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“After almost a year refining and polishing our prototypes, we’re proud to announce the Rvlvr SD1 – our highest end project to date, featuring the first ever combination of a sapphire bezel and translucent dial. We feel like no details have been spared this diver, from the automatic heartbeat on display, to the bright and vivid nighttime lume.

Rvlvr SD1 Watches

Rvlvr SD1 Watches

We’re especially proud of this project, as we’ve created a near bullet proof watch with water resistance up to 300 meters, yet highly detailed with a lot of thought focusing on modern aesthetics.

Rvlvr SD1 Watches

As always, our timepieces are inspired by the ever reliable handgun, the revolver; evident by the cylinder dial, and even the exhibition case-back, mimicking the barrel of a gun.

Although the stats appear large on paper, the curvature of the casing creates a very pleasing wrist experience for even smaller wrists, as the pictures are shown on a 6.5” wrist.”

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