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My best 22 english Watch Blogs & Watch Magazine. As a one man show it is not always easy to fill my watch blog with content as you would like. I am an absolute watch fan and would like to show you more watch blogs here, on which I also hang around from time to time to get new ideas. Come with me on the journey of the predominantly English-speaking watch blogs. A small but nice overview of German watch blogs I have presented here (Uhrenblogs aus Deutschland – meine Top 3 Uhren Blogs). Some of the following blogs also have their own app. Partly with more than 100 contributors they can of course deliver a lot more content like I can. My focus is still on watch reviews and watch photography.

Therefore the idea of the best english watch blogs and watch magazine on one page. And now have fun surfing, browsing, buying and above all – but coming back here later!!! 🙂

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Watch Magazine HODINKEE

1. HODINKEE Watch Magazine

If it should be more than the pure knowledge of the mechanics and materials of a watch. The HODINKEE Watch Bloggers also know how to present the story behind the watch in an excellent way. Of course, it’s important that a watch stands up to current testing methods, but HODINKEE goes beyond that. They test watches in real life. Similar to a 100,000 km test in the well-known car newspapers. You can spend the whole day in this Watch Blog. Because in addition to watches, there is also a nice tidy store. Here I just bought the (unfortunately reprint) first HODINKEE book. Am already quite excited.

2. Worn & Wound

A nice blog with a lot of attention to detail. Besides the classic reviews and articles/news, you can also find videos and podcasts here. Unfortunately, the articles are always a bit stretched and overrun with ads. But of course, you also have to live. But it reads very well and the photos are plentiful. A store is also on offer. Here there are also again watches to buy. A nice selection with all important information. A very great Watch Magazine.



Yes, I know… but my little watch blog is getting around in the world, because I translate all articles, reviews, interviews and watch news in english as well. So I have to be on the list here too… 🙂 – LOL… I know many of the owners personally, which fuels my passion to write about watches even more. Besides watch photography, I also specialize in presenting news and supporting Kickstarter watch projects. Since I already had my first internet agency in 1996, the Uhenmarken benefit today from my know how in photography, SEO, SEA, Social Media, E-Cmmerce and good, detailed reviews. Let’s see where the journey goes….

Watch Blogs aBlogtoWatch

4. aBlogtoWatch Watch Blog

If one comes the first time on the starting side one thinks fast, what is this then for a small Blog. But here is so much content on the theme watches to find, that here really everyone finds something. Even the professional who already knows everything about watches will still find something here. It is said that this watch blog is one of the most read watch blogs in the world. In the first moment hardly imaginable. In the second already. Besides reviews and buying guides, there is also a nice store with watch t-shirts, watch posters and other paraphernalia. Unlike HODINKEE, however, there are no watches to buy directly here.

5. Man of Many – The Wind Up

Man of Many is Australia’s largest men’s lifestyle publication, covering everything from tech, fashion, rides, whiskey and watches. And while they’re not solely dedicated to watches, it makes up a big part of their content, all of which can be found via the link below. Whether it’s a statement piece, a sentimental item, a lifetime of savings, or thing of beauty on your wrist, Man of Many loves celebrating watches. If you’re looking for a weekly round-up of the best watches, you have to check out their Wind Up series, which covers the latest watch news from around the globe to keep you in the know with all things horology.

Watch Blogs WatchPro

6. WatchPro

This British-based watch magazine is available online and in print. Order a copy, the layout is good and there are topics that I have not found elsewhere. Predominantly it is about luxury watches. Besides the usual watch news, there is information about the retailers in the industry. Each retailer has its own tag, which makes it easy to find them quickly. Here you can learn many things from the scene, which you search in vain in the other watch magazine.

7. WatchTime Watch Blogs

As one of the oldest and most successful watch blogs in America, WatchTime offers everything that makes the watch heart beat faster. Who would rather browse in the evening in bed, simply orders the magazine comfortably by mail. In the store there is the magazine as an e-magazine for all those who do not want to wait. In addition to the Watch News you will find detailed Watch Reviews and other information around the watch.

Watch Magazine MONOCHROME


If you are looking for smaller brands here, you will search in vain. It’s all about the BIG BRANDS, the “must have watches sometime when I won the lottery”. But of it plentifully, in detail and well sorted. A look at the BRANDS section shows that there is a lot going on here. Yes, OK, there are also brands that have watches for under 1,000, – EUR. I find the division of the categories and their subcategories cool. Face-to-Face, Spotted or the Women’s Watch Wednesday make you want more. And you get the desire satisfied. A watch blog that I like to visit again and again.

Watch Blogs Time+Tide

9. TIME+TIDE Watch Blog

The Australian Watch Blog shows how to transport the charm of mechanical watches to new and existing target groups. I like the Quick Navigation directly to all watch brands in the right sidebar. The main point Watch Fairs is about outdated, let’s see what role real watch fairs will have in the future. Interesting is the club, where you can become a member for 149,- USD. In addition to a Nato Strap, there are other things and discount promotions on watches in their own store and more. The store is clearly sorted by topics.

10. Fratello Watches

At Fratello there are also many posts in German, unfortunately not all. The selection is her large and you notice that here real watch enthusiasts write. The tidy design makes you want more. In the store there is a small but fine selection of watches. Limited editions are also available. Fratello currently (as of April 2021) has 15 employees. Reading in is worthwhile in any case. One of my favorite Watch Magazine.

Watch Magazine Quill & Pad

11. Quill & Pad – Watch Magazine

Over 3,300 entries are waiting to be discovered. Even if the name has nothing to do with watches, you can find everything your watch heart desires here in Watch Magazine. The topics and brands are quickly accessible via the categories on the right. So you can reach your goal quickly. For real connoisseurs & interested a MUST HAVE blog.

Watch Magazine Watchonista

12. Watchonista

A really very extensive watch blog, whose origin, as far as I know, was in Switzerland. Meanwhile, the guys are active worldwide. The selection of categories alone gives you an idea of how many millions of words are waiting to be read. Currently 16 people are responsible for this content. Here you can really find a lot of information, also from past days. Also the entry into the newsletter is worthwhile itself in any case.

13. SJX Watches Watch Blogs

Also in Singapore there are watch fans. And not too few! But in this blog Su Jia Xian still writes the posts alone. Almost si like me. Very sympathetic. The betroths are not just superficial, but weigh all the diversity, which also inspire real watch connoisseurs. If you look at the brand list, you know that it is only about the crème de la crème. Microbrands are not to be found here.

Watch Magazine The Rake


HA! I got my first limited edition watch from REVOLUTION, THE RAKE & Hanhart! Steve McQueen would be happy! The Hanhart x The Rake & Revolution Pioneer 417 Bronze :-). I will report back later. Not a real watch blog or watch magazine, I know. But I browse here every now and then, because the whole outfit of a man just plays a role, when you finally found the right, or the right watches. THE MODERN VOICE OF CLASSIC ELEGANCE. That really hits the nail on the head. Order one of the print magazines for just 10,- USD. It is worth it. It really makes you want more!

15. REVOLUTION Watch Magazine

Great editors at work here providing not only about the watch but the overall storytelling. I’ve been to the site so many times and still feel like I haven’t seen it all. The store is a dream for those who have the spare change. Often limited editions, one of a kind pieces and more. Also the real magazines to browse – yes such a thing still exists – are well worth reading.

Watch Magazine Haulogerie

16. Haulogerie Watch Magazine

Dimitri Tsilioris writes here with his team about watches. Without taking a leaf before the waistband. There is also sometimes the one or other Munich plucked. But don’t worry, in the end it’s all about the truth and the art of watchmaking, because without constructive criticism there is no change. I haven’t managed to read all the articles yet. Can someone tell me how many articles there are? Because the impression deceives that there are only a few, if one is the first time on the side.

Watch Blogs wound for life

17. wound for life

Ever heard of LESONS IN WRISTORY, IN THE FLASH or FACE OFF? Neither have I. But one thing is clear. You guys will keep coming back. The stories and contributions behind them are truly unique. It’s always a mystery to me how and where you get such old photos and documents, for example. Really impressive. The Watch Magazine looks a bit spartan at first sight. You often have to click first to see the first photos. But then it’s just fun. Highly recommended!

Watch Blogs deployant

18. Deployant Watch Blogs

More than 1,200 reviews waiting to be discovered. Nice and easy written, great photos. Interesting is that there is also a separate section of photography. Here you can find watch news & tips about cameras, partly also with reference to watches. Overall, an extensive watch magazine blog with everything the collector & watch heart desires.

Watch Blogs Haute Time

19. Haute Time

Already invested all your money in Ditcoin & Co and you don’t know where to put it? No problem, at Haute XXX you will find what you are looking for. Be it watches from 20,000 euros, mega yachts for several million dollars, powerful cars or even your own jet. There are more or less several magazines integrated. And if you still have money left over I can’t help you anymore… HAHAHA… Seriously, the site makes you want to dive into the world of the rich & beautiful and see what you can buy with the necessary change currently on the market. Have fun!

Watch Blogs WatchAdvice

20. WatchAdvice Watch Blog

A small but nice watch blog from Australia. Here I have often found reviews that could not be found anywhere else. The blog is clearly arranged and looks very tidy. The Watch Talk section is also very interesting. Have a look to this watch magazine.

21. Gray & Sons

This watch blog provides information for the watch enthusiast on topics related to watches from well-known brands such as Rolex, Cartier, Audemars Piguet and estate jewelry. The Miami-based team also handles watch repair. So if you are in Key West and your alarm clock gives up the ghost… 🙂

Watch Photography


And here a little self-promotion. On my watch photography page you can find all photos of my last reviews in full screen galleries. Perfect if you are sitting at the big monitor or laptop. From here you can also go directly to the individual reviews, if you like a watch particularly well. There is also an area just for customers with more galleries, references and more. Meanwhile I work for over 100 watch brands. Self-promotion end… 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this small selection and you were able to discover other topics that interest you. Do you have any other ideas? Then write me in the comments. I’ll take a look at it then.

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