MaterialDLC coating / titanium

Diameter49.40 mm x 43.20 mm

High12.90 mm

Watch GlassSapphire Crystal

Watch TypeQuartz / Solar

Waterproof20 bar (200 m / 660 ft)

Functions12 hours counter / 24 hours counter / Alarm / Bluetooth Connection / date / GMT / hour / Minute / second

Dialdark red, grey


Special FeaturesLED indices

BezelDLC coating / titanium

Bracelet Colorgrey

Bracelet MaterialDLC coating / titanium

Claspfolding clasp / titanium

Auch verfügbar auf Deutsch


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