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When the postman handed me the package a few days ago, which contained a matte black wrapper with the golden, highly visible G-SHOCK logo, it became clear to me quite quickly that the latest piece from Casio would be another stroke of genius. Casio G-SHOCK GMW B5000TB Review.

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I’ve told you many times before and can only confirm my impressions from the last few days: with the new arrival, I once again realized how up to date the models of the Japanese brand that shaped my childhood and youth in the 80s are again. However, today’s watch is not a cheap imitation of the icons of pop culture that desperately wants to swim with the next retro wave. This watch does not deny its past and yet remains in the present. It stays true to Casio’s successful line, which is why I want to introduce it to you in this review. But read for yourself, what impressions and experiences I made with the G-SHOCK GMW-B5000TB in the last days. Calling this watch a titan is not by chance…

Casio G-SHOCK GMW B5000TB Review
Photo: © 2020 by WATCHDAVID®

Day 1: The Unboxing Casio G-SHOCK GMW B5000TB

The black packaging is strikingly large, so large that it almost buries my MacBook underneath it. The gold lettering tells you what’s inside. When you open the packaging, a square box with a very noble looking brushed metal top appears. This raises my expectations because I never expected this kind of presentation. I also open the box and finally get to see the familiar octagonal outline of the G-SHOCK. One thing is immediately apparent when I take it out: the watch is incredibly light! This seems a bit paradoxical considering the rather considerable size, but there is a decisive reason for this. Casio makes this version of the 5000 series especially in light titanium. For all important external components such as the case, the back or the bracelet, the light, yet very robust and high-quality metal is used.

I like the matt, black-darkgrey look with the golden applications so much right away. The G-SHOCK almost looks a bit nasty. Fun fact for the experts among you: this retro design is a homage to the very first and legendary DW-5000C-1B from the 80s. Casio G-SHOCK GMW B5000TB Review

Casio G-SHOCK GMW B5000TB Review
Photo: © 2020 by WATCHDAVID®

Of course, the latest G-SHOCK is state-of-the-art with smartphone link included. We’ll take a closer look at the individual refinements the Japanese manufacturer has come up with and whether they make sense in everyday use later.

Day 2: An appearance like from another star

Den zweiten Tag nehme ich zum Anlass, meine Eindrücke über das alltägliche Tragen am Handgelenk zu schildern. Was sich nach kurzer Zeit schon über meinen neuen Begleiter sagen lässt: man merkt meistens nicht, dass er da ist – außer er meldet sich zum Alarm, ich habe nämlich ein paar On the second day I take the opportunity to describe my impressions of everyday wear on the wrist. What can be said about my new companion after a short time? You usually don’t notice that yu wear it – unless the alarm sounds, because I have a few alarms stored on the watch. The lightness of the G-SHOCK is a pure luxury feeling in everyday life – thanks to the use of titanium as a material. Casio G-SHOCK GMW B5000TB Review

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Titanium is indeed an extraordinary material – very strong and incredibly light. The material is resistant to extreme cold and heat. This is why titanium is now widely used in space travel, medical technology and sports. What this means in concrete terms for our G-SHOCK: the new model has lost 57 grams of weight compared to its stainless steel predecessor. That’s quite a lot, which is one of the reasons for the particularly high wearing comfort. 110 grams is just about nothing.

Photo: © 2020 by WATCHDAVID®

The solid titanium case has a width of 43.2 millimetres and a length of 49.3 millimetres. These are certainly massive dimensions, but they are what you would expect from the G-Shock brand. The G-SHOCK is therefore quickly noticeable on the wrist, which is also due to its striking and iconic design. 

I’ve always thought that a case made of sturdy titanium should be enough to withstand everyday knocks and blows. But Casio obviously disagreed, and gave his G-SHOCK GMW-B5000TB a very special finish. All outer metal components have been given a DLC coating. The diamond-like carbon coating also ensures that scratches and other signs of use pass the watch seemingly without a trace. The same applies to the dial, which is protected by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. It has also been given an anti-reflective coating that guarantees optimum legibility. 

The case including its bottom is screwed together and therefore waterproof. Casio specifies the water resistance classification according to the standard watch norm as 20 bar/ATM. So nothing should stand in the way of a dive to a depth of up to 200 metres, even though the G-SHOCK is of course not a pure diving watch.

Casio G-SHOCK GMW B5000TB Review
Photo: © 2020 by WATCHDAVID®

Despite the frequent use of titanium with DLC coating, the G-SHOCK offers visual variety: The case back is highly polished, with the words “Shock Resistant” printed on it – the Casio seal of quality par excellence. Let’s keep it in mind after day 2: the G-SHOCK GMT-5000TB makes a very decent impression on the outside. We’ll see if this is also confirmed in the various functions.

Day 3: The design of the dial

Actually the wheat is separated from the chaff here. Ultimately, we choose a watch when we particularly like the design of the dial on which we read the time every day. The dial of the G-SHOCK has the octagonal, iconic design that I have always liked, partly because it is a unique selling point. It is framed by a golden line. Within this line is the surface with the solar panels, on which the most important information about the functions is located. Literally embedded in it: the STN-LCD display, which convinced me in everyday life with its very good readability. All the digits can be easily seen even from a very oblique angle. 

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The LCD display is equipped with a Super-Illuminator light display, which always cuts a fine figure in the dark. By the way, the G-SHOCK is powered by solar energy. The solar panels on the dial absorb both daylight and artificial light and can last for several months. So you don’t have to worry about your G-SHOCK stopping or going out.

Day 4: I discover the functions

In the age of smart watches, full with high-tech features on the one hand and reduced fashion watches on the other, Casio models, especially the G-SHOCK watches, stand out. The manufacturer is going its own unusual way. Although the watches use Bluetooth to connect to the smartphone, they are not smartphones, but still classic digital watches. How does that work? The G-SHOCK models, including mine, have functions to set the time and the world time or to locate the mobile phone, for example. The smartphone is therefore only used to enhance the wearer’s experience, but is not the centre of the watch.

Casio G-SHOCK GMW B5000TB Review
Photo: © 2020 by WATCHDAVID®

So I sit on the couch armed with my iPhone and the G-SHOCK and download the “G-SHOCK Connected App”. The process of connecting watch and mobile phone is quite fast. Now I have various options for configuring my G-SHOCK in a very personal way. Both the time and the world times of various places can be set. An integrated Phone Finder on the watch helps to locate the mobile phone if it is within range of the Bluetooth connection. At the touch of a button on the watch, the smartphone emits a sound. Practical! 

Die weiteren Funktionen wie ein Timer, der von einer Sekunde bis 24 Stunden reicht, eine Stoppfunktion oder Tagesalarme samt Other functions such as a timer that ranges from one second to 24 hours, a stop function or daily alarms including snooze function can be conveniently set using the four gold push buttons on the side. There is also an automatic calendar with date, month and weekday display, which is available in several languages. 

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Anyone who has spent more time learning about the functions will certainly enjoy the ability to save locations as GPS coordinates on the watch using the “Flight Log Memory” function and then call them up on their mobile phone. I could go into more detail at this point, but of course I don’t want to steal your fun of discovering it. Try the G-SHOCK for yourself.

Day 5: A bracelet that is in no way inferior to the rest

I must once again express my praise. Today this goes to the bracelet, which is on a par with the case. It is made of titanium and has a DLC coating just like the case. To emphasize a small but fine detail: the brackets are highly polished in the middle, which makes the overall impression of the watch even more noble.

Photo: © 2020 by WATCHDAVID®

The titanium folding clasp is a clever touch. Even though I have removed individual brackets from the bracelet to adjust the watch to fit my wrist, I still have further possibilities for fine adjustment. For example, the deployment buckle can be hooked into small holes to perfectly adjust the length of the bracelet. I know that the other G-SHOCK watches have that as well, but in my opinion it is a very special gimmick that I like very much. 

The overall feel of the watch is very grippy and high quality. The wearing comfort was consistently good throughout all days.

Day 6: A conclusion Casio G-SHOCK GMW B5000TB

For almost a week I tested the G-SHOCK GMW-B5000TB with the long name and the much longer list of features. Not surprisingly, the verdict should be very good. The latest G-SHOCK takes the comfort, workmanship, design and features of Casio to a whole new level and plays to perfection. 

The G-SHOCK has shed its somewhat nerdy image of the past decades and is now an absolute trendsetter. The iconic design and prestigious name contribute to this. But that’s not all, the watches also know how to convince with quality. The titanium case of the GMW-B5000TB is, of course, the highlight above all else. Last but not least, Casio knows how to combine a watch in retro design with contemporary technology. The most important point: the smartphone only supports the functions, but does not push itself into the foreground. The G-SHOCK GMW-B5000TB is smart, but not too smart.

Casio G-SHOCK GMW B5000TB Review
Photo: © 2020 by WATCHDAVID®

To all those who are looking for an iconic watch that goes with leisure and street style as well as a chic business outfit, I can only warmly recommend this watch. It costs 1.590,- €

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Technical Details

NameCasio G-SHOCK B5000TB-1ER

Reference numberN/A


Categorydigital watches

Price from1590 Euro


Case MaterialDLC coating / titanium

Diameter49.20 mm x 42.30 mm

High13.00 mm

Watch GlassSapphire Crystal

Watch TypeQuartz / Solar

Waterproof20 bar (200 m / 660 ft)

Movement NameCasio solar operation

Functions12 hours counter / 24 hours counter / Alarm / Bluetooth Connection / date / day date / hour / Minute / second / Stop-second




Bracelet Colorblack

Bracelet MaterialDLC coating / titanium

Claspfolding clasp / titanium

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