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The Seiko Presage “Style 60’s” SRPG09J1 is all about the glorious 60s. The model is part of the new, so-called “Style 60’s” series within the well-known Presage collection. Is this where Japanese aesthetics and traditional craftsmanship meet the zeitgeist of the special decade? I took a closer look at Seiko’s new retro timepiece for you!

All New Seiko Watches 2022 – History, Design & Technicalities

Seiko Presage „Style 60’s“ SRPG09J1
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The Seiko Presage “Style 60’s” SRPG09J1 in the Uhrenlounge

For this review, the Seiko Presage “Style 60’s” SRPG09J1 was kindly provided to me by the online portal The Uhrenlounge of the Aika Jewelers from Dresden is specialized as a retailer in the online sale of watches from well-known manufacturers such as Oris, Tissot, Hamilton, Sinn or Seiko and therefore THE address for your dream watch! I also received my last Seiko watch, the Seiko Marinemaster MM300 SLA021J1 for my review from the Uhrenlounge. At the end of this report you will find links to the store, where you can find a wide range of Seiko watches and many more timepieces! If you have any questions about watches, the competent customer service of Uhrenlounge is at your disposal. 

The Retro-Boom goes into the next round 

Seiko Presage „Style 60’s“ SRPG09J1
Photo © 2021 by WATCHDAVID® – All rights reserved

Seiko has expanded the popular Presage collection with a new series in the mid three-digit price segment. The previous watches already stood for a successful combination of Japanese retro design with charm and high-quality craftsmanship. Now Seiko is taking us on a journey back in time to the 1960s. Dubbed “Style 60’s” and introduced in early summer, the series caught my interest with a subtle and lovingly adapted vintage look. Retro watches are experiencing a real boom at the moment. If the Seiko Presage “Style 60’s” SRPG09J1 can convince with inner values in addition to its promising exterior, nothing should stand in the way of the next hype, right? 


Seiko Presage „Style 60’s“ SRPG09J1
Photo © 2021 by WATCHDAVID® – All rights reserved

With the typical white and thus at first glance recognizable as a Seiko box, the Uhrenlounge sent me the watch just in time for the release in June 2021. In the store itself, the automatic watch is available now. So it’s time to show you the Seiko Presage “Style 60’s” SRPG09J1 in detail. That means: Test and watch photography are needed!

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The new series includes six models. My test watch with the reference number SRPG09J1 is without a doubt the sportiest and thus most functional representative, as I notice shortly after opening the box. At first sight, I like the new Seiko Presage very much. It gives me true vintage vibes! The wristwatch is an extremely classic timepiece for the wrist – with a lot of style, elegance and understatement. Nevertheless, you can unmistakably recognize a real Seiko watch in the Presage “Style 60’s” SRPG09J1, so typical of the brand is the traditional design. If I didn’t know better, I would also assume that this is a historic Seiko timepiece from the 60’s. 

Within the “Style 60’s” series, the SRPG09J1 is one of two watches that come with a nylon strap instead of a classic stainless steel bracelet, as befits its status. Does the Seiko Presage “Style 60’s” SRPG09J1 have similar sporty genes as for example the Seiko Prospex SPB143J1 Automatic 200M?

The Seiko Presage “Style 60’s” SRPG09J1 on the wrist

iPhone Shot © 2021 by WATCHDAVID® – All rights reserved

Right from the first time I put it on, I notice something very positively. The Seiko Presage “Style 60’s” SRPG09J1 is not exactly huge. Quite the contrary. With a diameter of 40.80 millimeters, the retro timepiece is quite compact, which looks great on my wrist. In addition, it has a tight height of a sporty 12.00 millimeters. Such dimensions were much more common in the 60s.

Due to its discreet, functional and at the same time elegant design, the Seiko Presage “Style 60’s” SRPG09J1 is a wristwatch for everyday wear. Here, the watch is unsurpassed in its flexibility. In what situation should a classic, black timepiece also be inappropriate? With its casual elegance, the 60s watch goes with any outfit. Moreover, the nylon strap is made for sporty use. 

Functional and classic: the case

Seiko Presage „Style 60’s“ SRPG09J1
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Basically, the Seiko Presage “Style 60’s” SRPG09J1 consists of a classic stainless steel case with a circular shape, which is only interrupted by the lugs. The middle part of the case slightly protrudes and structures the design of the watch. Its extensively polished surfaces are excellently finished. This is quality, as it is known and appreciated by Seiko! 

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The bezel and case back are located on top of and below the center section, respectively. The stainless steel bezel is fixed and cannot be turned – an indication that the Seiko Presage “Style 60’s” SRPG09J1 is not a function watch for use in the air or under water. There is a 60’s scale on the black surface. 

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On the bottom, the case is slightly tilted inward. This noticeably improves comfort on the wrist. The caseback itself has six screws, which allows Seiko to certify that its Presage SRPG09J1 is water resistant up to 5 bar. That means: this watch is splash-proof. Of course, you should not wear it on dives. If you follow this rule, you will still be able to admire the movement through the large viewing window in the center of the caseback years later.

My personal highlight this time, however, is the watch crystal. According to Seiko, it’s the characteristic curved glass of the Crown Chronograph, and it gives it that vintage feel for me. In my opinion, this design is just great! So-called Hardlex glass is used in the manufacturing process.

Photo © 2021 by WATCHDAVID® – All rights reserved

A solid automatic movement

Seiko Presage „Style 60’s“ SRPG09J1
Photo © 2021 by WATCHDAVID® – All rights reserved

Winding the automatic movement is simple and straightforward, thanks to the fluted sides of the crown. One observation: the typical Seiko S engraved on the top of the crown. Seiko incorporates its in-house 4R35 automatic caliber in four of the six models in the new “Style 60’s” series. The movement, which is clearly visible through the caseback, is known for its durability and reliability. 41 hours of power reserve are more than sufficient for everyday use of the Seiko Presage “Style 60’s” SRPG09J1.

In the style of the 60’s: the dial

Seiko Presage „Style 60’s“ SRPG09J1
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The black and far inside dial exudes the charm of the 1960’s like no other component of the watch. Characteristic of this are the line-shaped and easy-to-read indices, as well as the black background itself. Black was already considered a real trend color in the 60s. For darkness, the hour markers and tapered hands are illuminated. Seiko relies on its proven Lumibrite technology here. The result is an intentionally slightly faded color, which Seiko says is meant to emphasize the vintage feel. This effect does not miss its mark. Perfect for my watch photography!

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Unlike previous models, Seiko has now decided to give the Presage “Style 60’s” SRPG09J1 a date window. It is rectangular and inset at 3 o’clock.

A special feature: the nylon wristband

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Let’s take another look at the black strap. The use of a nylon strap is a first in the entire Presage collection. I would recommend it to you if you are active in your everyday life and don’t feel like constantly watching out if the strap might get damaged. The nylon strap can withstand all external influences! Secure and comfortable fit is ensured by the buckle. If the textile material is less appealing to you, you should take a look at the other models. These have a conventional stainless steel bracelet.

Photo © 2021 by WATCHDAVID® – All rights reserved

My conclusion about the Seiko Presage “Style 60’s” SRPG09J1

Fact is: every watch collection needs a good retro watch. The Seiko Presage “Style 60’s” SRPG09J1 is a representative that definitely fulfills this predicate. Seiko has added an exciting model to the Presage collection, whose timeless, classic and functional design cuts a fine figure anytime and anywhere. Especially for those who are looking for a first retro watch, I can warmly recommend this automatic watch. Decisive are also the factors quality and price, where the Seiko Presage “Style 60’s” SRPG09J1 scores well. The wristwatch costs just 489 Euros at market launch. The quality offered for it is on a premium level. This is also what I like about Seiko.

In the following you will find all important links. My final thanks go, as always, to Uhrenlounge, who provided me with the watch.

Seiko Presage „Style 60’s“ SRPG09J1
Photo © 2021 by WATCHDAVID® – All rights reserved

More about Seiko and the Presage “Style 60’s” SRPG09J1

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All New Seiko Watches 2022 – History, Design & Technicalities

Technical Details

NameSeiko Presage "Style 60's"

Reference numberSRPG09J1


Categoryretro watches

Price from489 Euros


Case Material316L stainless steel

Diameter41.00 mm

High12.00 mm

Watch Glassmineral glas

Watch TypeAutomatic

Waterproof5 bar (50 m / 164 ft)

Movement NameSeiko 4R35

Power Reserve41 hours

Functionsdate / hour / Minute / second



Special Featuresindices filled with luminous material

Bezelgrey / stainless steel

Bracelet Colorblack

Bracelet Materialtextile

Clasp316L stainless steel / pin buckle

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