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The Andersmann DEEP OCEAN ANN0913 is considered to be one of the best watches in the range of the Hong Kong brand, which is known for its extreme models. Rightly so? The deep-sea diver’s watch can show how good Andersmann really is. After the previous models, the bar is set high….

Andersmann DEEP OCEAN ANN0913
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The Andersmann super-watch

Andersmann knows how to design and build tool watches that love extremes, always replacing any filigree by breathtaking technical values. The brand, which is based in Hong Kong and manufactures in Switzerland, has already proven its expertise. The Andersmann OCEANMASTER II 1000M, the Andersmann CHRONOGRAPH DLC ANN0683 and the Andersmann CLASSIC 300M ANN0136 all proved to be very good watches in my tests, shining with their diving qualities, sportiness or simply their versatility. Especially under water, even the chronograph can compete with most diving watches up to a depth of 300 metres. 

Andersmann DEEP OCEAN ANN0913
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But what would a watch look like that could dive not “only” 300 metres, but even 3000 metres? In other words, a watch that delivers outstanding top performance even by Andersmann standards. The Andersmann DEEP OCEAN ANN0913 should provide the answer. Its name alone reveals that the terrain of this watch is probably not in the shallow waters in which we proudly wear our diving watches as soon as the annual beach holiday comes around. The flagship’s unique selling point is its maximum diving depth of 3000 metres – a value at which other manufacturers have long since given up.

Of course, none of us will ever reach these depths or place a watch outside the submarine. But the value symbolically shows what top performances Andersmann is capable of. How and with what the manufacturer was able to construct such a stable watch, I will show you in the test including watch photography!

One of the greatest watches I have ever tested 

Andersmann DEEP OCEAN ANN0913
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I have been eagerly looking forward to this moment, and now it has come. The Andersmann DEEP OCEAN ANN0913 was indeed the watch in the range that I found most interesting. No wonder, when you read through the technical data. Now the robust deep-sea diver stands packed on my table. I don’t need to go into detail about the black box in which every Andersmann watch is delivered. The idea and the implementation are ingenious. Once opened, you can find the most important things at a glance: Warranty card, tool pen, a brown interchangeable leather strap and, of course, the DEEP OCEAN.


Wow! The Andersmann DEEP OCEAN ANN0913 is a massive wristwatch, the likes of which I have rarely seen before. Its brute dimensions are what distinguish the timepiece from any other watch at first glance and make it immediately identifiable as a genuine Andersmann. The surprise follows when I take the diver out of the box for the first time. The Andersmann DEEP OCEAN ANN0913 is incredibly light! This is due to the high-tech case, which is made of titanium. But more about that later. The exclusively matt surfaces in black and grey give the DEEP OCEAN a very functional, rough and clear look that is even more sporty than that of the Andersmann OCEANMASTER II 1000M. I like that very much!

The Andersmann DEEP OCEAN ANN0913 on the wrist

Wristshot Andersmann DEEP OCEAN ANN0913
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The Andersmann DEEP OCEAN ANN0913 couldn’t have less in common with a dainty fashion watch. Anyone who wears the functional, sporty men’s watch with the practical rubber strap on their wrist will stand out in every respect. Self-confidence is therefore a must. With a case diameter of no less than 47 millimetres, the Andersmann DEEP OCEAN ANN0913 is generally more suitable for wrists with a larger circumference. In addition, it is 20 millimetres thick. A high level of water resistance ultimately affects the thickness of the material. Thus the DEEP OCEAN is harmoniously proportioned. 

A high-tech case made of titanium

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The manufacture of a diver’s watch that has to withstand extreme pressure is demanding. It is not without reason that the Andersmann DEEP OCEAN ANN0913, like all other timepieces of the brand, is manufactured and assembled by selected watchmakers in the Swiss watch capital Biel. Here, they are able to produce a robust case that can withstand all the demands of the deep sea. 

The lightness of the large case is due to grade 5 titanium. In addition to this advantage, titanium also stands for high resistance and flexibility. The high-tech material is therefore ahead of the otherwise common stainless steel in many respects. The matt-finished centre monobloc merges at the bottom with an eight-screw case back, which is also made of solid titanium. There is no room here for gimmicks like a sight glass with a view of the movement. The appearance is exclusively subordinate to the functionality, i.e. the high water resistance. All the important specifications are neatly engraved on the black centre. Here you will also find the number of your watch. Important to know: there are only 100 pieces of the Andersmann DEEP OCEAN ANN0913. The limited edition is a typical feature of the Hong Kong brand.


Without a helium valve, such diving depths would not be possible. During decompression, it allows helium to escape, which improves the pressure resistance of the diving watch. The helium valve of the Andersmann DEEP OCEAN ANN0913 can be found on the side at 9 o’clock. 

Bezel and sapphire crystal of the Andersmann DEEP OCEAN ANN0913

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On the front, pressure- and shock-resistant sapphire crystal protects the dial from external influences. Its thickness of 4.5 millimetres explains, among other things, the handsome case height. As with classic diver’s watches, it is domed. Andersmann has provided the watch glass with an anti-reflective coating. You should pay special attention to this when buying your diving watch. The coating not only looks better, it also visibly improves the readability of the time. 

The watch glass is enclosed by the diver’s bezel, which can be turned counterclockwise on one side. It’s 120 clicks engage cleanly and without play, which is evidence of very good quality. Andersmann chose titanium with a ceramic inlay as the material.

A Swiss automatic calibre from ETA

Andersmann DEEP OCEAN ANN0913
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All 100 pieces of the Andersmann DEEP OCEAN ANN0913 are equipped with a Swiss automatic calibre. Inside the case is an ETA 2892-A2, the first version of which was launched in the 1970s and has been improved again and again ever since. In the meantime, it has become one of the best-known movements of the manufacturer ETA and is appreciated for its reliability as well as its accuracy. It consists of a balance, a hairspring and an ETACHRON regulator. The power reserve is an enduring 50 hours.

Winding the watch with the generously dimensioned crown is easy. Particularly practical: Andersmann has positioned the crown at 4 o’clock. This means that it does not interfere with the back of the hand in everyday use.

Dial and bracelet

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The black dial does without glamorous ornamentation and presents itself in a classic diver’s look. In other words: dot-haped, minimalist indices, a rough-surfaced upper dial and wide hands – all for optimal readability. Nevertheless, I can discover some design elements that liven things up: For one thing, there is the blue second hand, which catches the eye among the dark grey and black tones. Not to forget: the Arabic numerals 3, 6, 9 and 12, which are typical for Andersmann.

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Lume Shot
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All indices glow in the dark and ensure that you could read the time even at depths no daylight would ever reach.

Andersmann leaves the wearer of the DEEP OCEAN ANN0913 spoilt for choice and supplies the watch with two straps that are adapted to the different areas of use of the watch. I have already presented the black rubber strap to you several times. I am still enthusiastic about its smooth surfaces and the resulting good wearing comfort. This time, it is equipped with an exclusive titanium buckle to match the case. I recommend the sporty rubber strap to those who are often and gladly active and want to wear the watch in every situation.

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But: the Andersmann DEEP OCEAN ANN0913 can also be chic. The alternative is a brown leather strap. Just as robust and large as the rubber version, it is particularly suitable for more elegant occasions. Then the Andersmann DEEP OCEAN ANN0913 presents itself casually and elegantly.

My conclusion on the Andersmann DEEP OCEAN ANN0913

Andersmann DEEP OCEAN ANN0913
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The Andersmann DEEP OCEAN ANN0913 is a watch that is fun to wear. Built for adventure, this diver masters pretty much any mission. Everything that has already distinguished other models from Andersmann is taken to the extreme in the DEEP OCEAN ANN0913. Sportiness, a penchant for the extreme and good quality, to name just three features. Above all, you have to take your hat off to the choice of materials and the quality of workmanship. A diving depth of 3000 metres can only be achieved with a lot of know-how and technical precision. The light titanium case and the loosening design elements take away some of the brute appearance of the giant diver. 

The DEEP OCEAN collection features another watch. It’s sister model with the reference number ANN0982 is even more radical with its completely black case. Both watches cost 2,180 US dollars and are limited to 100 pieces each. Below you will find all the important links!

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Technical Details

NameAndersmann DEEP OCEAN

Reference numberANN0913


Categorydiving watches

Price from2.180,- US dollar


Case Materialtitanium

Diameter47.00 mm

High20.00 mm

Watch Glassanti-reflective coating / Sapphire Crystal

Watch TypeAutomatic

Waterproof300 bar (3000 m / 10000 ft)

Movement NameETA 2892-A2

Power Reserve50 hours

Functionshour / Minute / second



Special Featuresindices filled with luminous material

Bezelblack / ceramic insert / titanium

Bracelet Colorblack

Bracelet Materialrubber

Clasppin buckle / titanium

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