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I managed to get one of the much sought-after MoonSwatch Uranus Tiffany from the First Edition! Now the time has come: the release, which divides the watch community like no other, finally makes it into my watch review. Speedmaster for everyone or the self-destruction of the OMEGA brand? And the kicker: THIS is the watch you can win! 

Win a MoonSwatch Uranus Tiffany


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Contest MoonSwatch, Unboxing & First Impression

Answer the question how many people participated at the sales launch in Berlin in the comments below the video. You’ll find notes in my Instagram reel!


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MoonSwatch 11.950,- € – OMEGA x Swatch – German – Link in Video – 4K

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All 11 MoonSwatch Missions introduced in the video

What happened in Berlin during sales launch…

MoonSwatch OMEGA x SWATCH Speedmaster for 250,- EUR – All 11 missions in my Blog

OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph 42mm Review

A MoonSwatch for me

It wasn’t easy to get a copy of the highly coveted First Edition of the controversial cooperation between OMEGA and Swatch. As you could follow in my last news articles, I was busy around the clock since the release on March 26th to get my hands on a model. From the beginning, the MoonSwatch Mission to Uranus was one of my favorites among the total 11 model variants. Tiffany blue and very summery, the “Mission to Uranus” heralds the warmest season. Visually, the inexpensive “Speedmaster” goes perfectly with brown skin, white polo and the beach volleyball court. 

Whereby – inexpensive? Meanwhile, the 11 MoonSwatches are anything but that. No wonder, since the timepieces could be bought in scarce numbers in only five different stores in Germany alone. But that’s only what this article is about. It also concerns the controversy of whether the collaboration is a successful marketing coup or the end of the Speedmaster legacy. 

In this watch review, I would like to focus on one aspect in particular, which in my opinion has received far too little attention so far. What about the pure quality of the MoonSwatch – completely independent of megahype, disappointed OMEGA traditionalists or price developments. The MoonSwatch Mission to Uranus deserves the objective test!


MoonSwatch Uranus Tiffany
Photo © 2022 by WATCHDAVID® – All rights reserved

And that starts with the unboxing. One thing can already be stated here. The Swatch Group once again proves to have understood clever marketing. Every detail of the ice blue packaging practically screams to own the other 10 models and their packaging. For passionate collectors, this must be paradise and hell at the same time. On the side of the box, you can read some key figures of the gas giant, to which the reference SO33L100 is dedicated. -197°C temperature – and I just said something about chinos and brown skin, well. Ice somehow fits to summer.

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Like two wings, the sides of the box can be folded down. The interesting mechanism (you have to see it) inevitably reminds me of a butterfly folding clasp. I wonder if that was intentional. The package insert once again demonstratively points out which other models were available for purchase or will soon be available again. 

In its dimensions, the MoonSwatch Mission to Uranus resembles the original Speedmaster like a twin. I was allowed to test the original, which is about 20 times more expensive, last year. And even though at first glance one is inevitably reminded of OMEGA’s best-known watch, there are serious differences, including in the design. In addition to the light blue tone, this applies to the strap with Velcro closure, for example. Nothing is likely to horrify critics less than the Swatch-typical VELCRO strap… But more on that later.

Die MoonSwatch Uranus Tiffany am Handgelenk

MoonSwatch Uranus Tiffany
Photo © 2022 by WATCHDAVID® – All rights reserved

First of all, I’m interested to see if the MoonSwatch Uranus Tiffany can really conjure up the hoped-for summer vibe on my wrist. Indeed – just a little more tan would do my wrist good, but the MoonSwatch Uranus Tiffany looks light and airy. This is also thanks to the light weight that could be saved by the Velcro strap and the material of the case.

Looseness, sportiness and good mood are the keywords that I associate with the white-blue color combination. The appearance of this MoonSwatch has very little to do with the functional elegance of the Speedmaster. What a difference colors and materials can make, after all. Similar to the Venus Mission, the MoonSwatch Uranus Tiffany is also suitable as a ladies’ watch, as long as the diameter of 42 millimeters is not too large. Nevertheless, the Uranus MoonSwatch passes for both genders. The width between the lugs is just over 47 millimeters. 13.25 millimeters in height is not exactly slim for a quartz watch, but it also corresponds to the original. 

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OMEGA outside, Swatch inside

Photo © 2022 by WATCHDAVID® – All rights reserved

Let’s look at the MoonSwatch Uranus Tiffany as a child of OMEGA and Swatch. The Mission to Uranus clearly owes its appearance to the famous traditional brand. At its core, however, the timepiece is a genuine Swatch. This is evident at the latest from the Uranus-blue case. It is made of so-called bio-ceramics, a material that loyal Swatch customers already know and wear. The house brand of the group of the same name uses the mixture of ceramic and bio-plastic in some models. It is robust, light as well, but it does not feel valuable. It would be pointless to draw comparisons to the original Speedmaster made of stainless steel. However, for the recommended retail price of 250 euros, the quality is impressive.

Let’s take a look at the simple, yet originally designed caseback. At 12 o’clock on each model, you’ll find an inset hemisphere representing the respective planet, printed with real photos. Admittedly, the Uranus is visually rather underwhelming – greetings to the Saturn owners! But the idea is great. This is generally true for the whole planet theme, whose idea is based on the moon clock. The MoonSwatch Uranus Tiffany is water resistant up to a pressure of 3 bar. This is not an exhilarating value, but the Speedmaster only reaches 5 bar, and you won’t encounter liquid water during a mission in space anyway. But at the pool during summer vacation. Water splashes do not harm the watch. 

Like their big role model, the MoonSwatches rely on acrylic glass. Compared to sapphire crystal, it has the advantage of being more break-resistant. In space, this was an advantage for astronauts. Nowadays, it is above all the low price that stands out. 

The movement of the MoonSwatch Uranus Tiffany

Photo © 2022 by WATCHDAVID® – All rights reserved

It is not surprising that inside the MoonSwatch Uranus Tiffany works a simple quartz movement. However, that is not what matters. Few people are likely to buy an OMEGA X SWATCH MoonSwatch and expect a movement that will last for years or decades. 

The Speedmaster lookalike

MoonSwatch Uranus Tiffany
MoonSwatch Uranus Tiffany

The dial knows how to impress with its richness of detail. Bezel, hands and tachymeter scale are in white and stand out against the sky blue. The hands and markers are covered with SuperLuminova and glow brightly and evenly in the dark.

But what impresses me the most are the details that the MoonSwatch Uranus Tiffany borrows from the Speedmaster. Many buyers might hardly know it, but the legendary “dot above the ninety” can also be found here. As well as the iconic Speedmaster lettering. The crown and pushers also bear the cooperation’s lettering. You can tell that the designers have put some effort into this. This was not necessarily to be expected. 

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What the strengths of the Speedmaster dial are, so are those of the MoonSwatch Uranus Tiffany. Optimal readability of the dial and totalizers, which has proven itself since the first moon mission in the 60s. 

MoonSwatch Uranus Tiffany
MoonSwatch Uranus Tiffany

I find the Velcro closure of the white bracelet a bit unusual. However, this only affects the folding over. Once the strap is in place, it offers quite decent wearing comfort. It is designed to withstand more athletic activities. A secure hold is guaranteed. 

My conclusion about the MoonSwatch Uranus Tiffany

MoonSwatch Uranus Tiffany
Photo © 2022 by WATCHDAVID® – All rights reserved

The OMEGA X SWATCH MoonSwatch has become a phenomenon in a very short time. It has caused a sensation even outside the watch world. I think that the rather unusual cooperation between the mass brand and the traditional brand of the Swatch Group will not remain an isolated case. Especially not in view of the enormous success and the very efficient advertising for all partners involved. We have known it from fashion labels for a long time. Well-known brands print their logo on a product, a hype develops and the respective products change hands for large sums of money. OMEGA and Swatch have shown with the MoonSwatch that this is also possible in the watch industry. 

Does this now devalue the glorious heritage of the world-famous OMEGA Speedmaster? No! Despite their visual similarity, the two products should be regarded as completely different. While the Speedmaster is and remains a collector’s item and an investment for traditionalists, the MoonSwatch is aimed more at a young audience. Wearers who cannot (yet) afford to buy one of the 6000 euro timepieces. The design is now becoming affordable for all. However, nothing can shake the significance of an OMEGA Speedmaster so quickly. 

Perhaps the MoonSwatch was a harbinger of a new trend in how luxury brands will deal with the legacy of their famous watches in the future. What seems extraordinary now could be completely normal in a few years.

And finally, to evaluate the MoonSwatch Uranus Tiffany: the MSRP of 250 euros corresponds to the intrinsic value of the watch. With a different design and name, it would be worth no more, but no less.

MoonSwatch Uranus Tiffany
Photo © 2022 by WATCHDAVID® – All rights reserved

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OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph 42mm Review

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Technical Details

NameOMEGA X Swatch Mission to Uranus

Reference number SO33L100

BrandOMEGA / Swatch


Price from250,- Euro

Warranty2 years

Case Materialbio ceramic

Diameter42.00 mm

High13.25 mm

Watch Glassacryl glas

Watch TypeQuartz

Waterproof3 bar (30 m / 100 ft)

Movement NameSwatch quartz movement

Functionshour / Minute / second / small second / tachymetre

Dialtiffany blue


Special FeaturesSwiss Super-LumiNova®

Bezelceramic insert / white

Bracelet Colorwhite

Bracelet Materialtextile