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Chrono24 welcomes Cristiano Ronaldo as an investor! The world star, who is currently winding down his career at Al Nassr in Saudi Arabia, has bought shares in the German-based company, which is known worldwide as an online marketplace for luxury watches and reaches visitors in over 100 countries.

The facts about the deal

Chrono 24 Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo alongside founder Tim Stracke – © Chrono24

“As a long-time watch collector and regular user of Chrono24, it is a pleasure for me to now become a shareholder in the company. Chrono24 unites millions of watch lovers from around the world to share their passion together – this global association is something I know well and am thrilled to be a part of,” the superstar lets slip in an official statement. In an accompanying picture, he grins and holds a sweatshirt with logo into the camera together with Chrono24 CEO and founder Tim Stracke. It’s almost reminiscent of the press conference of a club presenting its new transfer. Chrono24 and Cristiano Ronaldo – that matches!

This means that CR7 is now part of the “cadre” of well-known shareholders who hold shares in Chrono24. Bernard Arnault’s family investment company (LVMH) also invested in the online marketplace in 2021, which is now valued at over $1 billion. Confidence in luxury goods, including second-hand goods, seems unbroken. 

Plans for the future

The news that the three-time world footballer is looking for new business does not come out of the blue for me. Despite being in great shape, the 38-year-old is currently in the late stage of his career. Of course, he wouldn’t need a new source of income if he were to hang up his soccer boots soon. Last year alone, Ronaldo is said to have earned around $136 million from his contracts at Manchester United and Al Nassr, as well as from advertising partnerships. 

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But once he’s off the hook, money is no longer a motivation. His investment activities are of a different nature. 

Ronaldo has already signed a long-term cooperation agreement with a hotel chain. Now the Portuguese, who grew up in humble circumstances on Madeira, is once again demonstrating his business acumen. Cristiano Ronaldo has already turned one hobby into a profession. Now the second hobby is to be expanded to a professional level and become successful.

CR7 – a watch lover of the luxury class

Rolex Daytona Rainbow
Ronaldo’s Rolex Daytona Rainbow – © Chrono24

But Ronaldo is already a professional and passionate watch collector. He regularly shares his passion with his almost 600 million followers on Instagram. Oh yes, there he is – how could it be otherwise – also the most successful. 

Only the best and most exclusive can be found in his collection, which is peppered with rarities. Loyal fans of Posts should remember especially the Rolex GMT-Master II Ice. With a price of 500,000 euros, it is considered THE most expensive Rolex watch par excellence. The switch to Al Nassr was promptly rewarded by partner Jacob & Co with an Emerald Tourbillon. Cost: 700,000 euros. He is also allowed a Franck Muller 7008 T INV C INV worth 1.6 million euros. And if it may be a gift, Cristiano Ronaldo also relies on watches. For Real Madrid’s 10th Champions League victory, he gave each of his teammates a Bulgari Diagono. That’s all it takes to explain the Portuguese superstar’s passion for watches.

Chrono24: what Ronaldo’s entry means for the company!

Jacob & Co. Epic Sf24 Emerald Tourbillon
Jacob & Co. Epic Sf24 Tourbillon © Chrono24

On the part of Chrono24 in founder Tim Stracke, they will also be pleased to have made a real coup. After all, according to SportsPro, CR7 is considered the most marketable athlete of 2022. The fact that they have now been able to win Ronaldo as an investor means more than just the influx of fresh capital. The added value that the icon radiates to Chrono24 is likely to be priceless – or at least very expensive if he had been signed on purely as an advertising face. After all, the enthusiasm, the fascination for CR7, who is now at least as much a brand as a person, is unbroken.

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But you don’t necessarily have to be a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, nor do you have to have a similarly well-filled bank account, to get excited about the watches he wears on his wrist. Chrono24 gives us a look at the footballer and new investor’s selection of favorites. His watches captivate with exclusivity and elegance, a look at Ronaldo watches the therefore worthwhile! Included are all models from Rolex, Richard Mille or Patek Philippe.

By the way: how to buy a luxury watch on Chrono24, you can find out here!

Auch verfügbar auf Deutsch