The watch market is huge, researching 24 hours a day, taking photos etc. is not enough. Furthermore, there are many great used watches, newcomers, new introductions, etc. , which I can not find all. Therefore hereby the request – take part!

You sell a special watch privately on eBay and co.

Just tell me where to find your ad and send me at least 1-3 photos that I can use freely (on my blog page and on all my social channels). I will take a look at your watch and if you are interested I will link to your ad with a short description (please send along) and the photo(s). But it should be a special watch by now.

You are a newcomer with a new watch brand / watch

You are a new founder and want to promote your new watch brand as soon as possible? You already use crowdfunding platforms like kickstarter & Co? I would be happy to write about your watch brand if it appeals to me that has something special.

The easiest way is, that you send me two watches from you after my promise and I test these cool photos and write an article. Of course I also link to your new company, your social media profiles, crowdfunding platforms etc. . .

The second o’clock will then be raffled among my readers. This will give your watch brand even more attention. And the article stays on the web indefinitely.

You’re a blogger or an influencer?

You have your own blog of the website and you also write about watches?! Maybe your passion is a certain genre?! For example pilot’s watches or watches before 1980? Rum wie num, you are welcome to publish a guest article that hasn’t been published before, neither the text nor the photos you provide. The clock photos must have been created by you beside the text of course. It should be 1. 000 characters already, but you will also get your own authorbox under each article, with link to your website, SM profiles etc. . .

Watch fans & scribblers

Watches are also your passion? Have you been looking for a long time for a platform where you can share your knowledge and passion with everyone else? You find the real truffles in the watch market, write like an elf until the keys glow and you can also take great WOW photos with the camera?! And do you still want to make a few euros on the side?! Then please just write to me. You can also integrate your own affiliate links and advertisements into your posts.

Commercial suppliers such as jewellers, dealers, etc.

You sell special watches, limited editions, have just advertised an absolute rarity on eBay and are now looking for a suitable buyer? You offer extraordinary workshops? You just got something special?

I also like to write about your business, do an interview with you, tickle the extraordinary out of your business and write a nice article about you and your business. Anything is possible. Let’s just talk.

Note: In the business world, of course, I am at the beginning. But since my site is completely set to you, it was also gedutst here. . . 🙂

You are an extraordinary guy, you have a crazy job & you always wear new watches?

You feel addressed? Let’s meet and talk. Let’s see what happens