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Hello, David. First of all, thank you very much for the invitation and opportunity to present myself.

Sarah, please tell me and my readers something about you. How old are you, where do you come from, where do you live, what are you doing, tell me about your your hobbies, job, etc….

Y’all know that i’m a woman and women don’t like to talk about their age. All I can say is that I am celebrating my 25th birthday for some years.

I live and work in the canton of Bern in Switzerland where i was born.

I am a single mother of a 10-year-old daughter and work for a mobile nursing service. The focus on geriatric care. In other words, I visit patients at their homes and help them through their daily needs.

My hobbies are watches and books. I like to read a lot. That’s the reason why my first profession was book binder.

My passion for watches came from the fact that my father already collected watches. So I was born into it.

What was your first watch? And what is the story behind this watch?

I was about 11 years old when I received my first watch. It was a Clip Swatch, which one could clamp on clothes.

This watch was my companion the hole time. I left it on a public toilet on our trip to Austria. I noticed it was gone forever. A really horrible experience!

My second (the first diver’s watch!!) I received shortly afterwards from my father. A Swatch Irony Scuba 200 aluminium.

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Everything began with this watch as well as my love to dive watches.

Have you always had a passion for watches, or how did it all start?

When it comes to watches I am kind of special . I don’t like average watches.That’s why my first Seiko was the SRP680k1. I saw it and fell in love immediately. The beautiful rosé gold case with the shiny dark brown bezel convinced me. Unfortunately, the watches on the websites of most manufacturers don’t give justice to their real appearance when you hold them in your hands. They look much better in nature.

From this moment I was caught by Seiko watches.
My second Seiko was the Seiko SNZF15k1. It became clear that I did not want the better known Pepsi version of this model, the SKX009. I like the colors and the shape of the case at the SNZF.

I was always after the Seiko Samurai Blue Lagoon. But it should take a while until she comes to me. Shortly before there were some few divers, as one can see on my profile.

And why does your heart beat so much for Seiko?

My heart is  beating for Seiko. In my opinion, there aren’t any diver watches on the market so affordable (except Steinhart perhaps) and the variety is hardly to beat. They run everything for everyone. Both in terms of colour and design. They are very reliable watches and if you treat them carefully they will run a lifetime and please you

What is your favourite watch and why?

My favourite watch and my absolute Grailwatch is the Seiko Samurai Blue Lagoon. The colorplay of this watch is unbeatable. The different shades of blue are beautiful. And I think the design of the case is great. Also the fact that it is a toolwatch and a limited edition.

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When I first saw this watch, I knew I had to get this. It took me a while to buy it on a Swiss auction platform.

If money wouldn’t matter, which watch would go for?

If money wouldn’t play any role I would buy either an Omega Seamaster professional or a Tudor Black Bay GMT. Both are beautiful timepiece. The design is absolutely perfect in my opinion.

Where do you buy your watches? At the jeweler’s, department store, online, … and why?

I usually buy my watches in the net from or on a Swiss auction platform.  There are always great bargains. It takes some luck to buy watches at an auction. Up to now I was very lucky.

Which other brands do you love and why?

I love my two Steinharts. In my opinion it is hard to beat Steinhart when it comes to hommage watches. Another brand worth to be mentioned is the Swisswatch Company, whose founder I know personally. These watches are not necessarily hommage watches, but the design and attention to details is great.

What else would you like to tell my readers?

I’m  looking forward every single day to share my passion with other watch fans around the world and make my knowledge getting bigger.

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Auch verfügbar auf Deutsch


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