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The TIDLÖS Marin Black Carbon Fiber on Steel promises to combine Scandinavian design and Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship. A dark diver’s watch designed to withstand the forces of nature in Sweden – with functionality and quality. Your next timepiece? Find the answer in this review…

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Where time stands still

Most of us wouldn’t locate the idea for a watch brand with the likeable name TIDLÖS at a depth of 1500 meters below Kiruna, the northernmost city in Sweden. But it was here that miner Henry Salmela had the idea of making watches. In the end, it was probably a mixture of a desire for daylight and a passion for wristwatches. 

TIDLÖS, which translated from Swedish means ‘timeless’, has been around for less than three years now. A name that leaves a lot of room for interpretation. One might think of the timeless design or of time in general. I mean, displaying it is the core function of wristwatches. But Tidlös also describes quite accurately the extreme conditions under which people live in Kiruna and the surrounding area. In summer, the sun never sets, while in winter there is eternal night – time seems to stand still. 

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Timeless watches, TIDLÖS has a lot of them in its model range. Ultimately, it is also one of the qualities that we appreciate so much about Scandinavian design. If you look around TIDLÖS for automatic timepieces, you can’t avoid the name Marin. The diving watch family is the flagship of the company, which is not yet three years old. In different color and material variants, the customer is offered a lush selection.

Today’s model in the watch review and also my personal favorite is the TIDLÖS Marin Black Carbon Fiber on Steel, whose name already reveals the configuration. The watch with the almost black case on the dark stainless steel bracelet looked particularly good in the official pictures. Whether the TIDLÖS Marin can also convince in reality, I would like to find out.

A watch with a lot of accessories

TIDLÖS Marin Black Carbon Fiber on Steel
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Finally, a real unboxing again – and what a one! In times when manufacturers have to save money, TIDLÖS impresses me with a large, black glossy box that does not miss additional gadgets. Watch out: a rubber strap for changing, a small leather pouch, manufacturer’s papers (including the warranty card) and last but not least: the dive watch itself. Yes, the long list of package contents is impressive!

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But that also applies to the TIDLÖS Marin Black Carbon Fiber on Steel itself, which I really like right away. With its reduced and functional sporty design, the watch not only fits in the rough north. The dark surfaces feel good and also appear to be of high-quality workmanship. That can be seen at least at first glance. They also seem to be proud of the built-in Swiss automatic movement, which can be viewed on the back through the glass back. But more about the details later. 

The TIDLÖS Marin Black Carbon Fiber on Steel on the wrist

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First, of course, I want to know how the Marin looks on the wrist. Here, the dynamically shaped case cuts a fine figure, with its side-curved lugs hugging the round wrist. At just under 44 millimeters in diameter (43.9 to be exact), the TIDLÖS Marin Black Carbon Fiber on Steel fits best on medium to large wrists. 13.9 millimeters in height is quite sporty considering the automatic movement inside. 

I would also describe the overall visual impression of the diver as quite sporty. The straight-lined, minimalist design gives the wearer the right amount of functionality to go with it – a watch with which you experience something! But aren’t sporty-functional automatically clumsy and ugly? No, not in the case of the Marin Black Carbon Fiber on Steel. TIDLÖS has succeeded in designing its diver’s watch very stylish and elegant, making the wristwatch ideal for a number of everyday situations and occasions. Interim conclusion: a diver’s watch that visually has what it takes to be a daily rocker!

TIDLÖS Marin Black Carbon Fiber on Steel
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With its 200 grams, the TIDLÖS Marin Black Carbon Fiber on Steel is not really a lightweight. But: compromises have to be made with the following choice of materials.

The Case of the TIDLÖS Marin Black Carbon Fiber on Steel

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Carbon, ceramic, steel, and sapphire crystal – these are the materials that the TIDLÖS Marin Black Carbon Fiber on Steel is made of. At its core, the case, whose curved shape is meant to be reminiscent of a cloudberry, is made of 316L stainless steel. Even with frequent contact with (salt) water, the material retains its stability and shimmering appearance. It is not for nothing that the corrosion-resistant material has been one of the most popular in the watch industry for decades. 

A closer look at the dark stainless steel surfaces confirms the good first impression from the unboxing. The TIDLÖS Marin is quite convincing in terms of build quality and deserves to be called ‘premium’. I like the matte polish, which emphasizes the functional character of the watch. The dark color comes from a PVD coating, as is often seen on some functional watches.

TIDLÖS Marin Black Carbon Fiber on Steel
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There is a special feature in the watch glass, which is installed on both sides. This is not a natural crystal, as is usually the case, but a synthetically produced sapphire crystal. It is manufactured by crystallizing aluminum oxide under extremely high temperatures. TIDLÖS emphasizes that the synthetic sapphire is just as hard as the naturally occurring one. The Swedish brand cites colorlessness as an advantage. Wearers can look forward to good scratch resistance as well as perfect readability. 

Made for the deep sea

TIDLÖS Marin Black Carbon Fiber on Steel
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The TIDLÖS Marin Black Carbon Fiber on Steel is built for demanding dives in the deep sea. A good diver’s watch is achieved primarily through its water resistance. On the test bench, the TIDLÖS Marin achieves excellent values and withstands a maximum water pressure of 50 bar. 500 meters of diving depth would thus be possible in theory. On the opposite side of the screw-down crown is a helium valve, from which helium molecules can escape during the decompression phase. Thus, there is no overpressure that could cause the watch to burst.

The black bezel snaps cleanly into place when turned. Rotating unidirectionally and counterclockwise, it indicates the maximum amount of time remaining underwater during dives. The only drawback is that the white triangle, unlike the indices, is not coated with luminous material and is not as easy to read in poor lighting conditions. On the other hand, the high-quality choice of materials is once again convincing. The ceramic used is significantly lighter and more scratch-resistant than a stainless steel bezel. Another guarantee that the TIDLÖS Marin Black Carbon Fiber is predestined to look like new for years to come.

Swiss craftsmanship inside

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When it comes to the movement, the TIDLÖS Marin remains classic. The timepiece is powered by a Sellita SW200-1 Elaboré. Swedish watchmaking craftsmanship on the outside, Swiss know-how on the inside – a good combination. The mechanical caliber is considered to be extremely precise and reliable. Elaboré stands for the third highest quality level in which the movement is delivered. Equipped with 26 jewels, the mechanical movement runs up to 38 hours before it needs to be rewound. Its simple functions are quickly enumerated: Hour, minute, second and date with quick correction. 

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A real eye-catcher, in my opinion, is the presentation behind the viewing window. I find the golden rotor with the skeletonized cloudberry great!

Dial and bracelet 

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The black dial looks very sporty. In fact, behind the carbon look is a dial that is intricately made from thousands of carbon fibers. The resulting 3D structure is what makes the TIDLÖS Marin Black Carbon Fiber on Steel immediately distinguishable from other diving watches. Square indices as well as the hands are covered with Swiss SuperLuminova luminous material. This makes the dial easy to read even in the dark. In the test, the dial convinces with the best luminosity values. Useful for everyday life: the date window at 3 o’clock!

TIDLÖS Marin Black Carbon Fiber on Steel
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The carbon look is rounded off by a dark stainless steel strap with a folding clasp. I would recommend it to you more for everyday wear, the included rubber strap on the other hand, if you really want to get active and take the dive watch with you into nature. The width of the lugs is 22 millimeters.

My conclusion about the TIDLÖS Marin Black Carbon Fiber on Steel

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For some years now, Scandinavian design has been more popular than ever before. The fact that it is perfect for functional divers has long been recognized by the watch industry. But if any brand has understood how to bring Scandinavian design and watchmaking together, it is TIDLÖS. The Marin is a diver’s watch that knows how to convince. With intelligently selected materials, a high-quality finish and a design that will please diving fans. 

Another selling point is the inclusion of the Swiss movement. This is where many other newcomers cut corners and rely on a quartz drive or cheap automatic movements from china. Plus points are also awarded for the attractive selection of colors and materials, as well as for the extensive range of accessories.

TIDLÖS gives its customers an above-average 6-year warranty on its watches. This is also a best value in the industry. For 1.599,- Euro RRP you can buy the timepiece.

More about TIDLÖS and the Marin Black Carbon Fiber on Steel

Here you can find the watch in the store of TIDLÖS

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Technical Details

NameTIDLÖS Marin Black Carbon Fiber on Steel

Reference numberN/A


Categorydiving watches

Price from1599,- Euro

Warranty6 years

Case Material316L stainless steel

Diameter43.90 mm

High13.90 mm

Watch Glassanti-reflective coating / Sapphire Crystal

Watch TypeAutomatic

Waterproof50 bar (500 m / 1640 ft)

Movement NameSellita SW200-1 Elaboré

Power Reserve38 hours

Functionsdate / hour / Minute / second



Special Featurescarbonfiber dial / helium release valve / Swiss Super-LumiNova® / transparent caseback

Bezelblack / diving bezel

Bracelet Colorgrey

Bracelet Material316L stainless steel

Clasp316L stainless steel / folding clasp

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