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With a square case made of high-tech ceramics and a skeletonized dial, the Rado True Square Open Heart stands out among the almost exclusively circular timepieces. The new Rado watch is said to be particularly avant-garde. I took a closer look at the style icon and found out if the True Square has what it takes to be the watch of the future.

Back to the future?

Rado True Square Open Heart
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“[…] back to the future with a groundbreaking watch that is light years ahead of the industry.” This is how confidently Rado announces the new Rado True Square Automatic Open Heart with reference number R27086152 in March 2021, which, according to the traditional Swiss brand, will be nothing less than the manufacturer’s new style icon. Rado has distinguished itself over the past decades as a brand that likes to take unusual paths when it comes to issues of material selection and design. And that’s exactly what’s supposed to make the new True Square so special. Well, the name says it all. We already know the square design with the rounded corners from other True Square models. For the first time, however, Rado is now showing its new flagship made of high-tech ceramics with a skeletonized dial.

This fact alone certifies that the Rado True Square Automatic Open Heart is expected to be comfortable to wear. Of scratch resistance, lightness and an exciting, tactile feel. And if that weren’t enough expectation, I must confess before testing that I think the skeletonized dial looks radical, distinctive and outrageously good! 

Rado True Square Open Heart
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Because there’s hardly any time to rewind a wristwatch in tomorrow’s world, the tech-savvy Rado True Square Open Heart is also equipped with a power reserve of an enduring 80 hours. So, I guess only the all-important question remains. Is the Rado True Square Open Heart really the promised watch of the future or just a fancy, experimental product about which you could say “well, this something different“…? A test should provide clarification…

The first impression

Yeah, Rado’s latest True Square as an Open Heart Skeleton version is quite stylish, you really can’t deny it. The square, dark ceramic case with the excitingly presented inner workings has a high recognition value and wears beautifully on the wrist. Some people might even recognize a certain smartwatch when they take a cursory glance. However, the Rado True Square Open Heart has enough independence. The dial with its silver- and gold-colored accents almost looks like an abstract work of art. I have never seen a skeleton watch like this before. The Open Heart also lives up to its name on the back. A circular viewing window provides a view of the enduring automatic movement. 

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Just like the case, the bracelet of the True Square Open Heart is made of high-tech ceramic and fits perfectly into the design of the Open Heart.

The Rado True Square Open Heart on the wrist

I think the watches of tomorrow must be one thing above all: comfortable in everyday life. Who wouldn’t want a companion on their wrist that they don’t have to keep changing depending on the occasion? A real daily rocker that you can always wear. Because it is comfortable and stylish. In my opinion, these two attributes describe the Rado True Square Open Heart on the wrist very well. With a diameter of 38 millimeters, the skeleton watch is just 9.7 millimeters high, making it incredibly flat on the wrist. 120 grams also make Rado’s new release a real lightweight. You can already guess: in the future, the days of clunky bling are over. Size is not everything. 

Thus, the Rado True Square Open Heart also quite incidentally dissolves the gender division. After all, it is no longer a designated men’s watch. Anyone can wear the True Square. Just be aware that you will stand out with this timepiece! You can’t hide extravagant skeleton watches like the Rado True Square Open Heart on your wrist. But: design and effect or not – how does the Rado True Square Open Heart do from a technical point of view?

Rado True Square Open Heart
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High-tech ceramic instead of stainless steel

The highlight of the True Square Open Heart is definitely the dark case. Here, Rado takes a different approach than the competition and turns away from stainless steel, which is ubiquitous in the industry. High-tech ceramic is the magic word. The Open Heart is the first square model in which the Swiss manufacturer has produced a so-called monobloc case made of ceramic. High-tech ceramic has some decisive advantages over stainless steel, which could make it a proven material in the watch industry in the future. Watches with a ceramic case are very light, at the same time exceptionally scratch-resistant and feel noble. The case of the Rado True Square Open Heart is made by injection molding technology. If that’s not progressive! The workmanship is indeed at the very highest level.

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To protect the filigree skeletonized dial, Rado installs durable and no less scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. In addition, the manufacturer refines it with an anti-reflective coating. This not only makes it much easier to read the time, it also gives the Rado True Square Open Heart an even higher-quality appearance. It is also used on the case back. Here, however, in the form of a circular viewing window through which you can marvel at the automatic movement. Due to the skeletonization, you can even look through the watch!

Rado True Square Open Heart
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Rado certifies its monobloc case a water resistance up to a pressure of 5 bar, converted to a depth of 50 meters. Okay, that means splash water protected. The Rado True Square Open Heart is not made to be worn as a diver’s watch! 

Enduring with an automatic movement

Skeleton watches always give their wearer a special glimpse inside. What you see working inside the case of the Rado True Square Open Heart is a R734 automatic movement, which is based on an ETA C07. In the modified barrel, the mainspring can now store more energy, giving the automatic movement a power reserve of a staggering 80 hours! Those who don’t wear the watch every day anyway will therefore not even need to rewind it every three days. Enthusiasts will be delighted with the ornate gears, which can also be seen through the dial.  

Dial and bracelet of the Rado True Square Automatic Open Heart

The black dial itself is almost entirely skeletonized. Twelve unequal-length black strokes lead dynamically from the center of the watch to the silvery indices, which match the hands of the same color. At night, white SuperLuminova provides the translucence with which the hands and indices are coated. The impressive circular movement is also visible through the dial. I particularly like the fact that some of its components are framed by the black skeletonized surfaces of the dial. This is very creative and more than unconventional even for a skeleton watch.

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Rado True Square Open Heart
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Finally, a few words about the bracelet. It is visually seamless with the sweeping, tapered shape of the case and, like the latter, is also made of high-tech ceramic. At the end of the strap is a butterfly clasp that provides a secure hold in everyday use. The wearing comfort is praiseworthy. Compared to stainless steel, you can hardly feel the significantly lighter ceramic on your wrist – that’s luxury! I am convinced by the alternative material and its advantages.

My conclusion about the Rado True Square Automatic Open Heart

The watch of the future – that’s how promising Rado heralded the launch of its latest True Square edition. If you want to draw a final conclusion after the first test, you can actually only agree with this statement. In many ways, the Rado True Square Open Heart is an unusual and unconventional watch that breaks with watchmaking traditions, finds smart solutions, and yet never comes across as quirky. For me, this includes first and foremost the case, whose already special shape is made of ceramic, which makes the Rado True Square Open Heart incredibly practical, light and chic. Nevertheless, it retains what we so admire in watches: a lot of attention to detail and a focus on fine mechanics. 

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Rado takes the path to the future with its True Square Open Heart completely without electronics and digital solutions. The resulting new watch should be given a lot of attention, in my opinion! The Rado True Square Open Heart costs 2320 euros and thus belongs to the premium segment. Given the quality presented, this price is more than justified. You can find more model variants in slightly different colors in the Rado store!

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More Details

Technical Details

NameRado True Square Open Heart

Reference numberR27086152 | 01.734.6086.3.015


Categoryskeleton watch

Price from2.320,- EUR

Case Materialceramic

Diameter38.00 mm

High9.70 mm

Watch Glassanti-reflective coating / Sapphire Crystal

Watch TypeAutomatic

Waterproof5 bar (50 m / 164 ft)

Movement NameCaliber C07, skeletonized

Power Reserve80 hours

Functionshour / Minute / second



Bezelblack / ceramic insert

Bracelet Colorblack

Bracelet Materialceramic

Clasp316L stainless steel / folding clasp

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