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The Hartig Timepieces AH002 ORANGE declares war on mainstream chronographs. The distinctive, masculine and edgy design characterizes the watches of Andreas Hartig. In this color variant, the current timepiece is even the bestseller of the collection – rightly so? After several years, I was able to test a Hartig for you again!


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The mainstream representative among the individualists

There is a bit of irony between the lines of the interview I had the pleasure of conducting with company founder Andreas Hartig over three years ago. The mechanical engineering graduate had become successful in a relatively short time with a concept that quickly stood out among the numerous homage chronographs. Edgy, self-aware men’s watches with a penchant for motor sports and a conscious differentiation from the mainstream. The most successful of these timepieces since then has been the AH002 with orange applications, my watch to review today. Andreas Hartig explained its popularity at the time as follows. “I think this model is the most successful because it is the most mainstream, which is not really our style”. 

Hartig Timepieces AH002 ORANGE
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What does that mean? Is the AH002 ORANGE now a representative of the one-size-fits-all in the market? Or, despite mainstream features, does the chronograph have enough independence to highlight the character of the self-confident, modern man? And by the way – is the design also timeless, or has it aged noticeably in the past three years? Questions that make the Hartig Timepieces AH002 ORANGE the ideal test candidate. I took a closer look at the “flagship”. After years once again Hartig – finally!

Hartig Timepieces AH002 ORANGE
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Hurray for the watch roll!

Only a few watch models are delivered in a watch roll. With Hartig, it’s part of the good stuff. The wearer can enjoy a high-quality storage option, provided the wristwatch does not go into the watch winder. Opening the noble push button clasp reveals “the beast”. The Hartig Timepieces AH002 ORANGE looks extremely massive, functional and self-confident. Adding to the sporty look is the orange color that can be spotted on the hands. 

What stands out is the unusual, asymmetrical case shape, which I haven’t seen before. Whereas, if you think about it, the angular case sides with the pushers are not entirely dissimilar to a classic G-SHOCK. However, they are not made of resin, but almost indestructible stainless steel. The association of a Casio G-SHOCK watch is interesting, because Andreas Hartig mentioned in an interview, that this was his first timepiece, found in the sand. This information also opens up a whole new view of the sporty silicone strap. But more about that later.

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Hartig Timepieces AH002 ORANGE
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A first plus point: you finally don’t have to deal with an annoying “package insert” anymore. The user manual (which you definitely need here) can be conveniently downloaded from the watch manufacturer’s homepage – and you can look up functions on the go if you don’t have the printed version at hand. 

Within the model range, the AH002 is located in the premium segment. With a price of just under 1260 euros, the chronographs are a proud 1000 euros more expensive than the entry-level models. So the bar is set high.

The Hartig Timepieces AH002 ORANGE on the wrist

Even though Andreas Hartig has described his AH002 as a mainstream watch – on the wrist, it’s hard to see the “self-criticism”. Even the manufacturer’s most popular watch clearly stands out from typical representatives of the chronograph segment. This starts with the asymmetrical design. The two pushers at 2 and 4 o’clock resemble a giant crown guard. At first glance, I even thought they were.
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However, the focus is on sportiness. With the orange color accents, the square dial pattern, the technical-looking numerals and the stop function and the tachymeter on the bezel, the Hartig Timepieces AH002 ORANGE leaves nothing to be desired. Personally, I would also prefer it over its red or green sister model any day, although that is purely a matter of taste. 

Perhaps, before buying a Hartig Timepieces AH002 ORANGE, it makes sense to check whether a chronograph of this size still looks harmonious on the wrist. 44.50 millimeters in diameter are more suitable for wrists of medium to larger circumference. Fortunately, the height of 15.50 millimeters is comparatively moderate, so that the automatic watch lies (relatively) flat on the wrist.

Case details

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The functional case is reminiscent of a flat cylinder. It is made of very sturdy and durable stainless steel, which is brushed in the area of the case sides. I like the engravings on both sides. In addition to the logo, you can also find inscriptions on the pushers. This case finish with its brushed surfaces and engravings makes a high-quality impression that more than lives up to the premium claim. Hartig itself always emphasizes that the watches are made in Germany.


An eye-catcher is the screwed glass back, which allows a view of the chronograph movement from ETA. At the front, sapphire crystal protects the dial from environmental influences such as vibrations or shocks. 

Hartig specifies the water resistance at 10 bar. That makes 100 meters of diving depth, which is a solid value. No, this does not make the Hartig Timepieces AH002 ORANGE a diver’s watch. However, you should not make this demand. When swimming, you can wear the watch without hesitation.

Even with moon phase – Hartig relies on an ETA 7751 

Hartig Timepieces AH002 ORANGE
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If you know a little about watches, you will have guessed why Hartig can charge 1260 Euro for an A002, while the entry-level models A001-2 are about 1000 Euro cheaper. The movement makes the difference. Inside the Hartig Timepieces AH002 ORANGE works an ETA 7751 automatic caliber, as often found in premium class chronographs. The movement has been manufactured since 1986, has been improved again and again since then and is therefore considered THE all-rounder. Thus, it is the perfect base for Hartig’s A002. 

The key figures are impressive. At 28800 vibrations per hour, ETA specifies the power reserve with an enduring 48 hours. This Swiss movement is a somewhat rare specification. The reason is the built-in moon phase. 

The automatic movement is set via the crown. To call it large would almost be an understatement. However, it does make it much easier to use.

The functions of the dial
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There is no lack of functions. The Hartig Timepieces AH002 ORANGE has a dial on which several totalizers display various measurements. Just to list the individual functions: Date and month display including moon phase, 12-hour time, 30-minute time, 24-hour time, stop-seconds, tachymeter and even a compass display with cardinal directions are there. Chronograph fans will not be disappointed. The only criticism: readability is a bit difficult at the beginning, as the totalizers do not stand out from the dial in terms of color. In the dark, however, at least the hands provide relief. They are covered with luminous material. The date can be adjusted via quick correction.

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A practical wristband

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You can usually tell by looking at the wristband which application the watch was made for. It is obvious that brown calfskin does not necessarily embody sportiness. Stainless steel often represents a compromise between appearance and functionality. For active people, however, rubber or silicone alternatives are the most practical. The latter material is used for the bracelet of the Hartig Timepieces AH002 ORANGE and can convince me. It is not uncomfortable and defies dirt and liquids. Wipe it off and on to the next use. The uncompromising choice of silicone strap suits the sporty chronograph. 

Matching the case, the pin buckle is made of stainless steel. 

My conclusion about the Hartig Timepieces AH002 ORANGE

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Not a mainstream watch but still a safe choice – that could summarize my test verdict of the Hartig Timepieces AH002 ORANGE. It’s a watch that doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it does bring variety to the chronograph assortment. In the end, it’s the incredibly good overall package that makes you choose the Hartig timepiece. The wearer enjoys an unconventional, yet timeless design. Nevertheless, typical chronograph functions do not have to be dispensed with. With features like a moon phase, the Hartig Timepieces AH002 ORANGE stands out here as well. 

Under the successful garb, the choice of materials is right. Stainless steel, sapphire crystal and an ETA automatic movement do justice to the premium claim. It becomes clear that the price of 1,259.66 euros is moderate. Other manufacturers have already brought this quality to the market at significantly higher prices. 

Below I have linked all important information about the watch, Hartig and much more!

Hartig Timepieces AH002 ORANGE
Photo © 2022 by WATCHDAVID® – All rights reserved

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Technical Details

NameHartig Timepieces AH002 ORANGE

Reference numberAH002

BrandHartig Timepieces


Price from1.499,- Euro

Warranty2 years

Case Material316L stainless steel

Diameter44.50 mm

High15.50 mm

Watch GlassSapphire Crystal

Watch TypeAutomatic

Waterproof10 bar (100 m / 330 ft)

Movement NameETA 7751

Power Reserve48 hours

Functions12 hours counter / 24 hours counter / 30 minute counter / hour / Minute / moon phase / second / small second / Stop-second / tachymetre


Indicesarabic numerals

Special Featuresindices filled with luminous material / transparent caseback

Bezelgrey / stainless steel

Bracelet Colorblack

Bracelet Materialsilicone

Clasp316L stainless steel / pin buckle

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