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OVD Blue Moon Europa is different from other watches even at first glance – it could be from another planet. Creative design is one of the hallmarks of OVD Watches. As a Kickstarter specialist, the Hong Kong brand has already launched nine(!) successful campaigns…

OVD Blue Moon Europa
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The universe of OVD

No matter which watch of the Space collection from the OVD universe you look at – you can’t help but pause your gaze at the special watches. The timepieces have a design that really reminds you of the space. This is certainly the main reason why the still young OVD team around chief designer Ricky Lam is currently successful worldwide. The brand has published no less than nine successful Kickstarter campaigns to date. With UW Watches, it now even has its own subsidiary brand that specializes in diving watches. The targeted crowdfunding goals were all exceeded many times over, and the latest “mission” is also quite interesting.

OVD Blue Moon Europa
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But a sensational design alone is not enough. Features like light-up or three-dimensional dial elements and an attractive and lovingly designed media kit have helped OVD to now have over 1500 backers behind it. 

According to the media kit just mentioned, Ricky Lam and his team only started developing their latest stroke of genius in June this year! So from the initial idea to the Kickstarter launch, just four months have passed. The first photos of The Blue Moon watches look stunning. As usual with OVD, the watch comes in not just one, but five color variants, with the resounding names of Nebula, Nibiru, Gravity, Halley and Europa. I tested the latter watch with the simple reference number OM01 for you just in time for the launch!

OVD Blue Moon Europa
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The double full moon

The Blue Moon is an astronomical event. And no, it is not blue. The name comes from the English phrase “Once up in a blue moon” and describes its rarity. This is because a blue moon is the second full moon within a month. You must know that between two full moon phases not 30, but only 29.56 days pass. This double full moon is the central design feature of OVD’s five Blue Moon watches. 

My test specimen, the OVD Blue Moon Europa, comes in a hand-sized watch roll made of dark gray leather. The inset name lettering reveals that this is OVD’s latest Kickstarter project. I open the roll and pull out the moon watch. The OVD Blue Moon Europa differs from “conventional” watches in many ways and fascinates me from the first moment. In a high built case, getting wider towards the top, there are actually two three-dimensional full moons sitting where the dial should be! Wait, the dial exists anyway – at least two hands and outer 3D indices. The transparent dial has white dots representing stars. My first thought about the watch: this is the cross between a snow globe and a 3D postcard!

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OVD Blue Moon Europa
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The model name Europa stands for an ash gray PVD case, beige dial and rustic sand yellow leather strap. In addition to the chic faux leather watch roll (important, because it’s vegan), the OVD Blue Moon Europa comes with a metallic warranty card. The first impression is convincing. But will the OVD Blue Moon Europa also convince in terms of quality?

The OVD Blue Moon Europa on the wrist

OVD Blue Moon Europa
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Just to give you the dimensions, the OVD Blue Moon Europa has a length of 48 millimeters, a diameter of 42 millimeters and a considerable case height of 15 millimeters. These are numbers that make their impact on my wrist. The OVD Blue Moon Europa is neither too bulky, nor too small, allowing it to fully show off its special look. Yes, at 15 millimeters, the Moon watch rests quite high on the wrist in comparison. However, thanks to the good proportions, this is not a bad thing in my opinion. 

OVD Blue Moon Europa
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Visually, the OVD Blue Moon Europa is just right for those of you who are tired of classic diver’s watches, chronographs and aviators and want to wear something different on your wrist instead. Because one thing is for sure – with a Blue Moon, no matter in which colors, you stand out. Positively, in my opinion. Because despite its unconventional appearance, the OVD Blue Moon Europa looks high-quality, tasteful and creative. 

OVD Blue Moon Europa
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A futuristic case

Let’s take a look at the cylindrical case, which widens upwards to the bezel and reminds me a bit of a bowl when I look at the dial, which is located deep inside. The finish of the sharp, horizontal edges makes a very high-end impression and shows that the watchmakers in the workshop know their craft. 316L stainless steel is used here to build the case, one of the best materials for cases. This is not visible, however, as at least the OVD Blue Moon Europa has a gray PVD coating that looks very futuristic with its matte sheen. I really like it! PVD makes the case even more resistant to wear and corrosion, thus guaranteeing excellent longevity.


The consistently good impression with the choice of materials continues with the watch glass. It is a slightly domed crystal that covers the spectacular dial and secures it from shocks and pressure. 2.4 millimeters thick and made of sapphire, the watch crystal can withstand quite a bit and impresses with its scratch resistance. And speaking of pressure, OVD states the maximum water resistance as up to 5 bar. That doesn’t make the OVD Blue Moon Europa a diver’s watch, but water splashes in everyday life shouldn’t be a problem.

OVD Blue Moon Europa
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One of the highlights of the OVD Blue Moon Europa is, in my opinion, the very successful caseback. Screwed four times, it stands out with a pattern of very fine engravings. In the center, a circular viewing window was let in, through which you have a good view of the movement and its rotor.

The movement of the OVD Blue Moon Europa

The movement is a japanese automatic movement from Miyota. This Miyota 9019 has an enduring power reserve of 42 hours and convinces with a good accuracy and longevity. Its crescent-shaped rotor was lovingly decorated with small stars, which glow in the dark.

OVD Blue Moon Europa
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However, I really have to praise the idea to let the crown in position 1 almost completely disappear into the case. This gives the wearer a lot of wearing comfort in everyday life and visually, the futuristic feature just looks good!


Let’s move on to perhaps the most exciting part of the OVD Blue Moon Europa, its dial. Here, the focus is on three-dimensionality. On the beige bottom dial, there are the two full moons, represented by two semicircles and with a detailed surface that looks very realistic. Above that is a transparent dial with glowing stars, which I haven’t seen in this form either. At the very top are the hands. This clever design with the different levels makes the case seem to have more depth than it does in reality. On the edge, there are three-dimensional indices. 

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What about the readability of the time? Actually, you might think that this is impaired by the elaborately designed dial. However, this is not the case, as I could determine during my test time. For the dark, the crescent moons glow light blue thanks to Super LumiNova, as you can see impressively in the watch photography.

Smart strap changes and plenty of choice when it comes to the bracelet

OVD Blue Moon Europa
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Smart strap changes – See the YouTube Video – My OVD Blue Moon Europa is worn with a sand-colored calfskin strap, which with its rusticity forms a strong contrast to the otherwise futuristic watch. By the way, there are plenty of alternatives. All leather straps are handmade and convince with good quality. I think that the mechanism for changing the strap innovative. By means of small spring bars, the strap is released from the lugs (lug width 20mm) and can be replaced within seconds!

My conclusion about the OVD Blue Moon Europa

It wouldn’t surprise anyone anymore if the Blue Moon, like its predecessors, turns out to be a success and surpasses the campaign goal many times over. Because the five watches have the potential to do just that. The unusual design is a sure-fire hit and has its aficionados. No watch looks as unique and unmistakable as the OVD Blue Moon. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the watch is crafted as well. You can immediately tell that this timepiece was made by experienced people. 

OVD Blue Moon Europa
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After the Kickstarter launch, production is scheduled to start in October so that the first watches can be handed over to the first customers in April of next year. The price of the Kickstarter is $284. Interested ones of you should take a look at the Early Bird prices, but don’t wait too long. 

I am curious to see how the campaign will develop. The success seems to be predicted!

More about OVD and the Blue Moon Europa

Click here to go to the Kickstarter campaign


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Technical Details

NameOVD Blue Moon Europa

Reference numberOM01

BrandOVD Watches

CategoryKickstarter watches

Price from$ 284


Case Material316L stainless steel / PVD coating

Diameter42.00 mm

High15.00 mm

Watch GlassSapphire Crystal

Watch TypeAutomatic

Waterproof5 bar (50 m / 164 ft)

Movement NameMiyota 9019

Power Reserve42 hours

Functionshour / Minute / second

Dialtransparent, beige


Special Featuresdial filled with luminous material

BezelPVD coating / stainless steel

Bracelet Colorbeige

Bracelet Materialleather

Clasp316L stainless steel

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