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MeisterSinger is relaunching its Metris as a hip Bronze Line. What the Special Edition of the MeisterSinger watch can do and why it is not only suitable for bronze lovers, you will learn in this detailed review!

MeisterSinger METRIS Bronze
Can MeisterSinger convince with its Bronze Line? Photo © 2020 by WATCHDAVID® – All rights reserved

Why bronze watches are absolute trendsetters

In the portfolio of MeisterSinger, the Metris in its various versions belongs to the “New Vintage” group. These are watches designed in the style of classic modernism with a special lifestyle feeling for the customer. With a case diameter of just 38 millimeters, Metris models are particularly compact and robust for everyday use. In other words, they’re just the watches for anyone who likes it uncomplicated and doesn’t want to worry about whether the watch from the office will still be suitable for barbecues in the park later on.

So which watch, if not the Metris would be perfect from the MeisterSinger model range to be combined with bronze? Bronze has made an unprecedented comeback as the number one trend material in recent years. More and more watch brands have discovered the material for themselves and are launching timepieces with the distinctive look. After all, its popularity with customers has its reasons. Bronze changes its appearance over time. External environmental influences affect the watches differently. Therefore, each individual watch develops its own characteristic patina. The desire for even more individuality is just what is needed. Now MeisterSinger is following suit. But what is so special about the Metris as a bronze watch?

Compact instead of oversized: the MeisterSinger Metris Bronze Line

MeisterSinger METRIS Bronze
One of the smallest watches i’ve tested. Photo © 2020 by WATCHDAVID® – All rights reserved

On the one hand, there are the virtues that the other Metris models also possess. The MeisterSinger Metris Bronze Line with its reference number ME917BR is simply incredibly compact. You notice that as soon as you take it out of the packaging. For me, it’s the smallest watch I’ve reviewed in months. But after all, sheer size isn’t everything. At any rate, I don’t see any disadvantages when wearing it for the first time. On the wrist, the Metris Bronze looks harmonious. You only notice the difference in size to some chronographs at second glance, when you put the watches directly next to each other. The fact that the MeisterSinger Metris Bronze Line is “only” 38 millimeters in size is not noticeable on the wrist. Therefore, you don’t have to worry.

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The Metris stands out among the dozens of stainless steel watches because of its bronze alloy. Therefore, anyone who wants to wear something special, fresh and new should look at bronze watches. What I have rarely seen in bronze watches is the dark blue dial. It contrasts very well with the warm bronze alloy of the case and the brown leather strap.

Details of the leather strap. Photo © 2020 by WATCHDAVID® – All rights reserved

Bronze seems to be made for MeisterSinger watches anyway. It gives watches something historic, a certain vintage look. The combination with the design reminiscent of historical measuring instruments is therefore a perfect fit. In addition to the Metris, MeisterSinger has also reissued two of its other models, the N° 03 and the Perigraph as Bronze Line.

Fine materials and an elegant shape: the case

Compared to the N° 03 and the Perigraph, it is noticeable that the Metris Bronze does not have a conservative round case, but looks more curved and thus more dynamic. The curve of the case body flows smoothly into the lugs, which I personally like very much. With a case diameter of 38 millimeters, the Metris is a slim 10.3 millimeters tall, which is quite respectable considering the automatic movement installed. There are no surprises when it comes to the quality of workmanship, and that’s a good thing. Because it is, as you know and expect from MeisterSinger, on a high level. Bronze alloy encases the case, which is made of stainless steel.

MeisterSinger METRIS Bronze
Comes with a magnifying date. Photo © 2020 by WATCHDAVID® – All rights reserved

To protect the dial, MeisterSinger uses sapphire crystal, as befits the company. I particularly like the curvature, as it adds even more retro charm to the bronze timepiece. What you see more often on luxury brands is the recessed magnifying date. The sapphire crystal magnifies the inset circular date window, making it much easier to read. The crown is protected by two protrusions of the case and therefore does not interfere in everyday life.

A Daily Rocker with characteristics of a diver

Bronze is often associated with diving watches and other instruments used in diving and navigation. For example, old diving helmets were often made of bronze. Therefore, it is all the more pleasing that the MeisterSinger Metris Bronze Line also has the characteristics of a diving watch. According to the watch manufacturer, the Metris has a water resistance of 20 bar! A value that positively surprised me. Of course, this does not make MeisterSinger’s bronze watch a pure diver, as it lacks a countdown bezel, for example. The Metris is a lifestyle watch, an all-rounder that can be used everywhere. And therefore it needs the appropriate water resistance.

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A bright spot during dark times. Photo © 2020 by WATCHDAVID® – All rights reserved

Whether you’re swimming in the ocean, doing water sports or simply taking a shower – you can leave the MeisterSinger Metris Bronze Line on in a relaxed manner, without worrying whether it will leave traces on your Daily Rocker. On the contrary: traces are welcome! They contribute to the characteristic patina that makes the Metris your own individual watch. The versatile usability is a feature that I particularly like about the MeisterSinger Metris Bronze Line.

The convincing water resistance is made possible by the caseback, which is screwed down six times. Since MeisterSinger has omitted the bronze alloy at this point, the stainless steel used for the case is visible on the caseback. The watch brand from Münster, Western Germany, has dispensed with a viewing window.

MeisterSinger Metris Bronze Line – equipped with solid inner values

MeisterSinger METRIS Bronze
The caseback shows the steel behind the bronze. Photo © 2020 by WATCHDAVID® – All rights reserved

Behind the stainless steel case back lies the heart of the MeisterSinger Metris Bronze Line. The manufacturer relies on Swiss quality and installs a Sellita SW 200-1 automatic movement. On paper, this is equipped with 25 jewels and reaches 28800 vibrations per hour at 4 Hz with a power reserve of an absolutely sufficient 38 hours.

A dial with a clear signature

Typical for MeisterSinger: the dial. Photo © 2020 by WATCHDAVID® – All rights reserved

The dial makes the MeisterSinger Metris Bronze Line recognizable as a true MeisterSinger at first glance. After all, it offers everything that characterizes the watches from Münster. The radiant dark blue dial with its flawless finish and beautiful contrast to the rest of the watch is a real eye-catcher. On the surface, the MeisterSinger typical single hand rotates. Like the Arabic indices, it has a light cream tone that harmonizes with the bronze alloy. The overall look is rounded off by individual red accents of the hand or the date display.

The illuminated indices are of good quality. Photo © 2020 by WATCHDAVID® – All rights reserved

As with the other MeisterSinger watches, the minute track of the Metris consists of 5 minute dashes. This means that the time cannot be read exactly to the minute. This is supposed to provide a more relaxed feeling of time in everyday life. Overall, MeisterSinger has remained true to itself with the dial and has implemented all the advantages of the other watches in its Metris as well.

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Equipped for the outdoors: the leather strap

The MeisterSinger Logo on the strap. Photo © 2020 by WATCHDAVID® – All rights reserved

In my opinion, MeisterSinger has made a good choice with the strap used. It is a dark brown saddle leather strap including a bronze buckle. The special saddle leather is similar soft as a common leather strap, but has certain advantages. On the one hand, it is very robust and can withstand frequent contact with water, and on the other hand, it looks much fresher and less conservative. The wearing comfort in everyday life was still very good for my sensation! For those who need variety, I’d advise checking out one of the other two bracelets. There’s a choice of a classic crocodile-embossed calfskin strap and a suede strap, both in dark brown.

MeisterSinger METRIS Bronze
A bronze buckle completes the design. Photo © 2020 by WATCHDAVID® – All rights reserved

My conclusion about the MeisterSinger Metris Bronze Line

After a few days of daily use, the conclusion of this review is clear. For me, the Metris is the most versatile MeisterSinger watch in the range! And therefore the perfect daily rocker. The design with the bronze alloy and the curved case is different: stylish, fresh and always elegant. Add to that the outdoor qualities of a true diver’s watch, and it doesn’t matter when or where you wear the Metris. The answer is: always!

Another plus point: despite the new material, MeisterSinger has remained true to its line and has not tried to forcefully put the watch into a diver’s corset. This should appeal to all lovers of the brand. Likewise, all those who like it uncomplicated and do not want to think about whether they can wear the watch after an office day at dinner or at the pool. In any case, this variability is true luxury for me!

The minimum price for the MeisterSinger Metris Bronze Line is 1975 Euros. My version including saddle leather strap costs 1990 Euro.

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Technical Details

NameMeisterSinger Metris Bronze Line

Reference numberME917BR


Categorybronze watches / retro watches

Price from1990 Euro


Case MaterialBronze

Diameter38.00 mm

High10.30 mm

Watch GlassSapphire Crystal

Watch TypeAutomatic

Waterproof20 bar (200 m / 660 ft)

Movement NameSellita SW 200-1

Power Reserve38 hours

Functionsdate / hour / Minute / second

Dialdark blue

Indicesarabic indices


Bracelet Colorbrown

Bracelet Materialleather

ClaspBronze / pin buckle

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