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Every day a new microbrand is created somewhere in the world. Often young lateral entrants try to use kickstart campaigns to become successful entrepreneurs and design the trendy watches of tomorrow.

The market has changed and offers new opportunities. But as quickly as new brands spring up like mushrooms, they often disappear again. Only those manufactories with a visionary idea, an original design and a feel for trends prevail. 

Tapferkeit Watches - Furchtlos

Because of the huge selection of microbrands, I would like to introduce you to the brands that stand out for me, the jewels on the market. Today’s microbrand swims on the wave of new watch brands through and through, but it is also very special, which also applies to the model I brought you today. So it is worth it – have fun!

The first impression

A special watch or a special brand does not just carry any name. It wants to stand out. To break new ground. May I introduce: the Furchtlos of the brand Tapferkeit. Tapferkeit, founded by a young entrepreneur, is based on the legendary, minimalist design of the Bauhaus, the legendary German style. In keeping with the origin of the design, Tapferkeit only uses german names for its models. So Furchtlos means nothing else than fearless. Tapferkeit stands for bravery. By the way, all models should be characterized by this. Tapferkeit Watches already start at prices around 100 Euros, which is just about a tenth of the average price of most Bauhaus watches.

Tapferkeit Watches - Furchtlos

The FTS – 3 Founders Edition from the Furchtlos Collection seems to keep this at least at first glance. In my hands I hold a beautiful, discreet watch. The dark blue dial shimmers nobly, the shiny silver hands are finely crafted and the polished case reflects the sunlight. My thought: a watch without any frills, gadgets or an overloaded dial with several totalizers. The Furchtlos radiates calmness and serenity, but without looking boring or antiquated. It lives up to its name in a certain way. Fearless.


What makes this watch so fearless: the Furchtlos in Detail.

Of course, as you know, I’m not just interested in a flawless exterior. It depends on whether the Furchtlos is a special watch at first glance, but it’s also important whether it delivers what it promises at second glance. Let’s go into detail on this. The case is made of 316L stainless steel and does not have to make any concessions in terms of material selection compared to the high-priced representatives of the Bauhaus watches. With a diameter of 42 millimeters, the Furchtlos does not need to hide on the wrist. Despite its straightforward, minimalist design, it does not sink in. Since I know that 42 millimeters are sometimes too big for some people, I can reassure you. The Furchtlos never looks massive or heavy. The low case height of just 7.9 millimetres also contributes to this. The crown is ribbed, has a pleasant size and does not need any protection.

Tapferkeit Watches - Furchtlos

The case is cleanly finished in all areas. This is anything but usual for a start-up company that has built up its first capital with the help of a kickstart campaign and cannot look back on a tradition of over 100 years. So at this point I would like to once again express great praise for Tapferkeit.

The design of the case back is also without much decoration. Engraved in the middle is the lettering “Tapferkeit Vermächtnis Founders Edition”. Outside a fine circle are also other specifications, including water resistance. The Furchtlos is water resistant to a water pressure of 5ATM, which means it is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters. I would not take the watch with me on dives, though. Splashes or water jets are no problem.

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Tapferkeit Watches - Furchtlos

The case

The Furchtlos is a quartz watch, which is driven by a Miyota 2115 movement, which by the way also allows the pleasantly flat case to be realized. Nobody should expect an automatic movement here, especially if you consider, that the brand Tapferkeit is still quite young and offers its Furchtlos at an affordable beginner’s price. But the Miyota movement is a good choice: reliable, high-quality and durable.

The dial

How many more words do you want to say about a well-designed dial? The dark blue shimmers nobly and reinvents itself again and again under changing light conditions. The hour markings are long, fine lines. In between are alternating shorter lines and dots. Thus the formal language would be unambiguous: clear, straightforward, discreet – in other words, completely Bauhaus. The hour and minute hands pick up the polished design of the case again and taper to a point. All three hands sit on a hub consisting of several rings. At 3 o’clock there is a square date window. This is also where the only number is found, black on white. Under 12 o’clock, the logo and the manufacturer’s writing are printed. Everything here is also very clean and manufactured on a high level.

Tapferkeit Watches - Furchtlos

Well, there is nothing more to say about the dial, which is a compliment by the way. At this point, my photos of the Furchtlos watch say more than a thousand words… I simply love the design! Characteristic for all Tapferkeit watches is the domed sapphire crystal. As already said above: there is no shortage of good material.

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The bracelet

My Furchtloss has the Milanese Mesh strap that complements the stainless steel case best in my eyes. The wearing comfort is pleasant. Typical for today’s young watch brands who want to meet the spirit of the times is the interchangeable bracelet. Leather bracelets in different colors are also available.

Tapferkeit Watches - Furchtlos

The Furchtlos – a fearless conclusion…

…first to the watch: the Furchtlos is more than worthy to introduce people to the legendary design language of the Bauhaus. In 2019, we will celebrate 100 years of Bauhaus and the design is more up-to-date than ever: timeless, minimalist and clear. You can’t lose with the Furchtlos on your wrist. The watch is perfect for a wide variety of outfits. The quality is impeccable in all places. And if you are not the biggest fan of a blue dial, you can configure your favourite on the homepage in different colours easily.

So what remains to be said about Tapferkeit? The creative names of both the brand and the models are idiosyncratic and therefore stand out. Even if international buyers may not be able to translate the meaning immediately, many will still rightly associate the brand with German craftsmanship and quality. I predict a promising future for Tapferkeit Watches.

Tapferkeit Watches - Furchtlos

The watch currently costs 95 euros. For those who are not yet so familiar with watches, this is a great entry-level price. For little money you get a really great watch. But also for die-hard watch enthusiasts I can only recommend the Fearless because of its beautiful design!

Tapferkeit watches here:

Technical Details

NameTapferkeit Furchtlos FTS-3 Founders Edition

Reference numberN/A


Categorydress watches

Price from95 Euro


Case Material316L stainless steel

Diameter42.00 mm

High7.90 mm

Watch GlassSapphire Crystal

Watch TypeQuartz

Waterproof5 bar (50 m / 164 ft)

Movement NameMiyota 2115

Functionsdate / hour / Minute / second



Bezelgrey / stainless steel

Bracelet Colorgrey

Bracelet MaterialMilanese

Clasp316L stainless steel

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