The Swedish company OCTON WATCHES used the perfect outdoor environment to test their watches – from the coasts of the 25,000 islands of the Stockholm archipelago to the northern most ski resort in the world. Only a robust, automatic watch would make the cut. OCTON donates 10% of all profits to Sea Legacy because they believe in giving something back and want to help preserve some of the world’s most vulnerable environments. Respect!

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself. How old are you, what do you do, hobbies, work, whatever…

Octon Watches Meteor Grey Watch with Stainless Steel Bracelet
Octon Watches Meteor Grey Watch with Stainless Steel Bracelet

I am 36 years old, Scottish but living in Sweden with my family. I have been passionate about watches since childhood, and I love outdoor sports. I am a PADI certified diver, qualified snowboard instructor and also enjoy surfing, kitesurfing and sailing, as well as being an RYA certified Day Skipper.

2. How did it all start? Who is behind Octon and how and when did the idea come about to found your own watch brand?

Being an avid watch enthusiast, plus a big outdoor sports fan, I wanted to create a watch that would live up to my own expectations in terms of both build quality as well as design. It was around two years in the development and prototyping stage, and we wanted to create something clean, and classical with vintage roots, but with a modern build quality and a colourful twist. Now we are a team of fellow passionate watch enthusiasts here at Octon, who love the great outdoors. From snowboarding to diving, surfing to climbing we are united through our spirit for adventure, as well as our ambition to help protect some of the world’s most at risk environments though our cooperation with @sealegacy.

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Octon Watches Black Watch with Olive Green 2 Piece Fabric Zulu Strap
Octon Watches Black Watch with Olive Green 2 Piece Fabric Zulu Strap

3. Which watches do you still have at home that you still wear?

Being big fans of vintage at Octon, classic vintage dive watches really strike a chord with us from the classic submariner to the more brightly coloured 70s offerings – we try to combine this feel in a robust reliable modern offering in the form of our Octon watches, and our Octons barely leave our wrists.

4. What does the name and logo of your brand actually mean?

The name Octon is derived from a part of the time phase within the lunar eclipse cycle, which we felt was very apt for our brand not just due to the time links, but also the major role the moon plays in the world’s tidal changes. Graphically there are also links to time and tide, in the form of an 8 and 9 as well as an anchor shape if you look hard enough at our logo.

Octon Watches

5. Please tell me all the details about your watches. What makes these watches so special?

An Octon watch combines quality, colour and customisability in an attractively priced package. We want to give our customers the chance to purchase a timepiece that fits their style by putting them in the design seat, and also offers them the chance to choose the movement that powers their watch. We also believe that a high end list of specifications, does not have to mean a high end price tag and we have used our decades of watch collecting experience to create a vintage inspired timepiece with a modern twist; both in terms of styling and specifications. Furthermore by wearing an Octon watch you are also supporting charitable work to help save some of the world’s most at risk environments.

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6. Who is your exact target group? And how do you reach them?

Whilst a large percentage of our customers are in the 20-40 age range, we see our target group as active outdoors enthusiasts of all ages who care about what they put on their wrist. Customers who want a timepiece that is robust enough to accompany them on all their adventures, that is as unique as they are and that they can rely on for decades to come; something lasting with no need for batteries, a timepiece that will go and go, powered solely by the movement of its owner.

Neptune Blue Watch with Blue Textured Rubber with White Stitch Strap
Neptune Blue Watch with Blue Textured Rubber with White Stitch Strap

7. What can we expect next? What’s next?

Continued expansion of the Octon range both in terms of colour and customisability, we are working with different materials and ideas, as well as some new after sales offerings – we see becoming an Octon customer, as becoming part of our adventure; and there are lots of exciting things to come.

8. The idea, that you can assemble your own watch I think is great. Is this accepted by your customers?

People love the watch builder, we use it ourselves to play around with combos and decide which strap or colour combo we are going to wear next. But of course life is full on, and many customers also like to buy direct from our pre designed Octon classics section of the website.

Octon Watches
Octon Watches

9. What else would you like to tell my readers as a conclusion?

From watch enthusiasts, to outdoor sports enthusiasts we hope many can find appeal in what we offer here at Octon, so please check us out, spread the word and be part of the adventure.

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You find Octon Watches here:

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