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Once you’ve been infected by watch fever, you’ll know the following problem: One has already bought several watches and now comes to a point where the beloved pieces get dusty on the bedside table or disappear into drawers. WOLF Axis Double Winder With Storage.

And how was that again with the automatic watches, which, despite a power reserve of usually two days, are not worn for much longer and then stop? A watch winder could be the solution to these problems and even brings some advantages and gimmicks with it. Therefore we took a closer look at the WOLF Axis Double Winder of the brand WOLF – a premium watch winder of a leading manufacturer. Different from the masses and with some surprises…

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WOLF Axis Double Winder – More than just a watch winder

Wolf Axis Double Winder With Storage

The Axis Double Winder creates presence with its extraordinary design and attracts attention in the room. No wonder with the noble industrial look. As the name suggests, we have the variant with two winding modules for the watches. The watch winder is an elongated, black cuboid, which is opened at the front and protected by a glass pane. Behind it you can see the impressive body made of perforated steel with its characteristic modern and industrial honeycomb look. In our case copper plated, but also available powder coated. The two elevator modules, the winders, are embedded in it.

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Wolf Axis Double Winder With Storage

The top can be opened like a suitcase and provides a view of a storage space in which up to five more watches can be stored – protected in compartments of different sizes. A mixture of micro suede leather and black smooth leather is embedded in the storage space. Anyone who appreciates the attention to detail, such as the small travel box in the storage compartment, can see that the WOLF Axis Double Winder lives up to its reputation as a luxury watch winder. Details are the keyword, because the watch winder has even more surprises in store.

WOLF Axis Double Winder With Storage

Wolf Axis Double Winder With Storage

All hinges and latches are copper-plated to match the inner wall. The finish of the coatings, the hinges, the knobs, the leather covers and the cushions embedded in the elevator modules are of the highest quality. A key is also supplied to lock the watch winder and keep it safe. In contrast to beginners’ watch winders in the lower segment, this one is standard here. With the often expensive inner life only too understandable…

Wolf Axis Double Winder With Storage

Let’s take a look at the heart of the WOLF watch winder – the winding modules. Embedded in the copper wall, they electronically simulate the everyday movements of a watch on the wrist and thus wind it up. Both winding modules each have a control element. A control element consists of two buttons and an LCD display with backlighting. The left button is used to set the direction of rotation, clockwise, counterclockwise or in both directions. With the right knob you select the number of revolutions, between 300 and 1200 per day.

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Wolf Axis Double Winder With Storage

If that’s not enough, there is another timer that can be activated if you don’t want to turn off the watch directly in the mover, but want to wear it first. WOLF is the only manufacturer to use a patented measuring technology for the exact number of revolutions and, according to his own statement, tests the hand-made watch winders extensively before they are launched on the market. By the way, the manufacturer’s two-year warranty is commendable in this context. 

WOLF Axis Double Winder – A simple instruction manual in four steps.

Wolf Axis Double Winder With Storage

How exactly can you rotate your favourite watch in the WOLF Axis Double Winder and exhibit it? Very simple and understandable in four steps. The cushion made of velvety and beautifully crafted suede with the manufacturer’s logo, which is attached to the winding module with a clamp, is removed and the watch is folded over. After you have fixed it again, you only have to set the right button to “on”, set the desired direction of rotation with the left one and finally select the revolutions per day (selectable in steps of +/- 60).

WOLF Axis Double Winder With Storage – Our conclusion 
Wolf Axis Double Winder With Storage

Do you need a watch winder for almost 1160€, which can store and turn watches? The first answer to this question would certainly be “No” for most people – but that’s probably because they haven’t seen WOLF watch winders yet. If you have ever had your favourite watches presented to you in the WOLF Axis Double Winder, you will have a hard time saying no to this watch winder, because our watch winder convinces all along the line. On the one hand there is the extroverted, noble and modern design that attracts attention. Then there is the high-quality workmanship that is second to none. And the loving, surprising details that fit perfectly into the design.

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Not to mention the practical value of securely storing, transporting and winding your watches. All in all, it is both emotionally and rationally an essential must-have for anyone who appreciates the material and ideal value of their watches. For those who do not (or no longer) have enough storage space for a total of seven watches, the big brother, the Axis Triple Winder, is another way to store their precious timepieces.

Wolf Axis Double Winder With Storage

Powder-coated and copper plated laser cut perforated steel melded with clean, sleek lines. AXIS drives a modern, bold look for safekeeping your timepieces. Features custom metal plating, micro suede interior, locking glass cover, backlit LCD display, powder coated or copper finished hardware. 1 watch storage with elevated cuff, 2 medium compartments, travel case and 2 winding modules.

SIZE: 33CM L X 20.5CM W X 23CM H

Wolf Axis Double Winder With Storage

Patented Innovation – Every WOLF winder counts the precise number of rotations. All other winders estimate the number of rotations

Rotation Options: Can be set between 300 and 1200 TPD (Turns Per Day). Double the amount of TPD by selecting bi-directional

Directional Settings: Clockwise, Counter Clockwise and Bi-directional

Battery Option: Option to run the unit on AC power (universal adapter included) or D-Cell/Lithium batteries (not included). Storage: 2 winding modules, 3 piece watch storage (cuff will accommodate up to 52mm case) and travel case

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Technical Details

NameWOLF Axis Double Winder

Reference numberN/A


Categorywatch winder

Price from1159 Euro

Warranty2 years

Diameter33.90 cm x 20.80 cm

High22.50 cm

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