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Diving watches are still the trend in 2020. Even though we often use them more in everyday life than on dives, they embody certain characteristics that seem important to us – and which we love all the more in our diving watches. The best diving watches.

The watches are considered very robust, sporty and masculine. They often have a striking design, which sets them apart from ordinary chronographs. In addition they stand for the unknown, for adventure and risk. And what could be better than looking at the time and thinking of the first dive of a Caribbean vacation?

9 Best Dive Watches 2021

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traser P67 SuperSub Blue - 109375
traser SuperSub – Photo © WATCHDAVID®

Whoever is interested in buying a new diving watch will immediately notice that not all diving watches are the same. The models range from waterproof timepieces for everyday use to high-end instruments for professionals to extraordinary trend watches with bronze alloy and vintage feel. I have shed some light on the dark and have put together six different watches that appeal to everyone in this confusing market.

What makes a good diving watch – The best diving watches

As different as they can be, all good diving watches should have a few things in common. And this is what counts when buying a watch, if you really want to go diving with it. After all, a diver’s watch is the difference between life and death in an emergency.


For this purpose, the important functions are checked before the dives: the bezel, the illumination of the indices or the water resistance of the case for example. So what makes a wristwatch a real diver’s watch?

What features every diver’s watch should have

A high waterproofness

What is the point of diving to shallow depths if the watch cannot withstand higher water pressure? For a high water resistance, the case and crown should ideally be screwed down. In addition, the bar/ATM value is decisive: every watch should be water-resistant to a pressure of 10 bar.

Andersmann Bronze Diver Wach
ANDERSMANN Diver Bronze – Waterproof to 1000 meters- Photo © WATCHDAVID®

Dives are possible up to a depth of 100 meters. Some chronographs also indicate a low water resistance. Diving or snorkeling with them is not recommended.

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A good readability

Important data on the dial such as the remaining dive time must be readable even in the darkness of the depth. Therefore large, easy to read indices with illumination are crucial. Most manufacturers use coatings with different illuminants.

Swiss Watch Company Chronograph
SWC Diver Chronograph – Photo WATCHDAVID®

The bezel, hour and minute markers, as well as the hands should be evenly and strongly illuminated. The best diving watches. The best diving watches.

A diving bezel

So-called unidirectional diving bezels should be part of every good diving watch. They can be used to set countdowns of up to one hour.

The Exotic Vintage VDB TROOP US – Photo © WATCHDAVID®

Only a diving bezel ensures that the diver knows at all times how much oxygen and thus how much time remains under water.

A good bracelet

Bracelets are ideally made of stainless steel, rubber or silicone. All other materials are not resistant to moisture or rust. Bracelets with a diver’s clasp are also a good choice.


If the diver has already put on the equipment including the suit, the length of the wristband can be extended by a handle. The watch now fits around the wrist without any problems. Most diving watches are delivered with such a bracelet.

Six diving watches to suit every taste – The best diving watches

Although the watches we select are made for diving, they differ greatly in design, price and materials. Therefore there should be something for everyone.

Andersmann Bronze 1000M – the diver’s watch with superlatives

The Andersmann Bronze 1000M carries one of its highlights in its name. The bulky Diver is a watch that should be on the screen, if only because of its brute water resistance. Up to 1000 meters water depth are possible with this timepiece. But not only that, the design also stands out.

Andersmann Bronze Watch 1000m ANN0933

The watch has a vintage look with charm. In addition, the case is refined with a bronze alloy that changes color over time and develops its own characteristic patina. It is therefore a truly unique piece. Whoever is interested in the Andersmann bronze should be quick. The diver’s watch is limited to just 38 pieces.

Vintage VDB Maritime Diver 19 Polished – The Extrovert

The Maritime Diver 19 from VDB is literally a clock with corners and edges. The diver’s watch has a robust, angular and unique design and therefore immediately catches the eye. The sheer size alone does the rest. The still quite young start-up VDB from Thuringia has already achieved international fame with its polarizing military look.

VINTAGE VDB Diver Watch Review
Maritime Diver 2019 – Photo © WATCHDAVID®

The Maritime Diver 19 is something special and is therefore often worn by stars. Anyone who now thinks he is looking at a watch with a big mouth and nothing behind it is mistaken. Even beneath the robust case, the striking diver’s watch is manufactured to the highest standards using the best materials – not a watch that everyone wants to please!

VDB Maritime Diver 19

Heinrich Taucher – The Underdog

The young microbrand of Wolfgang Heinrich hat erst vor kurzem ihre erste eigene Uhr releast. has just recently released her first own watch. The Heinrich Taucher captivates by its appearance, which is to remind of the diving watches of the 70s. The design is nevertheless completely independent and contains a loving Easter Egg with the hand in the design of the Stuttgart TV tower.


Although it is the brand’s first movement, the watch has no “teething troubles”. In any case, there is nothing to complain about in terms of the quality of the workmanship. The Heinrich Taucher is located in the middle price segment and therefore very interesting for beginners.

Heinrich Taucher

Mühle Glashütte Seebataillon GMT – The nautical instrument

The fact that Mühle-Glashütte developed the Seebataillon GMT for soldiers in cooperation with the German Navy says it all. More diver’s watch is de facto not possible! The Sea Battalion GMT has a very functional design with a lot of sportiness and various high-tech features. In addition, an intelligent choice of materials, which is unparalleled!

Mühle-Glashütte - S.A.R. Rescue-Timer 1000m // Mühle-Glashütte Seebataillon GMT 300m
Mühle-Glashütte S.A.R. Rescue-Timer & Seebataillon GMT – Photo © WATCHDAVID®

This starts with the wonderfully light titanium case. The best diving watches. Nevertheless, the watch never looks too complicated, but reliably provides all the important information that the diver needs. Mühle makes his diver pay well. 2750 euros are due.

Mühle-Glashütte Seebataillon GMT

SWC Diver – a black beauty

The SWC Diver has everything that a good watch needs – a classic diver’s watch design that you immediately take to your heart. A large selection of colors. 44 millimeter case diameter! And quality at a top level. It’s hard to believe that SWC has only been on the market since 2018. Kickstarter needed just 45000 dollars to get the founder, an enthusiastic watchmaker, and his sons off to the start.

SWC Diver BLACK Review
A real black beauty – Photo © WATCHDAVID®

For a well manufactured and designed watch like the SWC Diver, you only have to pay 450 dollars. My favorite is the all-black version – that looks just evil!

SWC Diver

Aquatico Bronze Sea Star – For beginners 

Bronze watches are still the trend in 2020! Therefore a diver from AQUATICO with the characteristic alloy should not be missing. The Bronze Sea Star is a sophisticated watch in the lower price segment.

AQUATICO Bronze Sea Star – Photo © WATCHDAVID®

This makes it particularly suitable for beginners who do not want to pay four-digit prices for their first diving watch right away. The quality of the AQUATICO Bronze Sea Star there is nothing to criticize. For just under 300 dollars you can get a lot of watches here. All collectors of diving watches can look forward to another piece in bronze look.

AQUATICO Bronze Sea Star

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